His Butler, Tamer

His Butler, Tamer is an anime episode of Black Butler that was released on 11/20/2008
    その執事、調教   (Sono Shitsuji, Choukyou) 
  その執事、調教  (Sono Shitsuji, Choukyou) 

 The discovery of Henry's body 
The discovery of Henry's body 

As Ciel, his company, and Angela see Henry dead, the door knocks with a villager gasping about the Devil Dog. The villagers are on their knees next to Henry's corpse and start saying the rhyme that they said when James was taken away. Sebastian investigates the body and Angela faints. Sebastian comments how this wasn't done by a human; Ciel says that he's interested in this case because he likes seeing Sebastian teased by a dog.

  a mysterious man licking Angela
  a mysterious man licking Angela

Finny goes to check on Angela but gets interrupted by a strange sound. Maylene follows and even says that she likes scary stories and other related things to it. They peek through a crack on Angela's door and sees her enjoying the company of someone mysterious. Finian runs away with fiercity. In the morning, Finian is seen with dark circles under his eyes. When Angela asks why Finian looks pale, he says he isn't feeling good and to not touch him because germs may spread. Another time during the day, Angela left to pick herbs up for Finian and Ciel's human servants go looking for her in fear that she may be captured by the Devil Dog.  

Devil Dog in human ver 
Devil Dog in human ver 

Ciel orders Sebastian to act "flustered" like the other servants and to go after Angela.   Maylene spots dead limbs of humans in a field. They hide from a naked man who goes to the pile of limbs and rearranges Henry's limb. Finian notices the man looks like the guy who was in Angela's room before. The villagers all start running their way because they are going to perform ablutions to lower the Devil Dog's anger.  

 Taming the devil dog
 Taming the devil dog

Finian runs away and stops in a spot. They see an animal and yell out that it's the Devil Dog. It chases after them; Finian notices a piece of fabric that resembles parts of Angela's dress on its claw and tries to stop it. Bard tries to stop it by shooting Tanaka's gun but it ends up being a birthday popper. As it almost claws Finian, Sebastian stops it.  

 Pluto in Sebastian's arms
 Pluto in Sebastian's arms

Sebastian has Innuko at hand, a Puppy's Favorite (a dog treat). Sebastian starts doing his own version of the "carrot and stick" method to gaining a dog's loyalty. Doing this method, Sebastian finds hot water and says that resort must have a tourist extraction - the spa. In his arms, he has the naked man that was mentioned earlier. Angela runs toward them and yells "Pluto!" and the naked man/dog runs after her on all fours. Angela explains that she found him a month ago and tried to tame him.  

Angela & Pluto 
Angela & Pluto 

She says that the dog turns into a human when he gets excited. She then says she didn't know Pluto would slaughter Lord Henry and she asks if Ciel can take it to the mansion since Sebastian can tame it to be obedient. Ciel says it's fine because it sounds like fun as Sebastian scoffs at the idea. The villagers start shouting they have been forgiven because there was a legend where the earth will "let out tears of redemption" if all is forgiven.Ciel enjoys the newly made spa. The villagers start constructing lots of buildings. Angela sees them off and Sebastian gives her a questioning glance since raising and taming a Demon Dog is difficult.

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Toshiya Shinohara Director
Mari Okada Series Composition
Minako Shiba Character Artist/Designer
Ian Sinclair ADR Director (English) Ian Sinclair is a US voice actor for the FUNimation company.
Yana Toboso Artist Yana Toboso is a female Japanese manga artist best known for her manga Kuroshitsuji
Taku Iwasaki Music Taku Iwasaki is a Japanese composer known for Jazz-sounding scores.


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