His Butler, on Ice

His Butler, on Ice is an anime episode of Black Butler that was released on 12/04/2008
Sebastian & Ciel
Sebastian & Ciel

While it snows, a man named Tim is being chased by three other guys because he has a ring that took a long time to steal. Tim ran to the bridge. A mysterious man restrains him with sharp , almost-invisible string. That guy says the ring is the Shard of Hope and he kills Tim with his deadly string. Tim's body falls in the river. Ciel and Sebastian talk about a carnival known as Frost Fayre that is being held at the Ice Top Market. There was Elizabeth with Paula,her maid, and she's looking for a present for Ciel's upcoming birthday.

Abberline, Ciel & Sebastian
Abberline, Ciel & Sebastian

The guys who were chasing Tim earlier said that Tim didn't have the ring on him and that it must be in the frozen river. Ciel and Sebastian run into a wares stall where the seller tries to show off an old Phantomhive Noah's but Ciel says it's fake since only three were made and they were gone. Sebastian says the country is like Noah's since it's steered by a single boatman and only a few are saved. They run into Inspector Abberline and they eat at a Chinese restaurant. Abberline explains they found a man's corpse under the ice of the market and that he was part of a criminal institution.


Lau comes by and Ciel asked why he is there, he says they're eating at his restaurant. Ciel says the Shard of Hope is a stone with gives bad fate to its owners like Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette and that it was cut into two pieces. They go to the Undertaker's stall since a couple people died of frostbite. Abberline enters first and starts talking to the Undertaker and the Undertaker starts laughing. He leads them to the ring being in an ice sculpture. Viscount Druitt (was released from jail recently) stops them from getting the ring since the statue will be given to a winner of an ice sculpting contest.

Noah's ark
Noah's ark

Ciel orders Sebastian to win the contest. Meanwhile, sees the fake Phantomhive ark and goes to look at it. The contest is now being judged. Abberline got five points. Lau's sculpture is too revealing to be judged. Sebastian created Noah's that split open to reveal animal sculptures inside. Before the judging of Sebastian's piece took place, the men in the criminal circle said that the ring was theirs and they threaten to bomb where they stand. Sebastian takes their guns away with his lovely ice skating skills. Sebastian is judged with a full score of 50.


Ciel and Sebastian rode the sculpted ark inside as the other men end up bombing the ice field. The statue with the ring ends up sinking to the bottom of the river. Elizabeth brought the ark and showed it to her father. He said that it was a fake and she gets upset. Elizabeth cried for she thought that the ark was a perfect gift for Ciel. Paula tries to cheer her up but fails. When threw the ark down, she notices a ring inside of it that looks like the Ciel's ring.

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Toshiya Shinohara Director
Mari Okada Series Composition
Minako Shiba Character Artist/Designer
Ian Sinclair ADR Director (English) Ian Sinclair is a US voice actor for the FUNimation company.
Yana Toboso Artist Yana Toboso is a female Japanese manga artist best known for her manga Kuroshitsuji
Taku Iwasaki Music Taku Iwasaki is a Japanese composer known for Jazz-sounding scores.


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