His Butler, Lonely

His Butler, Lonely is an anime episode of Black Butler that was released on 12/18/2008
    その執事、寂寥   (Sono Shitsuji, Sekiryou) 
  その執事、寂寥  (Sono Shitsuji, Sekiryou) 
  Sebastian Sings "My fair Lady"
  Sebastian Sings "My fair Lady"

 A flashback scene starts with monologuing. Elizabeth says that Ciel lost his smile after the mansion was burnt up. Ciel demands Sebastian to take back the words of his tragic past and . Sebastian just smiles about it. They hear "My Fair Lady" about live steel and dolls start walking inside. Sebastian starts singing the same tone but with lyrics that state steel bending. The dolls heads start twisting and they all fall down.  

 Drocell Kainz
 Drocell Kainz

Drocell comes in saying that Ciel is now a "thing" for his master. He explains that the Ring of Hope is a present the master gives to people he wants as puppets. Sebastian grabs Ciel and they run away. After they land, Ciel slaps Sebastian saying that Elizabeth hasn't been saved. Sebastian explains that an order versus the contract are different things and that he treasures the contract more than an order.  

  Pluto "hugging" Sebastian
 Pluto "hugging" Sebastian

  Ciel puts on the Ring of Hope and says that if he wears it, he will become the next target. Grell and Pluto are seen near the isolated tower. Grell realizes that Pluto is the demon dog in a human guise. The door is in another dimension and it opens to Pluto's call as Pluto turns back into a devil dog. They all enter the isolated tower. They enter a room where they see sitting in a chair and looking like a doll. She breathlessly says that she is happy that Ciel likes the Ring of Hope. She starts moving around with invisible strings with a weapon in hand. 

 Elizabeth trying to kill Ciel
 Elizabeth trying to kill Ciel

Elizabeth can't control her own movements as she tries to kill Ciel. Sebastian tells Grell to stop . The puppeteer captures them all in string when they cut 's puppet strings. Sebastian frees himself and attacks the puppeteer. They find out that the puppeteer is actually a puppet too. weakly says that she wants to give Ciel a birthday party and Ciel says okay. The puppeteer gets up and tries to go to his master despite breaking apart. It falls to the floor of a room with a backwards facing chair and Pluto. The master says that puppets preserve the most beautiful form. 

Ciel throws the Ring of Hope at the chair's backside. The master states that Ciel was fated to die since birth and that he is unclean. He doesn't want that type of existence to live in this world by eliminating the useless. Ciel runs to the front of the chair and two puppets are seen there. The miniature puppet runs away. Sebastian says that the room is now filled with invisible puppet strings. After everyone steps outside, Grell goes away.

Sebastian holds a birthday party for a gruntled Ciel. When Ciel cuts into the pudding, he finds a ring in it. Sebastian explains that if a ring is in the Christmas pudding, then that person will be blessedly happy. Ciel starts blushing. On their carriage ride home, tells Paula that she wanted to see Ciel happy and smiling forever.

Ciel and Sebatian talk about the ring resurfacing. Sebastian says he will protect Ciel no matter what; he then states that no one has lived in the mansion they were investigating earlier for a long period of time. They talk about a crest seen on the floor of a room in that mansion. The miniature puppet is running in the snow and spouts about eliminating the unclean. It gets caught by Angela and is crushed in her hands. She smiles as she says the same line as the puppet and throws it into the river. 

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Toshiya Shinohara Director
Mari Okada Series Composition
Minako Shiba Character Artist/Designer
Ian Sinclair ADR Director (English) Ian Sinclair is a US voice actor for the FUNimation company.
Yana Toboso Artist Yana Toboso is a female Japanese manga artist best known for her manga Kuroshitsuji
Taku Iwasaki Music Taku Iwasaki is a Japanese composer known for Jazz-sounding scores.


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