Horohoro is a anime/manga character in the Shaman King franchise
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Horohoro is an Ainu shaman whose goal to create a vast field of Butterbur to save the Koropokkuro.


Horohoro is an Ainu shaman from Hokkido, and his goal, in the shaman fight, is to save the Koropokkuro by planting a field of Butterbur. Horohoro is a man who value his Ainu culture and he values life and nature. He cannot stand when someone kills a human being or an animal for no reason. (See vol. 11)


Horohoro is good-natured and cheerful, but he gets serious in dangerous situations. In addition, Horohoro can also get very competitive. For example, during his preliminary fight with Yoh, Horohoro will use up all of furyoko/ mana if Yoh is willing to go all out. Horohoro values friendship when he and Joco fight to defend Ren's life.

Running Gag

Horohoro's name sounds and is spelled (in Katakana) like "boroboro" which means "crap." Characters will often mispronounce his name and laugh out which can irritate Horohoro.


Horohoro, who is created by Hiroyuki Takei, has no current information on what inspires the author to create him. A possible reason is for the multicultural diversity theme of shaman king. An Ainu is an indigenous tribe who lives on Hokkaido, Kuril Islands, and Sakhalin. The Japanese and Ainu are different people but as time progresses with the two tribes intermingle, it is hard to tell the difference between an Ainu and a Japanese person.

His Japanese voice actor is Yuji Ueda, and his American voice actor is Michael Sinterniklaas. He first appears in Shaman King volume 4 and episode 9.

Character Evolution

"I can't stand it!1 How could I lose to a wimp who'd throw away everything to save a friend?!"

"If Ren dies... I'll get you if it's the last thing I do."

Horohoro - Vol. 18 - to Yoh Asakura

Horohoro does not change much throughout the series, but his experiences in America and the first event of the shaman king tournament has change his view. He strengthens his resolve for his goal and becomes a key member of Yoh's team when times are rough. For example, he sees excess death, animal cruelty, and how cruel Hao and Hao's followers and the X-Laws treat their allies and enemies.

Story Arcs

Note: All of the story arc are manga only. See anime and manga differences below.

Shaman King Fight Preliminaries

The first time Horohoro appears in the first preliminary match with Yoh Asakura. After a comedic scene when Horohoro makes fun of Yoh's clothes and mistakes Manta for a Koropokkuro, Horohoro and Yoh fight. During the match, Kalim, Horohoro's officiant, bets that Horohoro will win his fight due to his dreams while Silva bets that Yoh will win due to Yoh is a better shaman. Even though Horohoro has the biggest dream to plant a vast field of butterbur, he still lost to Yoh due to Yoh's strength and abilities. After his defeat, Horohoro spends the night partying with Yoh, but his sister finds out and drags him out for more training. Horohoro's sister, Pirika, hates Yoh because he can stop their dreams of creating a vast field of butterbur for the Koropokkuro.

Horohoro passes his preliminary matches and moves on to the next part of the shaman king tournament. For a shaman to pass to the next event, a shaman must pass two out of three preliminary matches. Horohoro observes Yoh and Ren's last match. After meeting Faust, who was watching Yoh's match, for the first time, Horohoro and Pirika watch Yoh and Ren Tao have a stalemate. However, both Ren and Yoh move on the next event of the tournament. Horohoro celebrates at Yoh's house with Ren, Manta, Yoh, Anna, Pirika, Tamao, and their respective spirits.

Journey to China (Ren Tao Arc)

Horohoro travels with Yoh, Ryu, and Manta with their respective spirits to rescue Ren who is held captive by his father, Tao Yuan. Horohoro and Ryu fights the curse squad (has different names) with their new and evolved oversoul techniques. After Yoh frees Ren, Horohoro is unconscious and a jiang-si, who is Sha Wen (different names), has Ryu in his grip. When Jun Tao, Ren's sister, strengthens her resolve, her jiang-si, Pailong, destroys Sha Wen's body. As soon as Horohoro and his friends reach the lair of Tao Yuan, Ryu and Horohoro are the first ones to attack Tao Yuan but fail to hurt him due his oversoul. Horohoro witness Ren's victory over his father because Ren's father's will waver due to his anger. When one's will wavers, the oversoul becomes weaker.

