His Butler, Freeloader

His Butler, Freeloader is an anime episode of Black Butler that was released on 12/25/2008
    その執事、居候   (Sono Shitsuji, Isourou) 
  その執事、居候  (Sono Shitsuji, Isourou) 

 Prince Soma amazed by the snow
 Prince Soma amazed by the snow

Two dark-skinned characters are in . One named Agni explains what snow is to the other (and Agni refers to the other man as his Prince). The Prince says that is beautiful. Inspector Abberline is getting scolded by his superior about a case where men are hung upside down with only their underwear on. Abberline's superior gets made that Ciel is getting all the credit for the Jack the Ripper case.  

 Ciel checking Scotland Yard's report 
Ciel checking Scotland Yard's report 

Abberline believes that Ciel holds a heavy burden despite being a kid. Ciel arrives saying that the people who were attacked were citizens returning from and that none of the victims are dead. Ciel then talks about illegal immigrants and how Scotland Yard doesn't know of their routes and the sheer number of them. Ciel and Sebastian leave the scene.

  an Indian threatening Ciel
 an Indian threatening Ciel

They enter the area where the Indian illegal immigrants are. They bump into someone who tries to get "medical compensation (their clothes and money at hand) because of the accidently bump. Ciel tells Sebastian to take care of the situation. The two individuals in the beginning of the episode appear and ask if anyone has seen a person that looks like a drawing one of them is holding up.  

 Soma to the rescue
 Soma to the rescue

The Prince commands Agni to help the group of immigrants; Agni says that his God-like right hand moves at the will of his master. He tries to attack but Sebastian protects Ciel. After Ciel yells about Indians just savagely hurting any English person for no reason, the Prince commands Agni to side with "chibi." He beats up the immigrants and addresses the Prince as Soma-sama. Soma and Agni leave for their continued search.

 Soma & Agni entering the mansion
 Soma & Agni entering the mansion

 As Sebastian and Ciel go back to the Phantomhive mansion in London, Lau enters unexpectedly. Soma and Agni also enter explaining that in , saving benefactors are usually invited to the other's home. Ciel gets mad and asks who they are. Agni explains that Soma Asman Cadart is a prince, the 26th child of the King in . Bard, Finny and Maylene become enthralled over the prince. Ciel commands Sebastian to keep an eye out on those two.

Soma waking up Ciel
Soma waking up Ciel

            In the morning, Ciel is greeted by Agni and Soma. Soma says that Ciel should guide them around London. Sebastian stops them and says that Ciel has lots of studying and work to do. Ciel starts learning Bach's Chaconne on the violin. Ciel gets interrupted by Soma and Agni praying to a divine statue of Goddess Kali (wife of Shiva) from the Hindu religion. Agni explains that Kali was challenged by a worthless devil and she won. But after winning, she lost control and went on a killing spree. She "woke up" after stepping on her husband with unclean feet. The world regained peace afterwards.

 Sebastian VS. Agni
 Sebastian VS. Agni

Soma tries to get Ciel to leave with him but Ciel says he has a busy schedule. Ciel is fencing with Sebastian and Soma keeps mumbling about Ciel's temper. Ciel gets upset and throws a fencing sword at Soma. Soma wages that if he wins, then Ciel will have to play with him. Sebastian acts as a referee. When it looked like Ciel was moving, Agni pushed a pressure point on Ciel's arm and Ciel stopped his advances. Agni apologizes because he said that his body moved on its own accord. Sebastian laments over this and wants to duel with Agni because they are behind schedule. They duel in such precision that the tops of the swords break. Ciel's thoughts are wondering how a human can be in par with a demon.

 Bard being awfully happy to be called Chef
 Bard being awfully happy to be called Chef

            Bard tries to cook but Sebastian takes over. Agni offers his services and Sebastian asks him to make the sauce for dinner. When Sebastian leaves for a moment Agni asks Bard for help because  he is the Chef and also he asks Finian to smash some potatoes. Maylene almost falls from a high place but Agni catches her. Sebastian re-enters the kitchen and admires that Agni can control everyone with ease.

 Agni in the past
 Agni in the past

            Agni explains that he used to be ruthless before meeting Prince Soma. When he was going to be punished, the Prince stopped the daeth sentence. Agni then says that Soma is seen as his king and God for giving him a new life. Sebastian says that most Gods are useless but Agni doesn't hear him.

Meena & Child Soma 
Meena & Child Soma 

           As Ciel, Soma, and Lau eat dinner, Soma explains that he is looking for a woman named Meena, a person responsible taking care of him since him being born. Soma says that Meena is his maidservant who has been with him since he was aware of his surroundings. He says that he was ignored by his parents but Meena was always there for him. An English noble was interested in Mina and took her away. Ciel says that he is making such a fuss but Soma tells him that he is despaired because of it. Ciel says that he does not want to know how it feels to be despaired and how some despairing things can never be taken back no matter how hard you struggle.

 Ciel Playing card with Lau
 Ciel Playing card with Lau

            In a room, Soma is staring off into space. Ciel enters and throws a deck of cards on the table. Ciel explains that he can keep Soma company since Ciel finished everything for today before bedtime. Ciel says he isn't doing it for Soma's sake but because he is bored. Soma declines saying that he has things to do. Ciel becomes angry as they leave. They return to the mansion while Lau and Ciel play a game. They talk about how the Indian people are suspicious. Someone cloaked leaves the mansion and Sebastian sees the person and says that "they've made their move." 

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Toshiya Shinohara Director
Mari Okada Series Composition
Minako Shiba Character Artist/Designer
Ian Sinclair ADR Director (English) Ian Sinclair is a US voice actor for the FUNimation company.
Yana Toboso Artist Yana Toboso is a female Japanese manga artist best known for her manga Kuroshitsuji
Taku Iwasaki Music Taku Iwasaki is a Japanese composer known for Jazz-sounding scores.


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