Hokuto Shinken

Hokuto Shinken is a anime/manga concept
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Lethal martial art that utilizes pressure points to destroy an opponent from within. Traditionally passed from one master to a single successor.

Hokuto Shinken(which translates roughly to North Dipper Divine Fist) is an incredibly destructive martial art which originated in China 1800 years ago. The user focuses their chi and strikes their opponents tsubo channeling points to destroy them from within(most famously, by making their head explode) 
The art was considered so dangerous, that its founders agreed that it should only be passed from one master to a single student to prevent the uncontrolled spread of its practice. While the current master of the art may take on several students, they are obliged to eventually choose the best amongst them as their successor and have the remaining students give up the style. Should any of the students fail to comply, their master must forcefully prevent them from using the art again by killing them, or using a more lenient method such as destroying their hands or erasing their memories.
The art's command of channeling points can be used for more than just destruction however, as it can also enhance or weaken a recipient, induce involuntary muscle movements, or be used for healing.
General Information Edit
Concept Name Hokuto Shinken
Japanese Name: 北斗神拳
Romaji Name:
1st manga book: Fist of the North Star #1
1st anime episode: Fist of the North Star #1
1st anime movie: Fist of the North Star: The Movie
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