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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi is an manga series in the History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi franchise
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Agaard Jum Sai

Agaard Jum Sai is one of the Yami's One Shadow, Nine Fists and is the Muay Thai and Muay Boran master of Tirawit Kokin.


Aisha is the only female member of the Capoeira Team that participated in the D of D Tournament.

Akira Hongo

Akira Hongo is one of the Yami's One Shadow, Nine Fists and the Karate master of Shou Kano.

Akisame Koetsuji

The Philisophical Jujitsu master, and one of the martial arts mentors to Kenichi Shirahama.

Alexander Gaidar

One of the members of Yami's One Shadow Nine Fists. Master of command Sambo.

Apachai Hopachai

The Death God of underground Mhay Thai and one of Kenichi's instructors.

Asuka Akatsuki

Lugh is a blind martial artist who is one of Ogata disciples. He is known as the Submission Man.

Boris Ivanov

Yomi's disciple of command Sambo.

Chihiro Takashima

Chihiro Takashima was the ace of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club before Miu arrived to the Kouryuu Highschool.

Chikage Kushinada

A child-genius and skilled Jujitsu practitioner from the Mightiest Disciple Franchise. Chikage is a member of Yomi and has an emotionless demeanour.

Chisato Ayazaki

Leader of the group of valkyries that is at Freya's command.

Christopher Eclair

Christopher Eclair is a Savate master and assassin of Yami.


Daimonji is a big and muscular student of the Kouryou High School and member of the Karate Club.

Danki Kugatachi

Danki Kugatachi is Freya's grandfather and a Jou-Jutsu master.

Diego Carlo

Diego Carlo is one of the Yami's One Shadow, Nine Fists and the Freestyle Wrestling Master of Rachel Stanley.

Ethan Stanley

As a member of YOMI, he is a practitioner of Kalarippayattu. He is refered to as "Pullox" and is extremely skilled in stealth.


Witholding the D of D tournament on his private island, Fortuna is a member of YAMI and an arms dealer. As, what Hermit describes as "Master Class Garbage"(meaning he is weak compared to other master classes), he initially tryed to make the members of the Shinpaku Alliance his children because of their ability to become master class.

Fukujiro Yasunaga

Fukujiro Yasunaga is the japanese history teacher of the Kouryou High School.

Hayato Furinji

Miu's grandfather and head master of Ryozanpaku. He never lost a figt in his life. Never. And if you think you are worthy of becoming his granddaughter boyfriend or husband you must defeat him first.

Hibiki Kugenin

A music-obsessed martial-artist who specialises in counter-attacks. One of the Eight Fists of Ragnarok.

Honoka Shirahama

The bright, yet slightly naive younger sister of Kenichi Shirahama. An excellent Othello player who tends to cling to one of her brother's "friends", Natsu Tanimoto.

Ikki Takeda

A scrupulous delinquent who goes on to become one of Kenichi's most steadfast allies.


"The Mad Sword Izayoi" is a swordswoman of the Yami's Armed Division.

Izumi Yuka

Yuka is a gentle-natured girl from the Mightiest Disciple series. She loves flowers and has a crush on Kenichi.

James Shiba

A former boxing champion, famous in the underworld he was nicknamed, "The God of Destruction". Later in the series, he takes Takeda Ikki as his disciple.

Jennifer Gray

As an undercover FBI agent working for the US military, Jennifer is first introduced in the D of D tournament. During the raid of the island, she displays master-skill marksmanship and claims herself to be Sakaki Shio's fiance.

Kajima Satomi

Kajima Satomi is the current leader of Yomi and the disciple of Saiga Furinji.

Kaku Shin Ten

Leader of the "Largest Chinese Martial Art Team" which confronted the Ryozanpaku Team in the D of D Tournament.

Kaname Kugatachi

A bow-staff wielder of prodiguous skill, and the Third Fist of Ragnarok.

Kenichi Shirahama

A young boy who trains with Multiple Martial Arts masters to become the strongest Disciple.

Kensei Ma

The lecherous master of Chinese Martial Arts

Kisara Nanjo

Taekwondo ace and one of the Eight Fists. A reformed villain of the Mightiest Disciple franchise.

Koga Taichi

Refered to often as, Koga the Kicker, he was part of Ragnarok's 3-man squad with Takeda and Ukita. He was usually seen as annoying by his partners and had a crush on Miu.

Kouzou Ukita

The at times arrogant Judo warrior of Ragnarok. Also refered to as "The Thrower".

Kyoko Ono

Kyoko Ono is a teacher of the Kouryou High School. In spite of being an adult she is very childish and has problems to keep the class under control.

Li Raichi

An assassin who is a member of Yomi in the Mightiest Disciple franchise. Uses Drunken Kung-fu.

Li Tenmon

Li Tenmon is a Yami member from China and a practitioner of the Chishouken fighting style. He is Li Raichi's father and master.


Loki is a karate fighter and the Fourth Fist of Ragnarok. After the defeat and dismantling of Ragnarok he opened his own detective agency and his crew become the the employee.

Mikumo Kushinada

Mikumo Kushinada, is the notorious Jujutsu Legenadary Master, as well as the Bewitching Fist of Yami's One Shadow, Nine Fists. She is the legendary Master and also noted foster mother of High Class Disciple, Chikage Kushinada. She is the sole female member of the Yami's unarmed fighting Divison.

Miu Furinji

A transfer student and one of Kenichi's first friends.


Mizunuma is a student of the Kouryu High School and a member of the Shinpaku Alliance.

Motosugu Shirahama

Motosugu is the father of Kenichi Shirahama and husband of Saori Shirahama. He becomes protective of Kenichi during his training at Ryouzanpaku and carries his 2 shotguns with him, "Sebastion" and "Maximillion".

Natsu Tanimoto

The stubborn and anti-heroic 6th fist of Ragnarok, Hermit.

Niijima Haruo

Kenichi's treacherous, deceitful, opportunistic amoral and generally quite sleazy friend.

Number 20

As Loki's underling, she is a master of spying and stealth. She herself is a decent fighter, never seen without her army attire and always keeping her custom FN P90 PDW Airgun handy.

Ogata Ishinsai

A character from the Mightiest Disciple series who believes that killing is an integral part of martial arts. Ryuto Asamiya's master. Ogata took a liking into Kenichi Shirahama and wanted him to become his disciple, but Kenichi refused as he wanted to protect not kill which Ogata understood.

Rachel Stanley

As a member of YOMI, she is the twin sister of Ethan Stanley and a practitioner of Lucha Libre. She craves attention and is nicknamed, "Castor".

Radin Tidat Jihan

Pencak Silat user from Yomi

Renka Ma

She is a character in History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi. Renka is the attractive 16-year-old daughter of Master Kensei. She came to Japan in search of her father, who she plans to take back to China.

Rimi Kokorone

A member of the Atlantae division of Yomi and disciple of Ogata Isshinsai. She is deeply in love Ryuto Asamiya, her desire to be strong is because she believes he will love her back and despite his cold attitude toward her he is shown to cares about her.

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