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It's an equal-opportunity crotch shot!
It's an equal-opportunity crotch shot!

If OCCULT ACADEMY’s opener was a counterpoint to those of CORPSE PRINCESS and BLUE EXORCIST, I suppose this works about the same in comparison to SEKIREI. You’ve got a lot of the same ingredients of high school wish fulfillment, chibi shenanigans and a sexy girl with a less-than-believeable interest in our less-than-assertive lead here… but the difference is that it’s actually funny. The T&A’s there, sure, but the focus is to actually make you laugh. Actually, it feels like an amped-up parody of the KARATE KID “saga” - - and I truly mean that in a positive way. C’mon, we all love to hate Kobra Kai, so these karate jocks reminding me of them can’t be a terrible thing, can it?

That said, the timing’s actually a little coincidental, because this is strumming on a lot of the same chords as SLAM DUNK. You got your hapless lead who’s got problems with expressing himself to girls, dodging bullies and getting his less-than-impressive skillz up to snuff. Granted, that set-up describes a whole throng of high school comedies, but if you swapped karate for basketball, you’d find the comparison hard to miss, too. Especially since, in both shows, there’s some super-deadly expert saving our lead from those aforementioned bullies.

I bring all thee comparisons up because I think I’d look more favorably on this if I weren’t watching it toward the end of this sampling period. When it’s grouped with the other shows I've been watching, it honestly feels less distinctive. In a vacuum, I'd want to continue it, but there are plenty other series that seem a lot more appealing at the moment. It’s still not too shabby, though, so it gets a nice cozy spot in the “medium” pile.

KENICHI does get points for that hilarious gag where the karate master’s sixpack is somehow showing through his loose gi. It raises the questions of whether his abs are too ripped or his blackbelt’s tied too tight.

Watch this episode, "Ryozanpak: Where the Powerful Gather!” below and decide for yourself.

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I didn't have any interest in watching this show, but based on your comments it sounds like it might be a self aware show and that usually leads to funny moments. Maybe I will check it out.

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As with most shonen series, the premise is moderately interesting and starts off strong. However, as you become less enamored with this particular slice of the formula it starts to lose its luster. It doesn't help that as the series goes on, it becomes more about shoving in fan service rather than actual character growth. I'm still current on the manga, but starting to question why.

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I got hooked with the first episode and burned through the whole series a little too quick but I loved every episode, great series.

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I just watched this for the first time about a month ago! It was awesome! I thought it started a little slow and spent too much time on Kenichi being cowardly in the beginning, but it gust kept getting better with each episode.

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I really enjoyed this show when it came out a few years ago. Miu is so loveable and adorable, plus she is a badass fighter as well. This series does play up some humorus elements but in fights does not go for the obvious panty shots and such. Thats not to say those elements are not present but are not used too much. Give this show a try for some mostly lighthearted fun.

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I really can't enjoy this anime as much as I should, since I am such a huge fan of the manga (especially its art). The manga is definitely in my top 5 art-wise and I feel like that the somewhat low budget of the show hurts that. Still a fun series because of everything else, but I am just really weird about this one.

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Wow can't believe it's been almost 6 years now that this series ended. it was a really cool show. 50 episodes is not a bad run.

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A fun show. The problem with martial arts shows is that if you don't have the budget or great camera work/directing to hide the lack of budget (Ben-To is a current show that comes to mind).

This show has neither.

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Watched both seasons one 3 day weekend.Just good enuff to keep watching , Does not take itself serious at all.Its like the anti bleech. Or a parody in some form.Good stuff.
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I really enjoyed this series throughout. It's very light and never boring. There's nothing to ignite any deeper conversations here, but it's not meant to be that. Just good martial arts fun with a bouncy heroine by his side. There's a hint at a sequel part of the way through that sadly never materialized, but I'm still hoping for it someday.

Oh, and The Karate Kid is my favorite "80's movie".

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This was another anime I bumped into on Netflix not expecting much and ended up watching the entire series. It was great and had a lot of moments I considered funny.

Thank Bacon for all these legit streaming sites picking up anime and for dvd rentals, if I bought all the anime I watched I would be broker....

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I read a lot of the manga, dropped it during hisfight against the Muay Thai emperor guy and his master. Parts of it were quite enjoyable, but there are better martial arts manga around imo.

Never watched the anime though.

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