Hiroshi Sato

Hiroshi Sato is a anime/manga character in the Avatar franchise
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Hiroshi Sato is an industrialist, creator of the vehicle known as the Satomobile and a supplier of the Equalists.


In his early life, Hiroshi Sato grew up in poverty. Working hard as a shoe shiner, he was diligent but resourceful as he came up with several ideas that would change the world. One day, a customer gave him an investment to get his ideas off the ground as it accumulated to his first, and most successful invention: the Satomobile. With a brand new innovative idea in the world, his success skyrocketed as he became a wealthy philantropist who would continue to invent new technology that would revolutionize the world. He would also settle down and marry his first wife and have his first and only child, Asami Sato. However, things went downhill soon after as Hiroshi's wife is killed by a fire bender gang member of the Agni Kais. Hiroshi would let the hatred sit in his heart until he joined the Equalists, making a vow to get back at the benders for taking the love of his life. As a member of the Equalist, his job is mostly to create and build weapons for the organization to use in order to get back at the bending elite in Republic City.


Mako was created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino as a minor character in the new series The Legend of Korra in the Avatar franchise. His character is reminiscent of early 20th century industrialists who changed the world, such as Henry Ford. Hiroshi Sato makes his first appearance in Episode 4: The Voice In the Night. He is voiced by Daniel Dae Kim.

Character Evolution

Hiroshi is seen by many as a gentle capitalist who enjoys the fruits of his labor but is also known for her generous nature. Most of his time is spent working or coming up with new ideas that would change the world for the better. Those that know him know that the tradegy in his life did change him, but most assume that he got over the pain. In reality, Hiroshi is furious at all benders as he feels that they are all responsible for the death of his wife. Even with his kind demeanor and generosity, he is shown to be a vengeful person who would stop at nothing to help the Equalists in their rise to power.

Major Story Arcs

Rise of the Equalists

When Asami Sato begins to date pro-bender Mako, she reveals that Hiroshi is her father and arranges a meeting between the two. Hiroshi agrees and meets them in his factory, telling Mako the story of his rise to success and that he wishes to replicate the results by doing good by another member of society. He informs Mako that he will pay the entry fee of the Bending Championship that the Fire Ferrets need so long as they wear his company's logo on their uniforms. Mako sees the terms of conditions fair enough as he agrees to it, thanking Hiroshi for his kindness and generosity. As Mako and Asami continue to date and go through the championship, Hiroshi is seen at most of the games with his daughter as he watches over the matches. He was witness to the events that took place when the Equalists sprung a surprise attack during the final match with Amon blowing up the arena, making good on his threats to disrupt the games.

The next day, several people are brought in for questioning, including Hiroshi. During this time, Asami invites Bolin and Mako to move in with her father to his estate as they are being evicted from the arena. Hiroshi was initally furious with this but eventually relented and allowed the brothers to stay. When Korra arrived to meet with the teenagers, she overheard a conversation Hiroshi was having on the phone. He states that he set up his rival, Cabbage Corporation, to take the heat for the Equalist attack as there were weapons in one of their warehouses as he has something much more devastating planned. Korra informs Tenzin and Lin Bei Fong about this, the two of them realizing he had motive and means to invent Equalist technology. when they arrive at his house to question him again, everyone jumps to Hiroshi's defense as he states Korra misheard him. Still, he allows them to search his factories as he arranges for someone to tip them off about his secret factory under his house. There, they find platinum power suits as Hiroshi attacks the group with the Lieutenant. After subduing the benders, he wants them to be shipped to Amon as Mako and Bolin try to rescue them. Asami discovers the factory as Hiroshi violently blames people like Mako for her mother's death, going so far as to state how much he hates it that she began to date him. He goads Asami to join as she attacks her father and several Equalists, allowing the group to escape.

War of Republic City

After the escape, Hiroshi along with Amon and the Lieutenant go into hiding as they get ready for a massive assault on Republic City. The day after Korra is rescued from Tarrlok's captivity, Hiroshi is with Amon as he states he has looked forward to this day for a long time. Amon points out that it will be a day to remember as he promises Hiroshi that when all of it is over, he will be reunited with Asami once more. Hiorshi continues to lead the bombing of the city from the head zeppelin as he watches the city burn from above.

Voiced by
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Daniel Dae Kim
General Information Edit
Name: Hiroshi Sato
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: The Legend of Korra #4
1st anime movie:
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