Hitsugi no Chaika Characters

Hitsugi no Chaika is a franchise comprised of 2 anime series, 2 manga series
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Akari Acura

Akari Acura is a saboteur who works with her brother, Toru.

Albéric Gillette

Albéric Gillette is an employee of Kliemann Organization.

Chaika Bohdan

Chaika Bohdan is the Red Chaika.

Chaika Travant

Chaika Travant is a silvered hair girl who carries a Gundo in a coffin that is strapped to her back.


Curren is a secretary of Chief Konrad.


David is one of Chaika Bohdan's companions.

Dominica Scoda

Dominica Scoda is a Dragoon Cavalier and one of the eight heroes who had slain Emperor Gaz.


Fredrika is a dragon who can shapeshift. She was a servant of Dominica Skoda.


Frol is the head of the Imperial Guard and a member of the Neo Gaz Empire.

Grad Lancia

Grad Lancia is a wizard who serves a young duke in the airship, Soara.


Guy is a mysterious informant who doesn't give his true name since it's inconvenient.


Hasumin is a young woman whose caravan does business with Toru's village, Acura.


Julia is a female bandit who pretend to be Princess Chaika.

Konrad Steinmetz

Konrad Steinmetz is the chief of the Kliemann Organization.


Lavr is the minister of the Neo Gaz Empire.


Layla is a mysterious girl who is working with Grad and Ricardo Garvani.

Leonardo Stora

Leonardo Stola is one of Gillete Crops.


Mart is the general of the Neo Gaz Empire.

Matheus Caraway

Mattheus Callaway is one of the Gillette Corp.

Nicolai Avtotor

Nikolay Autotor is a mercenary under the Gillette Corps.

Ricardo Gavarni

Ricardo Gavarni is a the youngest son of Duke Gavarni.

Robert Abarth

Robert Abarth is one of the eight heroes who defeated Emperor Gaz.


Selma is one of Chaika Bohdan's companions who is armed with gun that uses magic.


Shin is Toru's mentor.

Simon Scania

Simon Scania is a wizard of the Koenigsegg Empire.

Toru Acura

Toru Acura is a saboteur.

Vivi Holopainen

Vivi Holopainen is a female member of Gillette Corps.

Zita Brusasco

Zita Brusasco is a female member of the Gillette Corps who can operate machines.

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