His Name is Judal

His Name is Judal is an anime episode of Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic that was released on 12/09/2012
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Sinbad has joined the Fog Troop and takes Alibaba to the palace. Here Alibaba appeals for the welfare of the people, but King Ahbmad dismisses his words. With the arrival of the priest of the Kou Empire, Judar, events move towards disaster for Aladdin.
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Plot Summary

Meet Judal
Meet Judal

While Aladdin looks at Judal with such curiosity, Ugo's head is seen for a brief moment. The banker introduces himself to Sinbad and Alibaba, and then, Judal appears and explains that he is Kou Empire's priest. Ahbmad informs Sinbad that he will relinquish his trading authority to the Kou Empire because he has trust Banker with the economic recovery. Alibaba tries to break through and demands Ahbmad to listen to him. Later that night, Aladdin asks Alibaba what has happened, and Alibaba replies that Ahbmad only answers to Sinbad. Aladdin points to the crowd yelling for Alibaba and explains that Alibaba did good. Alibaba wonders how he will break the news, and Jafar enters the room to tell them that Sinbad is ready. Outside, Sinbad asks Alibaba to stand with him. While Sinbad explains the situation to the slums, he reassures them that they have fought fair for the first time. He reminds them what they are fighting for. He tells them if all's loss, he will welcome to his country.

Judal mocks Aladdin after punching him
Judal mocks Aladdin after punching him

High in the sky, Judal calls to Sinbad and hops down. Sinbad asks Judal what is he up to, and Judal replies war. Judal informs him that the Kou Empire has tons of warriors and power. He asks Sinbad to team with him to conquer the world. Jafar informs Aladdin that Judal is another Magi. When Judal sees Aladdin, he wonders about the Rukh around him. Then, Sinbad explains that Aladdin is a Magi which shocks Judal. Judal greets Aladdin, and when Aladdin tries to accept his handshake, Judal punches Aladdin in the face. Judal asks Aladdin if he has pick a king's candidate. He uses his eyes and spots the crest on Alibaba's dagger. Judal finds Alibaba amusing, and Aladdin tells Judal that Alibaba has a brave heart.

Ugo does karate chop
Ugo does karate chop

When Judal pulls out his magical wand out of his shirt, he blasts Alibaba. Aladdin powers up his staff with his Rukh, and Judal is amused with Aladdin challenging him. When Sinbad tells the Magi to stop, Judal states that this is a battle between Magi and that Sinbad has no Djinn Metal on him. Sinbad tries to have Masrur attack Judal, but it looks like Household Vessels do not work on Judal. After Judal has fire Magoi at Aladdin, Aladdin reflects the attack. Judal asks Aladdin that they should have a magic fight instead of using Magoi/Rukh. Judal creates lightning magic from his Rukh and attacks Aladdin. Ugo emerges and protects Aladdin, and Judal acknowledges Aladdin's powers. Next, Judal summons all the water and freezes into ice. He levitates into the air and begins to shape the ice into many shards. The ground is pounded by the icicle spears, and Judal summons more. Before Judal can attack again, Aladdin has Ugo jump in the air and deliver a powerful karate chop on Judal. Though, Judal's barrier absorbs some of the impact. On the ground, Judal tries to stab Aladdin with the remaining ice spears in the air, but Ugo blocks the attack. Aladdin climbs up on Ugo and attempts to blow on the flute. Ugo buffs off the ice shards and magoi begins to bleed out of him.

With Ugo's magoi flowing out, Aladdin demands Judal why is he doing this. Judal replies that he is bored and itching to fight. Aladdin tells Ugo to go back inside of the flute, yet Ugo continues to stand up. With some of Ugo's flashbacks flow by, Judal strikes Aladdin with a lightning bolt. In the nick of time, Morgiana saves Aladdin. Alibaba lunges on Judal, and when Judal states that physical attacks don't work, Alibaba uses his some of Amon's power to cut through Judal's barrier. Alibaba manages to break through and cut Judal's left cheek. When Judal states that he will kill Aladdin after having his fill of the battle, Ugo attacks Judal. Judal fights back only to overwhelmed by Ugo. He yells to Aladdin that he is not fighting fair since Ugo is using someone else's Magoi and that Ugo is not Aladdin's Djinn. When Judal impales Ugo with a giant icicle shard, Ugo crushes Judal. Judal's body drops on the ground all mangled up.

Points of Interest

Abilities, Moves & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

  • Magoi
  • Lightniing Magic
  • Ice magic
  • Sarg Arsarros
  • Magoi
  • Summon Ugo
  • Flute

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the manga, the Nando brothers notice Judal in the sky while S Nando recalls how they stole Sinbad's jewelry. Compared to the anime, Aladdin notices Ugo senses something.
  • The anime added extra flashback scenes, and it shows the head and face of Ugo. The manga did not reveal Ugo's face.


  • Japanese Name: Sono na wa Judaru (その名はジュダル)
  • Manga Chapter: 44-48
  • Opening Theme: "V.I.P." by SID
  • Ending Theme: "Yubi Bōenkyō" by Nogizaka46

Characters & Voice Actors

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Shinobu Ohtaka Original Concept Manga artist
Koji Masunari Director


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