Homecoming ~Are you my Friend or Enemy?~

Homecoming ~Are you my Friend or Enemy?~ is an anime episode of Kampfer that was released on 11/05/2009

Femme!Natsuru is informed that (s)he's been drafted into being put on display for another day of the academy's "cultural festival," which involves being stripped and put into maid outfit against her will. After being teased by Shizuku again, she finally gets the time to go out with Kaede again, who at this point is literally gay for Femme!Natsuru.

During one point as they walk through a haunted house together, Natsuru sees another Kampfer attacking her, and goes out to fight. However, it mostly involves this mysterious white-haired Kampfer slashing at Natsuru with a katana while Natsuru dodges and whines. Finally, Kampfer!Akane and Shizuku arrive on the scene to break up the fight, as Natsuru finds out that the white-haired Kampfer was really his childhood friend Mikoto Kondo (and if you didn't see this coming from the OP or the end of last episode you are probably about as smart as Natsuru at this point), while Mikoto in turn finds out that the male and female Natsurus are the same person.

Shizuku manages to broker a truce between the red and blue Kampfers, if only to buy time to find out who the Moderators are and what the secret plan is.

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