Holy Legendary Sword〜Kid and Black☆Star's Big Adventure?〜

Holy Legendary Sword〜Kid and Black☆Star's Big Adventure?〜 is an anime episode of Soul Eater that was released on 06/02/2008

After the events of the mission in Italy, Soul is still in the medical wing as Maka blames herself for his injuries. As she leaves for the eveing, Spirit meets up with her and suggests that the two spend some time with one another in hopes to keep Maka's mind off of Soul. Meanwhile, at the Academy's library, Sid reprimands Black Star for slacking off and as a punishment he is to organize and shelf all the books in the library. Black Star complains and attempts to work only to get side tracked with comic books and goofing off while he is being punished. Death the Kid soon interupts him as he claims he is looking for a book that Black Star happens to be sitting on as the two examine a book on the Holy Sword Exaclibur. Black Star is smitten by the idea that a weapon could yield so much power while Kid marvels in its symmetry. Frank N. Stein comes in to see the two reading the book and before he can get a word in, they go to seek out the resting place of Excalibur.

The two eventually get to the cave that supposedly holds the sword as they climb up the waterfall to get to the entrace of the hidden cave. Kid rides around on Black Star's shoulders since he doesn't want to get wet as the two seek out the sword. They soon encounter a fairy and when asked about the location of Excalibur, all she can do is groan before flying off. After a bit more searching, they come across the sword as Kid considers how only chosen ones are able to draw the sword out of the stone as Black Star easily does it. Kid complains that it can't be true as he gets Black star to put it back and allow him to draw it, which he does also with ease. The two ponder how they could have done this as Excalibur reveals himself to the two in the form of a penguin like character.

Back at the Academy, Spirit's attempts to win his daughter's love fails as he is quickly reminded of his adulterous nature with his wife. However, the conversation turns as Maka asks about the Cursed Sword and Kishins, Spirit giving her the run down on how Lord Death created the academy to stop the world from going into madness due to a Kishin. Maka dwells upon her fight with Crona and how the world is full of people who are afraid of death.

Sid comes back to check on Black Star only to find Tsubaki finishing the task. Sid complains about Black Star passing the work onto his partner until Stein mentions how he and Kid had gone to seek out Excalibur. Sid immediately stops his rant and notes how that is a fitting punishment of itself. Tsubaki, curious now, asks Stein about the true nature of the Holy Sword and its difficulty to master. Stein admits that the sword is powerful but the problem is not matching wavelengthes.

Excalibur begins to introduce himself to the duo as he chastises them for being fools every few seconds whenever they answer a question, citing that they are giving the wrong answers despite the fact they are opinion based questions. Excalibur lectures the two on his greatness and gives the two a list of 1,000 provisions that they must both commit to in order to weild him. Kid argues how arrogant Excalibur is as he ponders who wrote the book on the sword in the first place, only to discover that Excalibur wrote the book himself. After a few more minutes of bantering, Excalibur agrees to be their partner, to which it seems hopeful for the two. However, they quickly place the sword back in the stone and leaves. Stein finishes his explanation to Tsubaki that while Excalibur can match soul wavelength with pratically anyone, no one can stand the personality of the sword.

The next day, Tsubaki and the Thompson sisters ask how their little quest went as Black Star and Kid refuse to answer properly. But when they get to the classroom, they find a massive flower arrangement for the two from Excalibur who claims he is going to wait for the two, creeping them out even further.

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