History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi is an manga series in the History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi franchise
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Manga series about a teenage boy who takes up martial arts to stand up for himself and others.


History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi is a shōnen manga series writen and illustrated by Syun Matsuena. The series was first published in August 9, 2002 by Weekly Shōnen Sunday.


  • Shogakukan ( Japan )
  • Kurokawa ( France )
  • Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd ( Taiwanese )

Publishing History

  • First volume published on August 9, 2002.
  • Volume 35 limited edition versions.
  • Volume 46 bundled with the the first OVA.
  • Volume 49 is released in Japan with the third OVA.
  • Volume 55 bundled with a DVD containing the 8th and 9th OVA .
  • New OVA is bundled with a limited edition volume 56.


The series tells the story of Kenichi Shirahama, a frequently bullied schoolboy. On his first day of high school, he befriends a girl named Miu who resides at the Ryōzanpaku martial arts dojo , where martial arts masters gathered. Hoping to become strong, Kenichi enlisted there, and began to face the many challenges awaiting him.


Ryouzanpaku ( 梁山泊 )

Shirahama Kenichi (白浜 兼一, Shirahama Kenichi)
Type: Sei/Dou
Martial Arts: Karate, Muay Thai, Jujutsu, Chinese Martial arts.
Age: 17
The main protagonist. Kenichi was always bullied in school and nicknamed "weak knees". After meeting Miu who gave him guidance in fighting a bully, he entered the Ryouznpaku dojo to become strong.
Furinji Miu (風林寺 美羽, Fūrinji Miu)
Type: Dou
Marital Arts: Furinji Style
Age: 17
The granddaughter of Furinji Hayato. When she was a child she used to travel with her grandfather to bring peace to the world. After entering high school she met Kenichi & helped him to fight a bully.
Furinji Hayato (風林寺 隼人)
Type: Sei/Dou
Martial Arts: Furinji Style
Age: 90+
The grandfather of Miu Furinji . He used to travel across the globe to bring peace to the world. He is nicknamed mutekichōjin (無敵超人, lit. 'superman with no equals') as he has a great amount of power for his age. He once claimed to have beaten 500 martial artists at once by himself.
Kouetsuji Akisame (岬越寺 秋雨)
Type: Sei
Martial Arts: Jujutsu
Age: 39
Ma Kensei (馬 剣星, Ma Kensei)
Type: Sei
Martial Arts: Chinese Martial Arts
Age: 42
Apahai Hopchai (アパチャイ・ホパチャイ)
Type: Dou
Martial Arts: Muay Thai
Age: 29
Sakaki Shio (逆鬼 至緒)
Type: Dou
Martial arts: karate
Age: 30
Kousaka Shigure (香坂 しぐれ)
Type: Sei
Martial Arts: Kousaka Style
Age: 23

Support Characters

Shirahama Honoka (白浜 ほのか)
Age: 13
expert: Othello
Kenichi's little sister who adores her big brother and tries to protect him from anything. She usually plays with Apachai at Ryozanpaku.
Takeda Ikki (武田 一基 Takeda Ikki)
Type: Sei
Martial Arts: Boxing
Age: 19
Ikki used to be a delinquent for Ragnarok but changed after facing Kenichi. He is now with the Shinpaku Alliance.
Tanimot Natsu (谷本 夏 Tanimoto Natsu)
Type: dou
Martial Arts: Chinese Martial Arts ( specially in Hikaken and Hakkouken )
Age : 17
Nicknamed ''Hermit'' he is one of the members of Ragnanork. He was taught martial arts at a young age by Ma Kensei's brother Sougetsu.
Asamiya Ryuto
Type: Sei/Dou
Martial Arts: Different kinds of martial arts
Age: 18
Asamiya Ryuto is the leader of the Ragnarok organization. Learned martial arts from Ogata Isshinsai.

Main Antagonist

Furinj Saiga
Type: Sei
Maritial Arts: Furinji Style
Miu's father and Furinji Hayato's son. Leader of the One Shadow Nine Fists.
Ogata Isshinsai (緒方 一新斎)
Type: Dou
Martial Arts: Different kind of martial arts
One of the members of the One Shadow Nine Fists.
Ma Sougetsu (馬 槍月)
Type: Dou
Martial Arts: Chinese Martial Arts
One of the members of the One Shadow Nine Fists, and brother of Ma Kensei
General Information Edit
English Name History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
Japanese Name: 史上最強の弟子ケンイチ
Romaji: Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi
Publisher Shogakukan
Start Year 2002
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