His Brother was a Crybaby!

His Brother was a Crybaby! is an anime episode of Beelzebub that was released on 10/22/2011

Demon Invasion Arc

His Brother was a Crybaby - "Ani wa nakimushi deshita" (兄は泣き虫でした)

Following the events surrounding the arrival of Lord En and his three wet nurses from the Demon World, Oga and the others try to adapt back to their normal lives, but now Aoi knows the truth about both Beel and Hilda! When Alaindelon and Furuichi take both Azusa and Kazuya go to the popular Ishiyama Land theme park for a "double date", Alaindelon uses his powers to bring the unsuspecting Oga, Beel, and Aoi along with them. Their relaxing trip to Ishiyama Land takes a wild turn when they come across the surprised Lord En and his servants inside of the park! Can Oga and friends keep the peace while ensuring that Lord En does not start crying? Or will the attractions scare the weary Lord En so much that it causes the park to become a raging inferno?

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Baby U!" by MBLAQ

Hilda, Oga and Aoi walking home together
Hilda, Oga and Aoi walking home together

As Lord En rides in his car with his wet nurses, Izabella asks Lord En if he wants to live with his little brother. Lord En replies no and that he wants to go to try some video games. Furuichi remembers what Lord En said, and suddenly, he recalls about Aoi who has slept in his bed. He thinks about Aoi's body warmth in his bed as he runs up the stairs only to find Alaindelon sleeping in his bed. In the streets, Oga walks with Hilda and Aoi both at his sides, but Oga feels that the tension between them is bad. He asks Hilda and Aoi to say something, yet no one answers so he asks Beelzebub to sing a song to take away the tension. As Beelzebub sings, Hilda thinks about Behemoth. Aoi bids Oga good night as they arrive in front of her house.

The following day, Lord En gets frustrated at the crane game until Satura points to an amusement park. At St. Ishiyama school, Aoi thinks about how Hilda is not Beel's mother and she is relieved until she realizes that she's thinking about Oga. Aoi blushes and tries to stop thinking about Oga. Hanazawa asks Nene if Aoi has confess to Oga. When Oga passes by, Nene grabs Oga and asks him if he made Aoi cry. From the window, Azusa sees Oga and Aoi and tells Kazuya that a double date will help Aoi When Kazuya asks Azusa about who will be the pair to double date Aoi and Oga, Alaindelon appears and reassures them.

In the amusement park, the motified Furuichi finds himself with Alaindeon while Kazuya thinks Furuichi and Alaindelon are in a homosexual relationship and Azusa praise them for their forbidden love. Alaindelon adds that this is a triple date as he tries to split himself. Furuichi grabs Alaindelon's hands which further cements Azusa and Kazuya's belief. As Furuichi points to them that Gohan is over there, Alaindelon releases Oga and Aoi from his body. Later, Izabella tells Lord En that she heard Beelzebub's voice.

Oga and Aoi having a moment
Oga and Aoi having a moment

At the kidde rides, Oga rides on a Gohan machine while Beelzebub sings happily with an ice cream in his hand. Aoi looks intently at Beelzebub who does not seem like a demon baby; Oga lies (at first) about how he is an handsome guy and he picked up Beelzebub. Oga asks Aoi why she does not have any disbelief yet, he explains that he picked up Beel from the river; when Aoi laughes, Oga and Aoi seem to have a moment which Furuichi and the others think about it. Then, Lord En appears and asks Beel to ride on the Gohan ride, but Oga and Beel will not budge. Beel throws ice cream at Lord En's head which causes Lord En to cry. Immediately, the wet nurses try to calm down Lord En who now sits in his throne.

Oga explains to Aoi that when Lord En cries, flames will erupt. Then, Kazuya ask Oga who they are; Furuichi tells Kazuya that Lord En is Beel's older brother. This causes Kazuya to think that Oga had Lord En when he is in elementary school much to everyone's disbelief. Lord En sees a roller coaster and wants to ride them. Everyone except Alaindelon and Aoi rides the roller coaster. When the roller coaster gets to the high point, Lord En begins to get scared and his flames heat the coaster. The maids fail to calm down Lord En, so Alaindelon transports the ride to the end which Kazuya and Azusa not realizing what happen.

Lord En: I wasn't that scared
Lord En: I wasn't that scared

Outside of the roller coaster, Lord En tries to act cool as though the roller coaster did not scare him. When Oga says Lord En is a scary cat, Yolda threatens Oga until Hilda appears to fight Yolda. Lord En sees Gohan and leaves the group. As Izabella stops them, Satura looks behind her only to find a green haired boy instead of Lord En. At the lost children center, Hilda mocks the wet nurses for their irresponsibility. Everyone looks for Lord En; Beel alerts Oga which they see Lord En entering the haunted house. Oga and their group enter the house; Oga tries to scare the workers. Then, Toujou appears and tries to start a fight with Oga. Even though Furuichi tries to stop them, Aoi grabs a shinai and destroys the haunted house to reveal a crying Lord En. Lord En stops crying once he sees the light of day. The wet nurses find Lord En.

At the end of the day, Izabella informs Hilda that Lord En's retainers will hunt them down in order to help Lord En get ahead despite that the wet nurses are on good terms with Hilda's group. When Izabella asks Lord En about another amusement park, Lord En replies that he likes video games better. Oga wonders who are Behemoth's 34 pillar squads.

Closing Theme

"Papepipu♪ Papipepu♪ Papepipupo♪" by Sasaki Nozomi

Points of Interest

  • Aoi Kunieda's move: Shingetsu Sword School. Mountain Shatter, Chrysanthemum Cut.
  • In a short bonus theater, Furuichi asks Alaindelon about Behemoth's 34 pillar squads; Alaindelon only reveals a silhouette. When Alaindelon asks Furuichi if he likes a "peek," Alaindelon has Furuichi "enter" his body. (Innuendos for the adults who understand).

Anime and Manga Differences

  • Even though this episode is a filler, its intro and ending is similar to the manga chapters: 82's last two pages and 83 (pages 1-10 only). See volume 10. The scenes where Furuichi look forward to have Aoi's warmth, Izabella and Lord En warns them about Behemoth, and Oga, Hilda, and Aoi walking to Aoi's house are in the manga.
  • The amusement park and its events in this episode does not exist in the manga.

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Ryuhei Tamura Original Concept Ryuhei Tamura is the author of Beelzebub.
Nobuhiro Takamoto Director
Masahiro Yokotani Series Composition He is one the who does the scripts and series composition.
Masami Abe Key Animator
Haruo Miyakawa Key Animator
Miyuki Nakamura Animation Director


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