Hippo and Thomas

Hippo and Thomas is an anime series
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A daily breakfast-time treat for the tinies, and five minutes' peace for busy mothers, this long-running micro-series starred good-natured and fairly

dim hippo Kaba and big-mouthed bird Totto. Characterized as a good-natured but gullible landlord who indulges the foibles of his bragging, deceitful tenant, the pair would often be led into trouble by Totto's schemes, but only Totto would suffer the consequences. The result is a cunning object lesson in tolerance and cooperation for the young viewers, who might be expected to see themselves in the naughty Totto and their parents in the long-suffering Kaba. Voice actors Toru Taihei and Machiko Soga were credited, though there were hardly any actual lines, with much of the story being told through expressions and noises. Although not broadcast in English, the series did make it into some U.S. territories in a Spanish-language version, hence our decision to file it under the title by which it is most likely to have been seen by American viewers, if they have seen it at all.

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General Information Edit
Name Hippo and Thomas
Romaji: Kabatotto
Publisher ?
Start Year 1971
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