History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi (OVA) Characters

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi (OVA) is an anime series in the History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi franchise
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Akisame Koetsuji

The Philisophical Jujitsu master, and one of the martial arts mentors to Kenichi Shirahama.

Apachai Hopachai

The Death God of underground Mhay Thai and one of Kenichi's instructors.

Boris Ivanov

Yomi's disciple of command Sambo.

Chikage Kushinada

A child-genius and skilled Jujitsu practitioner from the Mightiest Disciple Franchise. Chikage is a member of Yomi and has an emotionless demeanour.

Christopher Eclair

Christopher Eclair is a Savate master and assassin of Yami.

Ethan Stanley

As a member of YOMI, he is a practitioner of Kalarippayattu. He is refered to as "Pullox" and is extremely skilled in stealth.

Hayato Furinji

Miu's grandfather and head master of Ryozanpaku. He never lost a figt in his life. Never. And if you think you are worthy of becoming his granddaughter boyfriend or husband you must defeat him first.

Hibiki Kugenin

A music-obsessed martial-artist who specialises in counter-attacks. One of the Eight Fists of Ragnarok.

Ikki Takeda

A scrupulous delinquent who goes on to become one of Kenichi's most steadfast allies.

Kenichi Shirahama

A young boy who trains with Multiple Martial Arts masters to become the strongest Disciple.

Kensei Ma

The lecherous master of Chinese Martial Arts

Kisara Nanjo

Taekwondo ace and one of the Eight Fists. A reformed villain of the Mightiest Disciple franchise.

Kouzou Ukita

The at times arrogant Judo warrior of Ragnarok. Also refered to as "The Thrower".

Li Raichi

An assassin who is a member of Yomi in the Mightiest Disciple franchise. Uses Drunken Kung-fu.

Li Tenmon

Li Tenmon is a Yami member from China and a practitioner of the Chishouken fighting style. He is Li Raichi's father and master.

Miu Furinji

A transfer student and one of Kenichi's first friends.

Niijima Haruo

Kenichi's treacherous, deceitful, opportunistic amoral and generally quite sleazy friend.

Rachel Stanley

As a member of YOMI, she is the twin sister of Ethan Stanley and a practitioner of Lucha Libre. She craves attention and is nicknamed, "Castor".

Radin Tidat Jihan

Pencak Silat user from Yomi

Shigure Kosaka

A subtle yet powerful woman, one of Kenichi's masters and at times referred to as "The Maiden of Weapons".

Shio Sakaki

Self-proclaimed 100-Dan Karate Master.

Shou Kano

A major antagonist in the History's Strongest Disciple franchise and a rival for Miu's affections.

Tirawit Kokin

Tirawit is a reserved, analytical and remorseless Muay Boran fighter in the Mightiest Disciple series. Part of Yomi.


Touchimaru the mouse of shigure in the anime Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

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