Hiruzen Sarutobi respect thread

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 Shinobi no kami
 Shinobi no kami

I decided to read Sarutobi hokage's info and you know I had read it before but not with the interest that I did just now; so i had actually skipped a few things. I didn't know that Sarutobi died undefeated. I mean, say what you want but I believe he won against Orochimaru. 
 He took Orochimaru's jutsu. However, if you believe Oro won, well, still Oro was cheating, yet Sarutobi Hokage gave him a heck of a fight. 

Also Sarutobi was an 69 years old man already and yet if it wasn't for the Hokage's age and the forbidden jutsu Oro would of died. 

 Enma commented on his battle with Orochimaru, saying that it was "miserable" compared to his prime, even though he had clearly been able to hold his own against Orochimaru and two former Hokage without losing his composure.  

Other than mastering all jutsu I also came across the fact that he was called the God of Shinobi. Didn't know that one O_o
 Gotta hand it to the old man he was totally badass :D
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Sarutobi Rocks!!!!!
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