Journey to America for a period of 3 months (Patch Tribe's Test)

After the rescue of Ren Tao, Horohoro faces the hardships in America. Before He head to America, he spends his last night with his sister, Pirika. She gives Horohoro an ikupasuy so he can remember her. The following day, Horohoro travels with Yoh and Ryu to the airport where many shamans and the Patch Tribe hosting a fair. This is where Horohoro meets Hao Asakura and his followers. Hao attacks Horohoro first and Ren, who attacks Hao to get back at him, for their insults. After their confrontation ends, Hao's group and Yoh's group joins the other shamans on the Patch jumbo airline. However, the Patch Tribe has a surprise test and announces the rules. The rules are to get to the Patch village in three months or be disqualify, and with that set in stone, the Patch Tribe disintegrate their oversoul which is the plane itself. All the shamans drop from the sky. Yoh yells at Horohoro for panicking and tells everyone to focus their attack at once before they land. After successively landing on the great desert of America, Horohoro witness Ryu's hitchhiking skills and they get a ride from Billy Anderson to Yonte Fe.

In Yonte Fe, Horohoro faces unique experiences from his encounters with Lilirara and Bluebell (See vol. 10 and 11). Lilirara is a Seminole medicine woman who will stop the Patch Tribe and its tournament. After Yoh agrees to let himself and his friends to see the truth through Lilirara's four Seminole warrior ghosts, Horohoro, who is possessed by Jophia, sees "Patch" Hao and his spirit of fire. When the painful vision is over, Horohoro, who is in disbelief, refuses to believe Kalim is evil or any of the Patch Tribe is evil as well. Suddenly, three shamans appear (Savage Pan, Mr. Little Lake, and Green Garam) and harasses Lilirara for information about the whereabouts of the Patch village. Horohoro, who is angry, lashes out at the three shamans and yells about his dream of creating a field of butterbur. His dreams has made Lilirara laugh out for first time, and Lilirara invites Horohoro and his friends to spent the night at her house where she will tell them the location of the Patch Tribe.

Horohoro meets Lyserg Diethel in a battle and discovers his true reasons. Horohoro refuses to accept Lyserg due to his suspicions. Lyserg, who desperately wants allies, agreeds to prove himself by battling Horohoro. When Lyserg's homing pendulum catches Horohoro off guard, Ren immediately attacks Lyserg, but Lyserg has his oversoul in his wire which cuts the two shamans. Lyserg destroys their weapons. Yet, Yoh refuses to recruit Lyserg due to his actions. As Yoh picks up Ren and Ryu picks up Horohoro, Lyserg lashes at Yoh in anger. Yoh defeats him and Lyserg follow Yoh and his team.

Horohoro's adventures with Bluebell is a story that involves his culture and its ideals about nature. At the Lucky Mountains, Horohoro finally has some down time and rides his snow board down a cliff. After three days, Horohoro wakes up to find himself in Bluebell's cabin. When he listens to Bluebell's story of Apollo, he leaves to help Apollo by making him go deep in the mountains so both Bluebell and Apollo can live in closure. However, poachers kill Apollo just when Horohoro manage to calm Apollo and make friends with him. When the poachers refuse to eat Apollo or even use him to make clothes, Horohoro yells at them about his Ainu culture. When an animal is killed for no reason, their soul will not return to heaven and their bodies go to waste. Horohoro attacks the poachers with his ikupasuy and integrates Kororo into his ikupasuy to make Oversoul Kororo Ikupasuy. He attacks them with Neike Fuike Kiroro (Impeccable power). After that night, Bluebell puts her hand on Horohoro's shoulders to thank him and she tells him that his goal to create a field of butterbur will come true.

