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Wow, this Beelzebub chapter was surprisingly short. It was concise and straight to the point, which wasn’t as good an execution as i would have wanted. But then again the ending of one arc means the start of another one, and wITH the way this chapter wrapped up, i suspect we have only just seen the beginning of demonic interference on earth.


Oga unleashes the full power of his Zebul spell. Takamiya tries to escape. Once hit from Oga takes him out. The man in the cape(whose name i forget) displays surprise at the intricacy of Himekawa’s scheme, who reveals that the intentions of his plans all along were to root out the Solomon Company which he had already figured out was behind everything.

Above them, high up in the sky, Zen displays shock at the power of the crest, admitting that Oga’s victory lay in his ability to defeat Takamiya in that one shot other wise he would have lost the fight, as the crest had disappeared almost as soon as it had appeared.

While musing over the latent power of Oga and Beel, he is accosted by two strangers…


Okay i knew this would be short but i was hopping we would see Takamiya put up more of a fight. There was an attempt to create more of a balanced view of the battle in the explanation given, with what Zen said about Oga basically proving that he was still, at a base level, weaker than Takamiya, and what the caped fellow said about how Oga’s survival had relied on his ability to evade Takamiya’s attacks as one shot would have ended things.

None the less, this was short. But that is what Beelzebub does. It doesn’t linger on events. As expected Himekawa is after the Solomon company. We can safely assume the new arrivals have been deployed by the company. Though it is interesting to consider who the company is and what they want. I thought they existed to promote and support Lucifer, but Takamiya as much as admitted he wasn’t the strongest entity in the school a while back.

I am curious. Clearly they are enemies of Beelzebub the third. Either way, despite a luck luster ending, i am excited to enter the new arc-if this arc is even over. This arc finally introduced to Oga’s ignorant school mates the existence of demons. The saints, once Oga’s enemies, banded around him and accepted him as leader during the battle against the demons, hence earning his crest, the symbol of his loyalty and authorization to use his power.

Things cannot go back to the way they were before. Which means from this moment on we are going to get a whole new Beelzebub series, one shrouded in demonic battles and supernatural wars.

I am pretty sure all this is leading to an all out war for the throne of the underworld. And any one that has seen the current emperor Beelzebub the third knows that that fool cannot win this battle.

RATING:> 3/5, not bad, could have been better

HIGHLIGHTS: When the Himekawa corps threw their jackets back to reveal black shirts with the worlds ‘Check mate” written across in white. I laughed at that.

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So i am doing Beelzebub reviews now. Why, you might ask? Well it’s because i have been catching up with the manga for the last two weeks and in those 60 or so chapters, i have come to realize just how EPIC this manga is. I have been holding onto hope for so long that the anime would return; like bleach fans i will have accept the truth and move on. That aside, this new arc that began around13 or 14 chapters ago is simply blowing my mind. Having only watched the anime, i am only now realizing just how serious the story can get outside of the anime’s more goofy side.

Anyway, chapter 214:


In the last chapter we had learnt a little bit more about Takamiya and his relationship with Lucifer. She had come in a box as a present from his father(strange!), awoken by Tamiya’s touch and gone on to massacre everyone. Takamiya, in an attempt to protect everyone from the lord of demons, had chosen to lock himself up for a considerable length of time (maybe years). Zenjuro, Oga’s master saved him from that loneliness, teaching him to become a spell master to contain Lucifer’s demonic rage.

In this chapter, Oga’s less than impressed with what he sees as nothing more than Takamiya’s self pity and search for sympathy. He denounces Takamiya as a dumb sulking brat who he doesn’t have time to accommodate seeing that he already has a child (baby Beel)of his own to coddle. Takamiya immediately senses a change in the previously defeated Oga, noting a rise in his already peaked demonic power. Running on all cylinders as he terms it, where Takamiya believed him to have been running on fumes for a while now, Oga unleashes a zebul crest so large it covers the entire sky.

The power released from the crest blinds most combatants and leaves Lucifer on the floor jerking. Zenjuro is quick point out that despite its appearance, the unleashed power is neither a crest skill or a black technique, both taught to him by Zenjuro, but an entirely new skill, one of Oga’s own creation, called annihilation energy. The battle commences, with Oga initially seeming to unleash a severe beating against Takamiya, that is until the crest disappears and Oga’s power recedes.

It is here that Himekawa appears, having somehow taken Baby Beel from Oga. He confirms his theory that taking baby Beel from Oga breaks the link between the two, leaving the delinquent without any demonic aura. Himekawa simply states that he cannot afford to let Takamiya, who is still awe struck by the surge in Oga’s demonic power, lose.


