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So over on Giantbomb two of the interns are doing a series called the Fear Gauntlet and it's hysterical. Basically the idea is that two self proclaimed cowards want to try and become tough and manly by playing the scariest games of all time and it's freaking hilarious. I highly recommend that everyone checks it out.

The AnimeVice Fear Gauntlet - It's gonna be freaky
The AnimeVice Fear Gauntlet - It's gonna be freaky

But it got me thinking, October is nearly here, and that's the perfect time for horror themed content to make its way onto the web, and there are tons of frightening animes and mangas out there, and let's be honest, AnimeVice could always do with some more content. So as an homage to the guys on Giantbomb, and as a way to celebrate the month of ghost and ghouls, I'm going to start my own Fear Gauntlet here. Granted I'll probably call it something different so that it doesn't look like I'm just flat out ripping off the hard working interns over on GB, but who are we kidding.

So here's what I need from you folks to help me prep. Give me your scariest horror recommendations. What are the scariest animes you've seen and mangas you've read. List them below so I can build this list!

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Let's see for anime:

Requiem from the Darkness

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni

Perfect Blue

Pet Shop of Horrors


The Spider's Thread and Hell Screen stories (episodes 11 and 12) in Aoi Bungaku Series

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