Homunculi Characters

Homunculi is a anime/manga concept
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The head professor of the Slifer Red dormitory at Duel Academy. It is revealed that Daitokuji was a member of the Seven Stars Assassins and responsible for numerous events meant to orchestrate the revival of the Three Phantom Demons.


Envy is the homunculus who has the ability to take on any form he has seen. A sadist who enjoys tormenting humans and sees them as trash.

Fate Averruncus

Fate Averruncus is a mysterious young man who challenges Negi and is set to destroy the Magical World. He has some unknown link to Negi's father.


Father is the creator of the Homunculus. Also an evil copy of Van Hohenheim, he's a creature who goal is to become the perfect being.


Gluttony is a homunculus created by Father. Simpleminded, he has a insatiable hunger and can eat anything.


Greed is a homunculus with the Ultimate Shield. The only homunculus to defect from Father and start a life on his own.

Illyasviel von Einzbern

A German aristocrat who came to Japan to participate in the Fifth Holy Grail War. She is the Master of Berserker and has excellent control of him.

Irisviel von Einzbern

Homunculus of the Einzbern family and later the wife of Kiritsugu. Carefree and innocent, she has both the elegance of a woman and the childishness of a kid. Still, she can understand well what Kiritsugu is going through even if she can't actual understand the meaning of his ideal.

King Bradley

King Bradley is the fuhrer of the Amestris State Military. Unknown to many he is truly the Homunculus known as Wrath.

Lady Dante

Lady Dante is the once lover of Van Hohenheim 400 years ago. They created the Philosopher's Stone and she possess bodies of others to extend her own life.


Leysritt is a Homunculus created by the Einzbern family to serve as a maid, bodyguard, and caregiver for Illyasviel.

Ling Yao

Ling Yao is the twelfth prince of the Xing Royal Family. He came to Amestris to discover a key to immortality to gain the favor of the emperor. He willingly accepted the possession of the homunculus, Greed.


Lust is the homunculus with the Ultimate Spear. She uses her charms to gather information and is a ruthless killer with her extendable nails that can slice through nearly anything.


Ozer is an artificial human created by Rezo, to look after his soul


Better known as King Fuher Bradley. He is a Homunculi created by Dante to control the military without the use of force and accomplish her goals.

Primum Averruncus

Primum is the first homunculus that Lifemaker have created

Quartum Averruncus

Quartum is a homunculus created by the Lifemaker

Quintum Averruncus

Quintum is a homunculus created by the Lifemaker

Secundum Averruncus

Secundum is the second homunculus created by the Lifemaker

Selim Bradley

Selim Bradley is the first homunculus Pride. He poses as the adopted son of King Bradley, and has control over shadows.

Sextum Averruncus

Sextum is a homunculus created by the Lifemaker


Sloth is the homunculus created by Edward and Alphonse Elric's failed attempt to resurrect their mother. Her body holds the form of water.


Sloth is the fastest of the homunculus created by Father. Simpleminded and incredibly strong.


The most trusted of Aria's henchmen. She posed as a teacher at Tamaki's high school.


Wrath is a homunculus that was created by the failed human transmutation of Izumi Curtis' child. Izumi seeing that what came back is not her child, she gave him to the gate only to regret it greatly. Wrath manage to free himself after along time.

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