So if you haven’t watched or read Beelzebub, here is the basic idea.You have a school, Ishiyama high, overrun by delinquents. Out of them all is Oga, a delinquent of delinquents, widely known for his brutal strength and violent nature when pressed, which is surprising for a freshman. One day as he is walking home with best friend Furuichi (the super pervert) he notices a baby floating down the river. He picks the baby and quickly learns that he has just unknowingly formed a demonic contract with the child.

As it turns out the child is Beelzebub, son of the emperor of demons (a cookie incompetent character to say the least) and Oga has been chosen to take care of the child as his father in the human world, raising him up not only to be strong ruler but to prepare him to take over the world for his father someday.

Oga as the strongest most vile human in the area had drawn baby Beel and his keeper to him. Along with the naked child, who always sits on his back (and hence earning him the name child rearing badass), comes Hilda, his very violent umbrella wielding demonic nanny (and Aoi’s rival, at least on Aoi’s part) and Andadelion (i spelt that wrong) a strange large man in boxers and a vest whose torso can open up to reveal a portal.

With a colorful collection of characters, many of them delinquents intent on ruling Ishiyama high (my favorite being the MK5 (mood killers five), hilarious fellows), Oga mainly has to contend with the crazy adventures that follow his life as a delinquent, first obsessed with finding an opponent stronger and more fearsome than him so that he can pass baby Beel onto them, having to contend with baby Beel’s electrocuting tantrums (he can’t be more than a few feet away from Beel or he dies) and then eventually having to deal with the demonic elements following the child such as beel’s older but more childish brother.

Back to this chapter, this arc has been a joy to read, not merely because it has been action packed but because it has been so consistent without sacrificing the comedy the series is so good at executing. We are talking about 17 or so chapters so far of absolute action packed and highly comedic quality.

We didn’t get to see much of the other battles. Last time we saw them, Aoi and Kanzaki, now Oga’s Ishiyama saint generals (i love this new twist), were contending with two of Takamiya’s court and they were losing, probably because the demonic energy flowing from Oga was waning.

Toujo had revealed his number 4 crest, a surprise for him and everyone else, creating a big mystery. If Toujo is number four, who the hell could number three be? That is the question yet to be answered as, with regards to what we have seen so far, no one that we know of has professed loyalty (knowingly or unknowingly) to Oga.

The battle with Takamiya, which has been quite dynamic and unpredictable so far, took a surprising turn. Oga was not at all sympathetic to Takamiya’s tale of solitude, and chances are he wasn’t listening considering that ‘vague’ comment he made. IN this chapter the battle took a heated twist as Oga achieved a mind blowing power up. This is a shonen manga and so one could say that this sort of stuff is expected from time to time, whenever the hero faces a greater enemy.

But in truth this i did not see this coming, not with what we had seen Takamiya do so far. One has to consider the fact that even as Oga was starting to push him back, Takamiya was yet to unleashany of his spells, at a point where Oga was going all out with his crest skills, and then black techniques. And i must say i loved that massive crest that had my jaw dropping as much as it did those in the story.

The explanation was simple. We have seen Oga use his crest techniques to the max, especially his zebul blasts. This Zenjuro referred to as white energy which he helped Oga perfect. Later on Zen introduced him to the black techniques, basically fusion energy as he called it, which he had made incredible use of in his many building obliterating fights; the most recent had been the battle with jabberwock at the new demon school where he had first introduced his ‘daddy switch’, displaying the fusion in fusion energy as his and baby Beel’s minds and powers seemed to interchange, allowing Oga access to Beel’s full demonic powers, unfiltered by things like contracts.

Here it is seems like Oga smashed both fusion and white energy together to create his annihilation energy, an entirely new technique. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see much of it as Himekawa decided to somehow separate Beel and Oga.

I have to say that i am still torn about Himekawa. In the beginning i was with most fans saying that he was simply playing Takamiya and was actually planning several steps ahead to bring about the downfall of an enemy (i think the delinquents called themselves the something ghosts, i don’t remember) that Ishiyama couldn’t beat. But really, Himekawa didn’t know about demons or the fact that someone was lending out crests to delinquents before he joined Takamiya. He couldn’t have seen the demonic threat involved and that normal humans like Aoi would be fighting demonically charged opponents.

I also disagree with those that are alleging that Himekawa is actually the one with the number three king’s crest. He couldn’t have joined Takamiya’s crew without displaying Takiyama’s own king’s crest. I doubt it is possible that he has two crests at once. No, i do not think Himekawa is playing games like most people. He said it himself a while back, he has never really been a member of the gang like Kanzaki and the rest. I believe he is after power and he has found it in Takamiya. I will not rule out the fact that he is trying to locate the Solomon company, the group kidnapping demons and disseminating king’s crests to juveniles. But this is Himekawa we are talking about; chances are he has betrayed his friends. Though i am curious as to how the painting of baby Beel’s mother falls into the plan.

