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Also known as Highly-Advanced Materializing Equipment, these are female characters who have the ability to create solid objects out of protons in the form of objects called Elements and summoned creatures called a Child.


In the world of My-Hime, there are 13 young women at Fuuka Academy (16 in the manga) capable of summoning up objects and creatures through the manipulation of protons. Each HiME has an identical birthmark on a different part of their body that designate their status. They can summon up objects called Elements that come with some sort of unique ability, mostly coming in the form of weapons. A Child is a creature that the HiME can summon up to fight on their behalf. While a Child can be a formidable presence in battle, it can also put a HiME at their most vulnerable as the Child's death will result in the loss of the HiME's powers. In the anime, the death of a Child also results in the loss of a HiME's most important person who serve as collateral for a HiME to have their powers.


Note: With exception to Haruka and the Scale Sisters, all information on HiME are based off the anime adaptations of their characters.

Mai Tokiha

Element: A set of four golden rings on each of her limbs that give her the ability to use fire attacks, fly and create a barrier to guard against attack.

Child: Kagutsuchi, a dragon-like creature that can spit large fireballs and is capable of engaging in melee combat. It has a jet mode that allows it to fly at high speeds, as seen when it went into orbit to destroy a Seaars Foundation satellite in a later episode of My-Hime.

Birthmark Location: Right breast.

Most Important Person: Yuuichi Tate

Natsuki Kuga

Element: A pair of pistols with an unlimited supply of ammunition.

Child: Duran, a silver wolf-like creature with cannons on its back that are capable of firing three types of cartridge rounds: Silver (ice blasts), Flash (create a blinding light) and Chrome (explosive rounds). Natsuki can ride on Duran and he can engage in close-range combat as well.

Birthmark Location: Lower left back.

Most Important Person: Shizuru Fujino

Mikoto Minagi

Element: Miroku, a two-handed black sword looking similar to a claymore. The sword can deliver enough destructive force to level a ship and Mikoto is capable of returning it to her possession if separated from her.

Child: Miroku, a giant ogre wielding a large spiked club.

Birthmark Location: Upper right arm.

Most Important Person: Either Mai Tokiha or Reito Kanzaki.

Midori Sugiura

Element: A double-headed axe that can be thrown like a boomerang.

Child: Gakutenou, an armadillo-lion like creature whose legs can turn into wheels that allow it to move at immense speeds. He wields an extendable blade on its head that can cut through stone and can rotate its wheels at fast enough speeds to generate a tornado that can be used to entrap and cut its enemies. Gakutenou also has rocket thrusters on its back used for a Spiral Dash attack where it travels fast enough to engulf himself into energy and physically blast its target, the attack being strong enough to plow through a wall of stone and a ship's metal hull.

Birthmark Location: n/a

Most Important Person: Her professor.

Nao Yuuki

Element: A pair of gauntlets with extendable red nails that she can project red strings from to ensnare her foes with.

Child: Julia, A spider-like creature with a scorpion tail that can fire webbing to ensnare its foes.

Birthmark Location: n/a

Most Important Person: Her mother.

Akane Higurashi

Element: A pair of tonfa clubs that allow her to manipulate wind as such where she can cut up her foes.

Child: Hari, a tiger that can also manipulate wind to the extent where it generates a vacuum to suck in foes and crush them.

Birthmark Location: Left upper back near her shoulder.

Most Important Person: Kazuya Kurauchi

Akira Okuzaki

Element: A double-bladed kunai that she can summon with the word "on."

Child: Gennai, a huge frog that can blind enemies with the spotlights on its back and is capable of launching an attack called the Jigoku Gama ("Hell Toad") where it will fire huge spiked balls from its mouth at its enemies.

Birthmark Location: Upper right back.

Most Important Person: Takumi Tokiha

Yukariko Sanada

Element: A bow and arrow that can fire charged projectiles at her enemies.

Child: St. Vlas, a Child shaped like a Knight's chess piece that is capable of ensnaring its foe into an illusion before crushing them with its large wings in the style of an iron maiden.

Birthmark Location: Left side of her neck below her ear.

Most Important Person: The school art teacher, Ishigami.

Yukino Kikukawa

Element: A set of mirrors that allow her to see different parts of the school.

Child: Diana, a plant-like creature that can release spores that act as cameras to view its surroundings which can be witnessed through Yukino's Element. It can generate cloaking fields and illusions, as well as attack with its tentacles.

Birthmark Location: One of her arms just below her elbow.

Most Important Person: Haruka Suzushiro

Fumi Himeno

Element: A scythe.

Child: Suishouhime, whom took on the form of Fuka Academy's headmaster Mashiro Kazahana.

Birthmark Location: n/a

Most Important Person: Mashiro Kazahana

Shizuru Fujino

Element: A large nagainata that can be used in close-quarters combat, that also comes with a chain attached to the staff that can be used to ensnare foes or crush large objects.

Child: Kiyohime, a hydra-like child whose multiple heads can repeatedly attack using an acidic poison fired from its mouths

Birthmark Location: Assumed to be the right side of her lower stomach.

Most Important Person: Natsuki Kuga

Shiho Munakata

Element: A flute that allows her to distort sound waves and create astral projections of herself.

Child: Yatagarasu, a large crow-like creature that can fire off its feathers as projectile attacks.

Birthmark Location: n/a

Most Important Person: Yuuichi Tate

Alyssa Searrs

Element: None. Because of her status as an artificial HiME, she is incapable of generating an Element.

Child: Artemis, a satellite orbiting the Earth capable of firing lasers potent enough to wipe out a bridge and can fire off missiles against those that attempt to attack it while in orbit.

Birthmark Location: n/a

Most Important Person: Her father.

Haruka Suzushiro

Element: A massive mace.

Child: Koumokuten, a massive marine creature that can fire a massive energy blast from its mouth.

Scale Sisters

Element: Triangular rulers.

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