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Home is an anime episode of Fairy Tail that was released on 08/09/2010
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Fairy Tail episode 41 review Reviewed by JasonBog on Aug. 16, 2010. JasonBog has written 42 reviews. His/her last review was for A Game of Tag. 134 out of 139 users recommend his reviews. 3 out of 3 users found this review helpful.
And so, all us Fairy Tail fans must now say goodbye to the well put-together Tower of Heaven arc. As is the case with all story arcs before it, it was a well-paced adventure and in this episode it ends of on a good note. And just because the pacing of the Fairy Tail anime is just oh-so-awesome right now, we also get the headstart of the next adventure for Natsu and friends. 
It was an interesting start of this episode where it showed Erza seeing a vision of her funeral as she is in the process of sacrificing herself. Here we see that her guild nakama are very heartbroken with Natsu in particular not accepting her death in anger. It was a touching scene that shows that sacrificing yourself for the people you love means nothing if you can't be there for them.  
 The Tower of Heaven arc not only had the perfect story length, but it was also given a heartfelt ending
 The Tower of Heaven arc not only had the perfect story length, but it was also given a heartfelt ending
After the vision we see that Natsu put in the rest of his strength to get Erza out of the Etherion and everyone is saved since the Tower of Heaven actually didn't explode. Erza thinks it was Jellal who sacrificed himself now that he was seemingly exorcised of his inner evil at his defeat, but we'll see later on if that actually is the case. With the Tower of Heaven now gone, Erza's childhood friends now have nowhere to go, but they decline the offer to join Fairy Tail out of respect for Erza's new happier life. It was a tragic refusal for more new great members of the guild, but Erza, along with the rest of the members of her team, gave them the tearful sendoff of a member of Fairy Tail. This was definitely the finest finale to a Fairy Tail story arc thus far in the anime. 
 A lifelong lesson for all of us to never mess with a man&squot;s "shooby doo bopping"
 A lifelong lesson for all of us to never mess with a man's "shooby doo bopping"
With their "vacation" now over, Natsu's team now goes back to their guild where they see it has been rebuilt with plenty new perks like a swimming pool and a stage for performances. But most notably was the addition of two members from the now-defunct Phantom Lord guild. Juvia is obviously one of the two after her participation in the previous arc, but she got herself a pretty new outfit now that she's a Fairy Tail wizard for real. Surprisingly Gajeel is the second, but he needs a guild to get missions so it makes sense for him to join Fairy Tail that already has at least one other wizard with Dragon-type magic. And so the guild celebrates all the recent events with some soothing music from Mirajane, and some funky 1950's-style bop from Gajeel. All leading up to a raukus fight amongst friends that reminds us all why we love the Fairy Tail guild. 
The first half of the epiosde had a brilliant Tower of Heaven finale, but sadly this beginning of the new arc took the anime's fast pacing a bit too far where the celebration lasted too short. It even quickly ends the episode on a sour note with some Fairy Tail members not so keen on Gajeel joining so soon after the Phantom arc and Laxus returning all pissed off about all the public smacktalk on the cheerfulness of Fairy Tail. But even with the odd change of moods and short scenes on the second half, this was still a well put-together episode as usual.
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