From what i can see, Oga is in big trouble. Maybe Takamiya won’t kill him. He expressed gladness a few chapters back at the joy of finally getting the opportunity to go all out against an opponent. Beating Oga to a pulp wouldn’t satisfy him when Oga can’t fight back. But then again Lucifer might not care, and i doubt he has full control over her. But Oga will not give up even without baby Beel by his side. Furuichi is still dead and it can’t be more than a few hours to dawn. I doubt Oga will give up on a fight that might save his friend so easily.

It would be awesome if Furuichi revived in time to help Oga stop Takamiya. True the majority of Behemoth was single handedly defeated by Takamiya, but Furuichi hadn’t yet summoned their top two players, Jabberwock or even Behemoth himself. I have hope for Furuichi; despite being a silly comedic element in the cogs of Beelzebub, he has grown on me in the past few chapters, first with the tissue arc and that EPIC chapter 207; i also enjoyed the fairly touching chapter that finally showed to us why someone fairly normal and law abiding would be best friends with a thug like Oga.

MY RATING:> 5/5; This chapter was epic and kept up the fast pace of every other chapter in this arc so far. At 17 pages it was fairly short, yet so much happened. I wonder is Zenjuro will interfere in his pupils’ battle. True it is just a brawl between a bunch of high school delinquents but as Zen told Oga before he went to save Furuichi, Lucifer was the demon lord of demon lords, an entity that was once at war with the emperor in her attempt to remove him from power. Baby Beel, Oga’s contractee is that emperor’s child, which means that in fighting Takamiya, Lucifer’s contractee, Oga is placing himself in a war that had waged millennia ago and would rage once more with Lucifer’s appearance.

I expect this arc to only get better with time. Sure it was stated that Takamiya was at the top of the new hierarchy of delinquents in the school, but as we saw ten chapters ago, there are still three or four other individuals that can still pose a threat to Oga. He might have beaten Nasu and could even beat Takamiya, but that doesn’t mean his war is over. Sure he has no interest in what he sees as their little squabble to determine who will rule Ishiyama high school. But before the school was destroyed the first time, he was at the top, and as Furuichi said, they all believe that whoever puts him and the old guard down (who already lost by the way) will automatically become king in a battle that he isn't even involved.

I love this new dynamic that has been created, pitting Oga against foes he has never faced before. I expect the Solomon company to use the other gang leaders as well, during which we can only expect Oga’s retinue of saints to grow. This is going to be Beelzebub's most epic arc, even more epic than the business with Behemoth and Baby Beel’s brother.

If you haven’t read this manga, you should start. On the surface this story is basically a comedy and it continues along this path for sometime in the beginning, before the action and serious plots sneak in. I can’t believe something this good was cancelled.

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Welcome to the Beelzebub biweekly report! I'm Taka, a member of Team Beelzebub (wiki editors). The last two episodes of Beelzebub were fillers, and episodes 54 and 55 are fillers as well. The anime has been catching up to the manga, so expect some delay when Beelzebub anime gets back into the main storyline. Let's see if these filler episodes are great or trash.

*I apologize for the late reports. My teammates and I are busy at school. In my case, I have working on the wiki pages for Beelzebub, Sket Dance, Sket Dance Wikia, and Rave Master Wikia.


Ep. 54: Black Baby Beel Grows Up - "Burakku Berubō, sodachimashita" (黒ベル坊、育ちました)

Black Baby Beel
Black Baby Beel

Himekawa kidnaps Black Baby Beel because he resembles the black statue that brought his family great wealth. Oga, Zenjuro, and the gang search for Black Beel. Somehow, Black Baby Beel becomes gigantic. Will Oga and the gang stop him?

Ep. 55: I Have Lost My Pompadour. The Great Demon Lord Has Come

First Story: Himekawa comes to school with his hair down due to running out of hair gel. A group of Techmo punks arrive to take down Himekawa whose strength is halved due to having no pompadour. Will Himekawa make it during his bad hair day?

Himekawa the Pimp
Himekawa the Pimp

Second Story: The Great Demon Lord visit Oga's house; while Hilda prepares a welcoming ritual for him, Oga's father spends the day entertaining the demon king. Will Hilda and Oga's father please the Great Demon Lord.


Beware of Spoilers!


What has Zenjuro gotten himself into?
What has Zenjuro gotten himself into?
  • 54: Zenjuro got himself in trouble with losing Black Baby Beel. Somehow, he confuses his co worker, and she accepts his "proposal" of marriage to her.


