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Hinata-sou is a anime/manga location
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Hinata-sou Tenant Book

A book with a profile of all the Hinata-sou residents.


Liddo-Kun is a stuffed animal that Mutsumi Otohime gave to Naru Narusegawa, when they were children. She kept it all these years.

Mecha Flying Drill

Kentaro Sakata owns this thing, which can drill through the ground, and also can fly too.

Mecha Tama-Chan

Kaolla Su invented many of these throughout the Love Hina series. They are mechanical versions of a hot springs turtle and have many special features.

Sword and Flower

Motoko Aoyama and Shinobu Maehara's idol group, with Kentaro Sakata as manager.

The Hina Blade

A sword with an evil spirit inside.


A Watermelon is a round, green fruit that has a sweet, red interior and numerous black seeds. Often seen in manga/anime during summer events such as Watermelon Breaking or Eating Contests.

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