His Name is Sinbad

His Name is Sinbad is an anime episode of Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic that was released on 11/18/2012
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The kingdom of Balbadd has prospered since ancient times as a center of trade, but since the death of the former king, the country has been in turmoil. Said to be at the heart of this unrest is a group of chivalrous thieves called the "Fog Troop," but…
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Plot Summary

Aladdin and Morgiana speechless
Aladdin and Morgiana speechless

The Nando brothers trek across the desert and into a forest. Exhausted and starving, the brothers find Sinbad who is napping and drunk. Morgiana tells Aladdin that she is here to go back home and to thank both Aladdin and Alibaba. While Morgiana bows down in gratitude, Aladdin states that Alibaba did it for the right thing, and the two smile at each other. Suddenly, Sinbad walks up to Aladdin and Morgiana with his arms open, and both Morgiana and Aladdin are shocked at how stark naked Sinbad is. Moments later, Sinbad explains that he got robbed, and Aladdin shares his tales of adventures with Sinbad. Sinbad states that adventures are what makes a man, and when he looks at Morgiana, he remarks that meeting beautiful ladies is part of the adventure as well. Morgiana smells the sea breeze, and both Aladdin and Morgiana walk to see a huge city by the sea, Balbadd. In the city, Sinbad gives them a tour of the city and explains how things have gone bad when they visit the slums.

Jafar: You lost them?
Jafar: You lost them?

In front of the hotel, Sinbad tells Morgianna and Aladdin that they are welcome to stay with them. The guards try to stop Sinbad since they don't recognized him until Jafar and Masrur intervenes. Before Jafar and Masrur leaving Aladdin and Morgiana, Masrur stares at Morgiana who realized that they're both Fanalis. Jafar is annoyed that Sinbad has lost all of the Djinn Metal and Household Vessel to robbers. Meanwhile, a maid explains to Aladdin and Morgiana about the Fog Troupe, and at the same time, Ahbmad does the same thing for Sinbad and his gang. The Fog Troupe are a group of heroic thieves who help the poor by stealing the rich. Aladdin learns that the leader is Alibaba. Back to Sinbad's group, Ahbmad allows Sinbad to take care of the Fog Troupe because Ahbmad cannot open trade with Sindria if the Fog Troupe are disrupting things. After Sinbad's gang leaves, Ahbmad and his brother look at a letter from the Kou Empire.

Morgiana pouts
Morgiana pouts

In lunch time, Sinbad introduces Aladdin and Morgiana to Jafar and Masrur, and he informs Morgiana that Masrur is a Fanalis like her due to how their eyes are so similar. While Aladdin and Morgiana chat with Masrur, Sinbad chats with Jafar on their plans to deal with the Fog Troupe. Suddenly, Aladdin summons Ugo which surprises Sinbad and Jafar. Moments later, Sinbad introduces himself to Aladdin who has no idea about Sinbad's reputation. Sinbad states he has conquer seven dungeons and has the power of seven Djinn. Aladdin asks Sinbad what is Magi. Sinbad explains that Magi can produce magoi enough to sustain a Djinn, and the Magi can use Rukh freely. Magi are loved by the Rukh. Then, Sinbad asks Aladdin and Morgiana to help him fight the Fog Troupe, and Jafar protests against it. When Aladdin asks Morgiana if they should do it, Morgiana asks Sinbad to aid them in the search of someone in return. Both Aladdin and Morgiana agree. Sinbad grabs Aladdin to plan things, and he tells Morgiana to go back to the hotel since he feels ladies should not fight. Morgiana stomps and states she will fight too.

Alibaba and the Fog Troupe
Alibaba and the Fog Troupe

In the discussion, Jafar goes over the plans, and Morgiana asks if capturing the Fog Troupe is doing the right thing. Sinbad comes up with some ideas and sticks to his plan of capturing them to restore the peace. Jafar, Aladdin, and Morgiana are at a post together while Sinbad and Masrur are guarding another mansion. Out of the fog, Sinbad tries to help a lady who tries to stab him. The two find themselves surrounded by desperate and poor people. When the lady tries to grab the chicken, Sinbad tells the lady and her group to steal the food but not kill anyone. At Aladdin's location, Morgiana sees a red mist, and she jumps with Aladdin to the rooftop. Jafar states that the red mist is causing the illusions. Hassan, Zaynard, and the group break into the mansion. Jafar attacks the group only to be bind by a black fog that is produced by Kassim. Morgiana attacks the thieves, but Kassim binds Morgiana, and then, Aladdin summons Ugo to stop the Fog Troupe. A mysterious robed man stops Kassim and confronts Ugo. The mysterious man reveals his face, and Aladdin is shocked that the man is his best friend, Aladdin.

Points of Interest

  • According to Sinbad, Partevia and Laem empire are to the west of Balbadd.
  • Zaynard's magical weapon is the Sword of Phantasmal Scarlet Fog.
  • Hassan's magical weapon is the Sword of Corroding Golden Fog.
  • Kassim's magical weapon is the Sword of Shackling Ebony Fog.


  • Japanese Name: "Sono na ha Shindobaddo" (その名はシンドバッド)
  • Manga Chapter: 32-35
  • Opening Theme: "V.I.P." by SID
  • Ending Theme: "Yubi Bōenkyō" by Nogizaka46

Characters & Voice Actors

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Shinobu Ohtaka Original Concept Manga artist


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