Hitsuzen is an anime episode of xxxHOLiC that was released on 04/07/2006
Watanuki Kimihiro walks along the street calmly. Suddenly he breaks out into a run. He yells at the giant mass of spirits following him to leave him alone. He falls under all the weight of the spirits. Unfortunately, no one but him can see the spirits. As people pass by, they give Watanuki strange looks.

Watanuki places his  hand on a fence, and the spirits disappear. He stands up and sees a mysterious looking shop. His feet begin to move on their own bringing him inside the shop. He is greeted by two little girls who call him a customer. They bring him before their master, the shop owner.

Watanuki says he’s not a customer and explains his situation. The shop owner asks for the contents of his pockets, then asks his name. Watanuki gives her the watch in his pocket along with his name. She tells Watanuki her name is Yuuko Ichihara, adding that it’s a false name. She introduces the two girls as Marudashi and Morodashi, Maru and Moro for short. She tells him there is no such thing as coincidence, and everything is inevitable.

Yuuko reads Watanuki’s fortune, bringing up his past and present. She takes his watch as payment, stating that there must be an equal payment for all things received. Yuuko explains that her shop is a place where wishes are granted. She says she will take anything important in exchange for a wish. Watanuki wishes to not be able to see and attract spirits anymore. She demands payment from Watanuki; she tells him to work at the shop. When his work is equivalent to his wish, it shall be granted.

Yuuko announces they will have a welcome party. She orders him to fetch a drinking partner from the storage room. Watanuki enters the storage room and stumbles across a black, rabbit looking plushie. The “plushie” is able to talk. Yuuko calls it Mokona. She sends Watanuki grocery shopping with Mokona.

In the grocery store, Watanuki sees a spirit. It follows him as he walks back towards the shop. A group of girls walk past. One of them says she is troubled by spirits; they attach and speak to her. Her friends are in awe of her so called ability. Watanuki follows them with curiosity. Suddenly the girl haunted by spirits runs off to a corner. She claims one of the spirits got to her.

Watanuki sees nothing surrounding her; he tells the girl nothing bad is around her much less begin called to her. The girl retorts angrily that Watanuki cannot possibly understand her pain because he is “normal.” She tells him to leave him alone. The spirit surrounding Watanuki leaves him and latches onto the girl. The girl doesn’t see or notice anything different.

At the shop, Yuuko tells Watanuki that the spirit left him. Watanuki is angry because the spirit moved onto someone else. Yuuko told him that the girl wished for it to happen. Yuuko tells him that people can wish for happiness or unhappiness. Watanuki moves to leave, but Yuuko reminds him of the bond between them born because of their meeting. Watanuki leaves the shop, but returns the next day.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Kazuhiro Wakabayashi Audio Director
Ageha Okawa Series Composition
Michiko Yokote Series Composition
CLAMP Original Concept One of Japan's most successful mangaka, CLAMP is actually four women who originally worked together creating doujinshi and then went pro.
Kazuchika Kise Character Artist/Designer
Brina Palencia ADR Director (English) An American voice actress and ADR Director that works for Funimation.
Tsutomu Mizushima Director
Hiromasa Ogura Art Director Art director for various anime: FLCL, Strike Witches, Dead Leaves
S.E.N.S. Music A japanese new age group. They made their debut in the anime scene with the xxxHolic score.
Hiroyo Izumi Animation Director Animation director for xxxHolic
Nanase Okawa Executive Producer


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