Hiroto Nakadai

Hiroto Nakadai is a anime/manga character
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Prince from an alternate dimension that is running from Lord Kumagai, his uncle who wants to be king, by using objects called the Absprung and Himmelskarte.


Hiroto's uncle, Lord Kumagai, pursued his nephew using his Enemy Soldiers in attempt to kill him. Hiroto was chased into a lab where he used two artifacts to escape the clutches of his uncle. The artifacts opened a portal for Hiroto to go through that led him to another dimension. Hiroto escaped but not before establishing that Lord Kumagai made a mistake after killing his parents in order to become king; he didn't kill HIroto. 


Michael Dignan, writer of the Last Hope manga said this about the character: 

"He comes across as a brooding, sullen and quiet young man, yet seems to have an inner fire burning within. In his own land, he was a prince, and should have a certain noble regal bearing about him. Yet some of the kids mistake his sense of nobility with arrogance and resent him for it.

Girls can't help but be intrigued by his air of mystery, but he wants nothing to do with them, or with anyone else, for that matter. In fact, his attention always seems to be somewhere else."    
Kriss S. Sison, artist of the book, came up with earlier designs of Hiroto that made him come off as too dark and gloomy or too drab and commonplace until he finally reached the design and look Hiro has in the book.

Character Development 

Vol. 1 

Posing as a transfer student at Hawaii's Maunaloa Institute Hiroto was known as cold and arrogant, yet the mystery around him made girls like Ikuko and Stacy fall for him. He went to Alvin, the school closet genius, for help so that his malfunctioning dimension-hoping devices (Absprung and Himmelskarte) would be fixed. On the way to getting Alvin's tools, Hiroto faces in a fight against Tom and Drake, the school bullies. During their fight they are interrupted by the arrival of Hiro's uncle and because they are no match for him Alvin activates the devices and takes the group to another dimension where their school is more of a prison than an institute. 
After sneaking inside the school they all split up. Tom and Drake leave to find their dorm rooms, Alvin and Colleen try to get to Alvin's tools and Ikuko stayed back with Hiro. This goes terribly wrong when Colleen and Drake are captured by the guards for not having identifications. Hiro establishes then that after acquiring the device that the guards took and saving their friends they must leave that dimension. 

Vol. 2 

Hiroto and friends fled to the roof of the school, where Colleen caught up. She explained that after Drake helped them escape the cells she was able to run while they took him and used lethal force on him. After Alvin acquired the Himmeslskarte, with the help of Hiroto's pet; Hiccup, he discovered where Drake was being tortured with daggers by their geography teacher Mister Sturch and a guard named Fredericks. Hiroto storms in to rescue Drake, and while they were outnumbered Tom, Drake and him fought the guards. Alvin once again activated the device be able to go to another dimension and after everybody went through, against all of Hiroto's efforts Drake was left behind.
General Information Edit
Name: Hiroto Nakadai
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Last Hope #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Captain Hero
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