Pompadour Cannon!
Pompadour Cannon!
  • Himekawa's story is really hilarious. He wows the girls into falling in love with him.
  • When Himekawa got his pompadour back with Kanzaki's help, he has this awesome move that has his stun baton attached to his pompadour. He fires his thunderbolt like a cannon.
  • Hilda's scene: She compliments Furuichi who thinks Hilda likes him. However, she is only complimenting for being a good feed for a demon. Poor Furuichi.


  • In episode 54, Black Baby Beel and Beel's fight is not that entertaining. I expected more action. Instead, the two babies cry, and they do a bit of wrestling.
  • Alaindelon just messes up the mood.


  • Like Kanzaki, Himekawa has a crazy conditional rule about his power. Himekawa's strength is halved when his hair down. Compared to Kanzaki, he gets stronger if someone pulls his chain.
  • Oga's father is pretty lucky even though he wants the Demon Lord to have a better time than him.
  • Interestingly, the Demon Lord is pretty mellow in this episode.
  • Let's not forget Furuichi and Alaindelon's strange scenes. It is the most bizarre thing in Beelzebub.

Overall, these filler episodes are funny. Episode 55 is better than 54 because it had more action and funnier scenes. The worse filler so far is 52 where the Delinquents get attacked by Komainu.

Question: What are your favorite filler episodes and what is the most terrible one in Beelzebub?

Picture of the Week

I created the Pompadour page because I realized it was common in anime with the crazy anime hair and afro page. I dedicated this image to that concept.


Thank you, everyone, for reading my team's report. I thank my teammates for doing a great job in the community.

Wiki Work Progress: Finished Ep. 54 and 55's wiki pages. Please see Team Beelzebub Vitae List.

Teammates: Annabanana, ShadowKnight508, Arrussel, and Sreenivas

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Hot When Their Crazy Pompadours are Down

During wiki editing with my team, I noticed three characters who looked bad ass but not handsome. Later on in the series, their hair goes down, and suddenly, they are quite handsome according to the female characters in their respective franchises.

Beware of Mild spoilers!

Shaman King

Bokuto No Ryu

He has a crazy pompadour that goes through radical changes when someone cuts his pompadour. First, his pompadour has a heart tip, then it splits into a V-shaped, and it finally returns to a normal pompadour.

Ryu's hair is only down in the manga, volume 14.


Tatsuya Himekawa

His pompadour is like Ryu, but it is shorter, gray, and looks like a duck's butt according to Kanzaki. During the Volleyball practice and games, Yuka and Ryoko accidentally unleash his hidden, handsome potential.

Himekawa's hair is down in Beelzebub 32. I don't have the chapters. (Sorry)


Grevil De Blois

Grevil's pompadour reminds me of a blonde unicorn, but Victorique states that it looks like a drill. You can only see his hair down in his flashback and near the end of the Gosick series.

Please see Gosick episode 11.

Akame ga Kill


Bulat has a heart end to his pompadour. Before he joins Night Raid, he had his hair down, and he was really hot.

Please see episode 3.

People Who I Want to See and Future Thread: Afro!

If you want to add someone who has not let their pompadour down, feel free to add. We'll see if they are gorgeous or not.

Afro people

I haven't seen much of them except Bobo-bo, Afro Samurai, and Love Aikawa. I have no idea if it is the same with the Pompadour people. Who knows? If I see a pattern with afros, I'll definitely post a blog about it.


** If you have any hot guys whose pompadours fit these conditions, please feel free to add some. I put it on this post as a commemoration to crazy pompadours on the Crazy Anime Hair concept page.

It was an original forum thread

I'm a noob. I forgot that a forum thread can only posted once and it's stuck there. I wanted to attach it to the characters, but this is what a blog is for.

I want it to connect to more characters if someone wants to add another character who has a crazy pompadour, but after letting his hair down, he looks handsome. It's easier to edit that way. If I ran out of links, I or someone else will make a second blog for it.

I'm so sorry guys and gals.


Added the Afro section when posting this blog.

2-25-12 - I created the Pompadour page because Daniel had some nice silhouette images for Crazy Anime hair and unreal hair colro.

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It's Anime Crossover madness!

BLEACH Ch. 616 Review

But does the right hand know what the left hand is doing?

DEATH PARADE #7 -- Watch & Learn

No one knows what it's like to be the sad man... behind blue eyes.

DRAGON BALL Z -- The Live Action Web Series?

Ever think you'd see "History of Trunks" like this?


The original anime chibi...?

ONE PIECE Ch. 777 Review

Roronoa Zoro is a man with several plans.

Anime Vice RPG Spotlight -- 3/2/15

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