Holiday is an anime episode of IGPX that was released on 01/07/2006

Holiday Episode 9

As the team has some time off in between races, Takeshi takes the opportunity to go out with Fantine after beating her at the track. The team can't help but to nose in on his business as Takeshi learns what it means to be famous now that he is in the IG-1. Even though he has plans for his date with Fantine, a few other people might want to make him reconsider going out. 

Plot Summary

Opening Theme 
Go For It by Gran Rodeo 
A few friends hang out at an arcade as they goad their friend Johnny since he failed horribly at an IGPX video game and got a low rank. He tries to blow them off as they head to Team Satomi's base to go on a tour since one of the boys is the son of their sponsor. Takeshi is told a few times by the group but he seems to be interested in various magazines and books as opposed to what they have to say. Michiru and Andrei try to make a call as they remember the docking bay gets no signal, which Takeshi runs out into the hall. Liz and Amy notice how despondent he is as they try to cheer him up but he runs off again as he phone rings. Amy deduces that he is on the phone with Fantine as he goes to meet the kids that are on the tour. He recognizes Johnny from the beginning of the season as a fan he signed an autograph for. He seems to be happy but his friends continue to mock him.  
 Takeshi waits for Fantine to call
 Takeshi waits for Fantine to call
Later that night, Takeshi is still preparing for his date with Fantine the next day as Yuri comes in to taunt him about it and poke fun before she leaves. Even though he is ready for the date, he still can't help but to be nervous as he goes to the meet up location to meet Fantine. However, since he is out in the open, he gets mobbed by a horde of fans asking for his autograph and pictures. Michiru wonders where Takeshi went off to as Mark fills her in that he had an engagement. The line continues to grow as Fantine pops out of the crowd to take him away. It turns out that Liz was in the crowd too as she begins to tail them.  
Fantine laughs at the fact that Takeshi didn't bother to hide his identity and wonders why he didn't as he is now a famous celebrity. He honestly didn't think about it as they order lunch and head to a sunglasses hut to get some stuff together to walk around the city incognito. At the same time, Johnny is struggling with his judo practice since he is still phased by his friends jeers the other day as he heads to the arcade. While Takeshi and Fantine buy some sunglasses, Liz is outside watching the two as her cover is blown by a little girl asking for an autograph. Fantine drags Takeshi out as Liz and a large man continue to follow them. The couple swing by the arcade to play some Watch World as they see Johnny's run on the IGPX game, commenting on his ability as he achieves the high score before leaving.  
 Aw man. Who summoned all these fan girls?
 Aw man. Who summoned all these fan girls?
Even though he is now disguised, Johnny is still able to recognize Takeshi as he tries to start up a conversation with him and Fantine as a horde of fan girls catch on and chase him. Liz laments on how she lost them as ducks out of sight when they run by and follows them again. Fantine ducks into her favorite restaurant owned by an IGPX fan as they talk with Johnny about the IGPX and the history of it. Takeshi says that he would be a good IG-1 historian which upsets him. He informs him that all he has to do is believe he will win and it will happen. He also finds out that Johnny is a judo fan and gives him some tips as Johnny leaves. Liz tries to get in but finds out its a members only club as she leaves, a group of men running towards the restaurant.  
Fantine and Takeshi move to the deck to enjoy their drinks as they discuss their race. Jessica still thinks Fantine let them win as Takeshi knows that's not true. He is worried about facing Team Sledge Mamma and his old team mate River since he knows it will be a tough match. Takeshi is about to go in to kiss Fantine as the group of men storm the deck and lock the doors as they attack Fantine and Takeshi. Liz, down below, is leaving the area as a chair almost hits her that was thrown from up above. As everyone wonders whats going on, Johnny sees Liz getting kidnapped by someone as he rushes in to save her. After getting free, Liz runs to the sky deck as Takeshi tries to protect Fantine who gets knocked out. Liz gets there in time to save Takeshi as he was thrown off the balcony and was hanging on. As he gets back up, the two of them go on the attack as they are able to ward off the attackers as they make sure they are okay. Takeshi tends to Fantine as Liz thanks Johnny for his help. They all head home as they wonder who those men were and why they attacked them. 
Ending Theme 
Believe Yourself by Exige

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