Hills Have Size

Hills Have Size is an anime series in the Hills Have Size franchise
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Ryo is staying at his cousin house, that's were he sees his cousin's wife pleasuring herself one night. From there he ends up having a affair with her.

Episode 1: Erroneous Night

Ryo is currently living with his cousin's family at their home. His cousin's beautiful wife, Kasumi, is sexually frustrated as her husband is seldom home as he travels for business. Meanwhile Kasumi's younger sister Harumi is infatuated with Ryo but has not found a way to entice him. Ryo is too preoccupied with thoughts of Kasumi and the following night, after hearing a very frustrated Kasumi say she would like to feel Ryo's cock, the two have sex. The following day Ryo approaches Kasumi and the two have anal sex as Kasumi is beginning to ovulate.

Episode 2: Mutual Feelings

Kasumi, Harumi, Ryo and Mio are spending the day at the beach. When dusk arrives Kasumi asks Harumi to take Mio out to eat. Kasumi then informs Ryo that her husband is having an affair (the mistress called and told her this). She states this will be there last time together because she is determined to make her marriage work for Mio's sake. The following day Kasumi informs her husband she knows of the affair, has had one herself but that they need to stop for the sake of Mio. Hishasi refuses to give up his mistress stating that Kasumi is not enough woman for him and that he needs more than just her. Kasumi leaves her family at that point. Harumi confronts Ryo about the affair (Kasumi confessed to her) and Ryo declares his love for Kasumi. Harumi, in love with Ryo, relents and tells him where he can find her sister. Ryo goes to her and despite the age gap declares she is the woman for him. Kasumi throws her wedding ring away (she forgot to leave it at the house) and she and Ryo make love for the first time as a couple.

Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 2
Mutual Feelings
1 - 1
Erroneous Night

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Name Hills Have Size
Name: 人妻かすみさん
Romaji: Hitozuma Kasumi-san
Publisher ?
Start Year 2005
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