Hollow Butler

Hollow Butler is an anime episode of Black Butler II that was released on 08/26/2010
   "Uroshitsuji" (虚執事)
   "Uroshitsuji" (虚執事)

 Claude Showing Alois ring
 Claude Showing Alois ring

Claude has gathered his fellow household demons and informs them that his plan is in motion. He explains that Ciel and Alois are more alike than they appear, which he plans to use to his advantage. At the Phantomhive estate, Sebastian receives an order from the Queen, in which Ciel must solve a case in which young man are attacked and pulling their eyes out.   

 Sebastian & Ciel at a victim's house
 Sebastian & Ciel at a victim's house
 During the carriage ride to the victim's house, Ciel recalls his battle with Alois and how he said both of them are alike - this memory seems to disturb him. Ciel asks Sebastian if he's hiding anything from him regarding Alois Trancy, but Sebastian insists that he has not. The victim, a poor boy, states that a strange, rich boy had gauged out his eyes when they are about to leave Ciel tells Sebastian that all of the attacks were done by Alois orders, because all the places are connected and form a spiderweb.    

 Sebastian tells Ciel to hide
 Sebastian tells Ciel to hide
Sebastian and Ciel are attacked before they can return to the carriage, so Sebastian asks Ciel to remain concealed in a wood box. Ciel feels that he has forgotten things and when some children are singing "London's bridge is falling down"  he slowly begins to recollect  some memories and the time Sebastian had put him in a trunk and told him to stay there. This bothers him so much, he yells that Sebastian is no one to order him and bursts from the box and flees the scene. 
 Ronald Knox     
 Ronald Knox     
Meanwhile, Sebastian encounters a shinigami he never knew before, the shinigami introduces himself as Ronald Knox and he said his catchphrase " I am the next shinigami, Ronald 'To Die'"  he was disappointed because it didn't work they way he planned.
 Sebastian fighting William
 Sebastian fighting William
Sebastian then throw a knife into Ronald's death scythe to jams it, in that moment William T. Spears appears and attacked Sebastian, he asked if they are trying to find Alois Soul. William remarks that he was working overtime because of Grell's not capturing Alois soul when he died,  Sebastian trows another knife to William's glasses making an opening to escape from them.  

 Ciel Captured by psychiatrists
 Ciel Captured by psychiatrists
 In another part of town, Ciel was looking for Sebastian and he saw Alois's silhouette and he is framed for the crime he's investigating as Hannah tells the police he is a mentally ill, hostile Alois Trancy. Despite Ciel's protests, he is taken to psychiatric doctors who try to rid him of his "confusion" through torture. These doctors are later killed by Claude, who steps in as Ciel's psychiatrist.  

 Ciel remembering Alois past as his own
 Ciel remembering Alois past as his own
Using the shock induced by torture, hypnosis, and Alois's ring that contains his soul, Claude reveals that Luca had made a contract with Sebastian to burn the village and eat his soul after his wish come true, Claude combines the memories of Alois and Ciel as resemble each other, he believes it was Sebastian who killed his parents.    

 Sebastian defeating Hannah
 Sebastian defeating Hannah
After Sebastian defeats Hannah, who served as a diversion, he arrives to discover an enraged Ciel, he tells Sebastian that he killed his parents and little brother. Upon Claude's intervention, Ciel commands Sebastian to disappear from his sight. Sebastian confused accept the order because no butler is able to negate a master order or the contract could be dissolved. Ciel tired of the situation tells Claude that he wants to rest. 

 Claude took Ciel to the Trancy Household
 Claude took Ciel to the Trancy Household
Claude then takes Ciel back to the Trancy manor as his new young master and ask Hannah to prepare the bath for both young masters Ciel & Alois. In the meantime, Sebastian begins to radiate with demonic energy, indicating the battle for Ciel's soul has escalated to greater heights  and that no one can interfere his meal time. 


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Mari Okada Series Composition
Minako Shiba Character Artist/Designer
Taku Iwasaki Music Taku Iwasaki is a Japanese composer known for Jazz-sounding scores.
Hiroyuki Shimizu Producer
Hiro Maruyama Producer


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