Fight with Hao's followers in America and meeting the X-Laws

Hao's followers, Mohamed, Zang, Big Guy Bill, Damayji, and Boris, are first ones to talk with Horohoro and his team. After Horohoro and his team insult Boris when they explain Damayji looks more vampiric, Boris Tepes immediately kills Damayji to clear up the confusion. Horohoro remarks that he is disgust how they treat their alley and not even giving any remorse for his death. During the battle, Horohoro helps his team to destroy Boris's blood stakes. He witness the death of Boris at the hands of Marco's arch angel, Michael. After the entering the caves, Horohoro is seen giving a Kalim a high five due to passing the test and making it to the first tournament event which is in Tokyo. Ren Tao recruits Horohoro and Chocolove in his team, Team Ren. Horohoro and Chocolove spend time with Yoh as he and Anna recruits Faust.

Back at Tokyo for the First Tournament Event

Horohoro's first match is with team Earth (Tsugi Gumi). Horohoro did not do much fighting because of Ren's strategy to put Chocolove to break down Peyote Diaz's defenses. Peyote, who uses Calavera dolls and BoZ as spirit mediums, has a strong defense which is breaks due to Chocolove's oversoul "Ayer Mountain." When Peyote's 7 spirit allies are laughing, Ren Tao immediately knocks Peyote out with Bason's fists. (see vol. 13)

Horohoro, Chocolove, and Ren observes the X-Law's team X-I match with team Nile. He witness the change in Lyserg, but Lyserg could not kill Anatel. When Iron Maiden Jeanne steps in, she kills Anatel and the rest of his team. This act makes Horohoro disgusted while Manta faints from the horrible massacre.

Horohoro's encounter with team Ice Men is interesting. After team Ice Men uses Chocolove to show off their powers, Horohoro rushes to attack them for hurting Chocolove. Horohoro uses his ikupasuy oversoul but his attack did not hurt Pino. The team Ice Men stop showing off and proceed to fight Yoh in the upcoming match.

After Yoh's team has won the match and match five on day two begins, Horohoro watch Hao Asakura massacre team X-III of the X-Laws. Despite the horrible murders, Horohoro learns that Hao can change his Spirit of Fire to water due to his pentagram ability. When Yoh says "Hao Asakura," Horohoro realizes that Hao is related to Yoh. Furthermore, at the beach, he finds out Yoh is Hao's twin brother. Horohoro jumps on top of Yoh and asks him if that is true. Yoh replies yes. More startling facts arise when Horohoro learns that Hao has been reborn with the Spirit of Fire, has over a million mana, and he has been recruiting allies and hunting souls to feed on.

At the bridge, Horohoro walks with Chocolove and Ren. When Chocolove asks Horohoro if they can still make their destiny even though Hao will win the tournament, he replies that he does not know for sure. Suddenly, Mikihisa answers that great power is require to make your destiny; Hao has the most strength. Horohoro and his team finds Mikihisa on the top of the bridge. When Mikihisa offer Ren the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu, Ren tells Yoh's dad that he gets strong his way. Mikihisa provokes Ren into fighting him while Horohoro and Chocolove watch. Throughout the fighting, Horohoro watch Ren reveals his new oversoul, God of War/ or Super Bushin, and his struggle against Mikihisa who moves with illusions and power. After Ren is defeated by Mikihisa, Horohoro and Chocolove eat Mickey's barbecue while Ren wakes up and ask Mikihisa why strong adults have their children fight their battles. Horohoro learns from Mikihisa that adults have reach their ceilings while children still have unforseen potential. However, Nichrom and Magna appear.

After Magna tells Mikihisa that Hao's followers, Team Hana Gumi, are hunting his teammates and Ren makes Mikihisa go help them, Horohoro and Chocolove gets surprise by Peyote. Peyote tells Horohoro that even though he has lost, he will still serve Hao. Ren quickly fights Hang Zang and Mohamed and easily have the upper advantage since he has mastered the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu due to Mikihisa's battle. Horohoro and Chocolove question Ren's movements; Nicrom and the others explain that Ren has mastered the Shamanic Oracle (part of Ultra Senji Ryakketsu) and can detect changes in mana. When Nichrom tells Ren that Chrom was his brother, Ren gets stab in the heart when Peyote use his Fantasma Grande on him. Horohoro watches Ren's body fall down.

