Hologram Characters

Hologram is a anime/manga concept
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Canal Vorfeed

One of the main characters of Lost Universe. She is a Holgram computer for the Sword-Breaker.

Fuyu Kanoe

Fuyu Kanoe is the A.I. Companion of Zouichi

Halonix Maximus

An extremely large Autobot. He was first seen as a holographic projection Hound used to scare off the Decepticons. In later media he was revealed to be an actual Autobot that the Decepticons truly fear.

Shin Mizunoe


The Autobots main computer system who manifests herself as a holographic avatar that assists her teammates.

Vector Sigma

An ancient sentient super-computer, it is the emissary of Primus, and a parent of sorts of Unicron

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