Hoenn is a anime/manga location
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Hoenn is the place where Advance Battle and the Battle Frontier challenges take place.

Hoenn is the home of May and Max, it is also Where Prof Birch's Lab is located. Ash traveled to Hoenn after competing in the Johto League. Legend has it that, Kyogre and Groudon battled for supremacy; their battle was so fierce that Rayquaza appeared to quell the fighting.

Towns and City's

  • Littleroot Town this is where Professor Birch's Pokemon Lab is Located.
  • Ordale City, there isn't really anything important in this city.
  • Petalburg City, home of the Petalburg city gym, The leader is May's Father
  • Rustboro City, this city is home to the Devon corporation, and the pokemon school, the gym leader is Roxanne; she uses Rock Pokemon
  • Dewford Town, this city is home to the Dewford Cave. Brawley, the town's gym leader uses Fighting Pokemon.
  • Slateport City. this City has open markets, Pokemon contest and also a Ship Yard
  • Mauville City is home of the Thunder Pokemon gym Leader Wattson. Also a game corner and a bike shop is located here.
  • Verdanturf Town, is home to a pokemon contest arena and the Vendauft tunnel.
  • Fallarbor Town is home to a Pokemon Contest and a Professor who specializes in space.
  • Lavaridge Town, home to hot springs, Flannery the gym leader uses, fire pokemon
  • Fortree City, Winoma, the leader uses flying Pokemon, however the whole city is in the tree tops.
  • Lilycove City, this is the largest city in Hoenn.
  • Mossdeep City, this home to the space program, Liza and Tate are both gym leaders and they uses Psychic pokemon
  • Sootopolis City, this city is underwater and is home to the Cave of Origin. Wallace/ Juan the gym leader in this city uses water Pokemon.
  • Evergrande City- Is the gate city to the Pokemon League HQ.

Exclusive Areas

  1. Mt. Chimney
  2. Desert Ruins
  3. Underwater Caverns
  4. Cave of Origin
  5. Battle Frontier
  6. Mt. Prye

The Champion of the Hoenn Region is Steven Stone.

General Information Edit
Location Name Hoenn
Japanese Name: ホウエン地方
Romaji Name: Hōen-chihō
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Pokémon Advanced Generation #1
1st anime movie: Pokémon Jirachi Wish Maker
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