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Yoh is amidamarus main spirit ally who helps Yoh in his quest to become the Shaman King.

Anna Kyouyama

Yoh's loving, though undeniably strict fiancee, Anna Kyouyama is an itako with the ability to summon spirits from the dead and read minds. Her goal is to make Yoh the Shaman King, so she can live happily by his side as the Shaman First Lady.

Chocolove McDonell

Chocolove is an American Shaman from New York City whose goal in the Shaman King tournament is to become the world's greatest comedian.

Hao Asakura

Main Antagonist of Shaman King. He is a powerful shaman who mastered the pentagram and has control over his soul during reincarnation.


Horohoro is an Ainu shaman whose goal to create a vast field of Butterbur to save the Koropokkuro.


A newer Karakuridoji created by Dr. Dunstan, and is Ultimo and Vice's 'little brother'.

Johann Faust VIII

a fictional character of the anime and manga series Shaman King


A former member of the S.K.A.T. Police, who found Vice and became his new master. He is unemployed.

Kodaira Rune

Yamato Agari's best and oldest friend. Due to certain circumstances, he has recently become the newest master of Jealousy.

Makoto Sayama

A cool-headed Senjo Academy student and the object of Agari Yamato's affections.

Manta Oyamada

Manta is the first friend of Yoh Asakura, he can see spirits but lacks shamanic power for much of the anime and all of the manga.

Spirit of Fire

Haos spirit ally a powerful and ancient primordial spirit said to be descended from the Great Spirit itself. Only the highest of level of Shaman can tame it much less use it. Through Haos mastery of the chinese elements he can tranform it into water,wood,earth,metal its medium is oxygen


A Karakuridoji representing ultimate good created by Dr. Dunstan. His masters are two reincarnations of Yamato Agari, in the Edo period and in the modern day.


The main antagonist of the Ultimo manga. He is the karakuridouji of ultimate evil, and is made as the extreme opposite of Ultimo.

Yamato Agari

The reincarnation of the bandit who was Ultimo's previous master. Yamato found Ultimo in a Antique shop. At first he didn't want to get involved with Ultimo but eventually does so to protect his friends from harm.

Yoh Asakura

Yoh is a laid-back teenager who happens to also be a Shaman and the main character of the anime Shaman King. His goal is to become Shaman King so he can live a care-free life, while also granting the wishes of his friends, family, and fiancee Anna.

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