Horohoro and Chocolove quickly bash Mohamed and Hang Zang with their fists. Then they use their oversouls on them, but Hang Zang overpowers them. When Mohamed uses his beam on Horohoro and his team, Horohoro has Ren's wounds seal with ice while Chocolove had used his speed to carry Ren's body. As Hang Zang beats up Horohoro and Chocolove, he ask Horohoro about mana and numbers. After Hang Zang and Nichrom's explanations, Horohoro gets a rude awakening when he realizes his mana is only 2,000. When Horohoro and Chocolove is about to get the final blow, he sees Yoh defeat Hang Zang, Mohamed, and Peyote with one strike of his oversoul.

Oversoul and Spirit Mediums

Integration (Anime Only)

Horohoro & Kororo Hyoui Gattai
Horohoro & Kororo Hyoui Gattai
  • Horohoro integrates with Kororo during episode 28. Kororo's eyes can beseen on Horohoro's bandana. This may look like an oversoul, but it is not since mana/ furyoko is shown.


  • Oversoul Kororo -The snowboard sprouts Kororo's eyes and mouth and is covered in a blue aura. He can also attach his snowboard to his arm and use an attack called the Nipopo Punch. Horohoro mainly uses his Oversoul to freeze water vapor into ice and use it to attack his opponents.
  • Oversoul Kororo Ikupasuy - He integrates Kororo into an ikupasuy (given by Pirika). This oversoul creates an icy blue shield with eyes and six blades.

Spirit Mediums

  • Horohoro's main spirit media is his snowboard and it can also act like a backpack.
  • The second object is an ikupasuy. This item, looks like a miniature totem pole, acts like a communication device between shamans and gods (nature) to express gratitude. The first time, Horohoro uses it, is during the Apollo and Bluebell story. When a bear die for no reason, Horohoro goes on a rampage and attacks the hunters and forces to eat the bear. In his culture, animals who are kill must be use or their death is in vain. Horohoro will use the snowboard and the ikupasuy several times for his spirit mediums.


  • ? - Horohoro rides his snowboard on an avalanche and buries everything with the massive pile of snow.
  • Nipopo Punch - Horohoro uses his oversoul as a fist which can freeze things by punching enemies and shattering them.
  • Neike Fuike Kiroro (Impeccable power) - Horohoro uses his Kororo Ikupasuy and unleashes a claw strike at the enemies.

Time Skip (Manga Only)

He is the third strongest of the Five Elemental Warriors and gains the Spirit of Rain.

Anime and Manga Differences

Note: Just like any shaman king characters in the anime, the characters meet each other earlier or later than their original manga counterparts. Sometimes, some characters have different interactions which means different relationships.

Horohoro's different encounters

In the manga, Horohoro meets Yoh, Anna, Amidamaru, and Manta for the first time at the first preliminary match of the shaman king fight. Compared to the anime, Horohoro is unconscious by a road where Yoh and Manta find him and bring him home. He meets Yoh, Manta, Anna, and Ryu for the first time at their house before the first preliminary match of shaman king fight.

See vol. 4 and episode 9.

Encounter with Chocolove

In the manga, Horohoro meets Chocolove at the Patch Village while in the anime, Horohoro meets Chocolove before the Patch Village and Lilirara. This creates discontinuity from the manga's original plot.


In the manga, Horohoro makes her laugh to his dream. Compared to the anime, Chocolove makes Lilirara laugh.

Sub versus Dub

Note: See Shaman King anime page for more a complete table of information regarding Horohoro and various terminology.

Name changes in the Dub

Horohoro's name change to Trey Racer in the dub for unknown reasons. His tribes's name is ignore in the dub, so his origin is the northern woods. In the dub, his spirit Kororo belongs to the Minutians.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Yuji Ueda
Michael Sinterniklaas
Rank Game #130 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Horohoro
Name: ホロホロ
Gender: Male
Birthday: 11/27/1985
1st manga book: Shaman King #4
1st anime episode: Shaman King #9
1st anime movie:
Aliases Usui Horokeu
Trey Racer
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