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Shaman King (2001 - 64 Episodes)

The anime follows the manga's goal, to become the next Shaman King. Although the anime ended sooner than the manga, it leaves an ambiguous ending, who'll become Shaman King.

1 - 1
The Boy Who Dances With Ghosts 幽霊と踊る少年 (Yūrei to Odoru Shōnen) 07/04/2001
1 - 2
Waiting Samurai 待つサムライ (Matsu Samurai) 07/11/2001
1 - 3
Another Shaman (Dub: Lenny) もう一人のシャーマン (Mou Hitori no Shāman) 07/18/2001
1 - 4
Hyoi 100% 憑依100 (Hyōi Hyaku) 07/25/2001
1 - 5
A Shaman Who is Mature for Her Age おシャマなシャーマン (Oshama na Shāman) 08/01/2001 24m
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Shaman King Specials (2000 - 3 Episodes)

The Shaman King Specials are omakes that begin before the first tournament event in Tokyo. Some of these omakes are based on holidays and are never dub.

1 - 1
The Documents of the Shaman Fight (Yumi no Katachi)
1 - 2
The Form That Friendship Takes Fight (Yujo no Katachi)
1 - 3
The Shape of Love (Ai no Katachi)
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