Hope ~Lalalalalalalalalaalalalaa, Lalalalalalalalalaalalalaa~

Hope ~Lalalalalalalalalaalalalaa, Lalalalalalalalalaalalalaa~ is an anime episode of Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life: Awakening Arc that was released on 03/18/2014
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Plot Summary

Hope ~Lalalalalalalalalaalalalaa, Lalalalalalalalalaalalalaa~
TranslationHope ~Lalalalalalalalalaalalalaa, Lalalalalalalalalaalalalaa~
MangaCh. ? (Vol. ?)
Theme Music
by Mamoru Miyano
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Before the opening credits, Wooser, Darth Wooser, Ajipon, and The Animal Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken are all doing Girls und Panzer's Anglerfish Dance in the room with the "Darkness of the Heart" scroll.

Rin finds Wooser loafing around
Rin finds Wooser loafing around

Rin finds Wooser asleep in his own room and decides to "fall asleep" alongside Wooser while he narrates that he just wants a day to rest and relax on his birthday instead of making it like a national holiday like most people. Suddenly (With the Animal Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken as a witness), Rin grabs Wooser by the ear, and throws him into the ceiling only to knock herself out as well. Later, Len shows up in Wooser's room and finds both of them knocked out in Wooser's bed after school.

Miho is in shock while Yuu dreams happily
Miho is in shock while Yuu dreams happily

Wooser, Rin and a dog are all riding a motorcycle while Wooser narrates about the situation and would like to have the dog ride the motorcycle with himself in goggles as a passenger (alongside Rin) on a side car. It turns out to be happening for real as they all pass Yuu and Miho. Miho is shocked at the sight of a dog riding a motorcycle while Yuu tells her that dogs can't eat anything hot at all. When the motorcycle crashes, Miho shockingly asks Yuu if it's a dream and Yuu confesses that she wants to keep dreaming forever. Wooser disagrees with Yuu via narration.

Rin is heading to school shouting that she's late while Wooser is heading to his work wearing a blue tie. In narration, Wooser said that he would ask if Rin liked him as a working animal or and unemployed animal and sequenced himself with Darth Wooser representing unemployed Wooser. Rin confesses that she wouldn't like unemployed Wooser.

"Does this bow make my ears look big?"
"Does this bow make my ears look big?"

Rin and Wooser are seen in a deserted island with the latter fishing for food and the former grieving from starvation. Wooser narrates that he's always positive and in a situation of the previous scene where Oshirase Wooser (as a hypothetical spouse) asks him if herself or work is more important to Wooser, he would respond that he doesn't care about either and was only with her for her money and her body in the most positive way possible. Suddenly, Wooser catches a huge swordfish and Rin hugs him in relief knowing that they can eat until they're full. The scene turns out to be a dream in Wooser's part and both him and Rin are still stranded on the island. Wooser said that in order to be a target for the question, he would go home first.

After the ending credits and while Darth Wooser, The Animal Whose Name Must Not Be Heard and Ajipon are still doing the Anglerfish Dance, Yukari Akiyama (with an actual anglerfish on her head) asks Emperor Wooser if he's excited that the next episode is the closer of the Awakening Arc as much as her. The Emperor agrees and Yukari attempts to call out her Panzer IV tank since she's still very nervous for the outcome. Emperor Wooser tells Yukari that it's not needed while Yukari gets into doing the Anglerfish Dance with the others.

Points of Interest

Yukari anticipates while the other subjects do the Anglerfish Dance
Yukari anticipates while the other subjects do the Anglerfish Dance
  • This episode's guest is Yukari Akiyama from the anime series, Girls und Panzer. The official poster for the show can be seen on the right side of Emperor Wooser's throne room.
  • The endcard contains Rin, Len, Yuu, Miho, Ajipon, The Animal Whose Name Must Not be Spoken and Darth Wooser riding on a Panzer IV tank with Wooser as it's decal. It is also the only endcard where the appeared guest (Yukari Akiyama) is absent (not counting her team's tank type).
  • This episode marks Oshirase Wooser's first appearance since Episode 3 of the Awakening Arc.
  • Yuu is seen wearing a red flower headband instead of a single white flower as usual in the motorcycle scene. She normally only wears that white flower.

Characters & Voice Actors

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