Hole is a anime/manga character in the Rave Master franchise
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A minor character in Rave Master, who appears in both the manga and the anime, assists Haru, Elie, and Plue to escape from Hip Hop City and Demon Card. She gets the chance to dwell deeper into Haru and Elie's inspiration and motivation.


Helpful & Happy Digger
Helpful & Happy Digger

A young lady whose purpose is help the people of escape from the oppressive Demon Card. She seems to be a younger girl, around Elie's age. She is sweet but also brave and has a lot of determination. It is unknown of where Hole came from, only her status as of present or during the Rave Master times.

Even though we are unsure of the exact location of Hole's origin, it can be assumed that it was Hip Hop City or some local town around the area, due to Hole's knowledge of the land, and different routes out of the town. It can also be assumed that even though she may not have grown up in Hip Hop City, she has been there awhile, due to her large caves and tunnels, which would take a adequate amount of time to build. She lives in her caves now, in a large wide-open room that she calls her "home." It has just the bare basics to live in, and no extra furniture at all, including a couch or chair, Hole perfers to sit on the floor.


Hole, who is created by Hiro Mashima, has no current information on what inspires the author to create her. However, it is a common theme in Rave Master to see a character who has a lot of potential with plots and plot lines thtat never are dwelled into further than the bare basics. It is interesting however, that Hiro Mashima choose another female to make an appearance near the beginning of the series, as it is usually a male dominant theme in major animes/mangas.

Hole first appears in Rave Master: Episode # 2, where she introduces and helps the current "crew." She makes a startling introduction and continues the theme of few and far between opposer's of Demon Card. Hole is the sole good character that is introduced into this episode. In the dub credits, Hole's name is Haul for unknown reasons. Her Japanese voice actress is Chiharu Tezuka, and her English voice actress is Lara Jill Miller.

Character Evolution


Hole is a young girl roughly the same age as Elie, who's occupation is to help enemies of the Demon Card escape through her array of tunnels deep under Hip Hop City. Hole didn't have enough appearences to see significant evolution, however, her meeting with Haru and Elie she reinforced her determination and strive for what she stood for and how she helped out Demon Card enemies. She risks her life all the time in order to help those that oppose the organization just like she does. Hole is generally a happy person, always laughing and smiling, however she will be serious when need be.


Hole is built physically a lot like Elie, especially when talking about body shape and figure. While Elie has a rich brown color hair, Hole's hair is blond, but about the same length as Elie's, just styled differently. Even though we see Hole's hair some, it is most often covered by her hard had and headlight. Hole, like Elie, also has very distinct colored eyes, Hole's being a very bold royal blue, striking when seen in a close up.

Major Story Arcs

Intro Arc

Haru and Hole In The Anime
Haru and Hole In The Anime

Hole first appears in Rave Master Episode: # 2, which is in the later part of the Intro Arc. Hole is first seen when Elie and Haru fall in a hole while running from the Demon Card Organization, it happens to lead to one of her tunnels. Elie begins to argue that Hole is a mole because Haru cannot tell whether Hole is a boy or a girl, when the bickering stops its because Hole had to show the other two her breasts. The Demon Card Organization causes the group to become more weary of their location, so Hole invites them deeper into the caves and ultimately a safer environment.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Lara Jill Miller
Chiharu Tezuka
General Information Edit
Name: Hole
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Rave Master #2
1st anime movie:
Aliases The Get Away Guru
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Escape Artist
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Attractive Female
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