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Tagline: It's about a delinquent who finds himself a demon baby and has to raise the child to destroy humanity.

Ryuhei Tamura
Ryuhei Tamura

This guide is for people who haven't tried Beelzebub. If you are a fan of the series, please enjoy this guide as well. It will give you another side of Beelzebub to think about.

Beelzebub is a franchise created by Ryuhei Tamura. Beelzebub was first introduced as a one-shot manga, however, it became highly popular and was soon written as a full fledged franchise. Its serialization began in February 2009 in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Shueisha published the Beelzebub manga into Tankobon volumes in July 2, 2009. Later, an anime version of the popular manga was produced Pierrot + and directed by Nobuhiro Takamoto on the network, Yomiuri TV, and it first aired on January 9, 2011. Also, Crunchyroll started its simulcast of Beelzebub. The anime has ended with a total of 60 episodes; the manga is an ongoing series with a total of 16 volumes.

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The Story

Beelzebub is about a young man named Oga who gets into fights with delinquents at Ishiyama High, the poorest and dumbest school in Japan. One day by the river, Oga finds a strange man (Alaindelon) floating down the river. He splits the man with a karate chop and out comes a green haired baby, Beelzebub (Beel). He finds out from a wet nurse named Hildagarde who informs Oga that he must raise Beel to destroy humanity as proclaimed by the Demon Lord. Now, Oga finds himself stuck Beel until he finds someone worthy enough to raise Beel.

The Characters

Oga Tatsumi
Oga Tatsumi
Oga Tatsumi (voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi) is a punk who does not care for his fellow men. When delinquents try to pick on him, he smashes and pummels them into submission. When he meets Beelzebub, his life changes forever.

Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV AKA Beel (voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro) does not look like a demon baby, but he possesses a deadly voltage shock when he cries. He is the son of the demon king who is sent to destroy humanity with the help of a chosen human.

Hildagarde AKA Hilda (voiced by Shizuka Ito) is the demon wet nurse who is in charge of Beelzebub's care. Despite looking down on Oga, she helps Oga raise the child together to destroy all of humanity. She loves Beelzebub like a true mother.

Furuichi (voiced by Takahiro Mizushima) is Oga's perverted friend who is not your average delinquent.

Aoi Kunieda
Aoi Kunieda

Aoi Kunieda (voiced by Aki Toyosaki) is the head of the Red Tails group and one of TKKH. Despite her reputation as the strongest female, she tends to misunderstand things especially when she is around Oga.


Alaindelon (voiced by Wataru Takagi) is a dimensional transfer demon who helps Hilda and Oga with his powers. He has a strange affection for Furuichi which he displays in a playful manner.

Why Watch?

I recommend this anime for ages 10 and up. Though, there are some fan service such as revealing attires of Lord En's wet nurses and instances of homosexuality if you are bothered by those things.

Beelzebub has a great story and characters who appeared to be selfish, bizarre, and crazy, but the characters will grow on you. Oga and Beel do not get along at first, but as you watch the series, their bond grows. Like most Shonen shows, watch out for potential shipping relationships. For action and battles, it's great but not perfect. I find Beelzebub doing better in the comedic department than battles. Filler-wise, the anime can get filler heavy at the end because it caught up to the manga's storyline. The theme songs are quite good, and some of them you probably won't forget.

Manga or Anime?

Despite the anime's abrupt ending, I say try out the anime first, and when you finish all 60 episodes, you can read the manga and find little things such as censorship and manga exclusive characters. I find when you read the manga after the anime, you can picture hearing the anime characters' voices. It makes reading manga enjoyable.


If you are looking for a light-hearted comedic anime with no drama and some action, Beelzebub is an anime that you should try. There's not much anime out there that involves demons and delinquents.


Thank you guys and gals for reading this guide. Please thank Annabanana, ShadowKnight508, Arrussel, and Sreenivas who are my teammates that worked hard on the wiki pages and promoting the franchise.

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Winter Wrap Up 2012: Beelzebub by ShadowKnight508 and I.

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In this segment of the 2012 Winter Wrap Up, both Takashichea and I break down just how the Beelzebub series performed during it's 60 episode run over a year-long period of time. Enjoy!


I remember Anna was working on this franchise and decided to try it out. It is about Oga, a delinquent, who finds a demon baby named Kaiser de Emperana IV or Beel for short. A wet nurse, Hilda, arrives to tell him that he has to raise the child to destroy humanity one day. Immediately, I got hooked on by the first episode. The series' humor is sometimes random and bizarre, and I love Oga, Beel, and Hilda's relationship and how much it grew. At first, Oga resents the fact that he has raise Beel to destroy humanity, and Beel causes a lot of stress in Oga's life such as electrocuting Oga if he is more than 15 meters, crying easily, and peeing a flood once in a while. In Hilda's case, she is cold and abusive to Oga yet kind and caring to Beel like a mother. Throughout the series, both Hilda and Oga work together to raise Beel together and got close like dysfunctional parents. Speaking of parents, Oga's family believes Oga is the father of Hilda's child (Beel), and they force Oga to be a good husband. Even though Oga finds Hilda hard to please and cruel, he does care for her not in a direct, affectionate manner. One time, he attempts to avenge Hilda who got impaled by Hecados and taken by Jabberwock's dragon by forcing himself to take on the whole demon army. For Hilda, there is a special episode that reveals how she is warming up to Oga and when she believes that Oga is the best parent for Beel. Overall, Beelzebub anime is not known for its battles but for its strong points: humor, characters, and story.

Worst fight
Worst fight

What I don't like about Beelzebub are the censorship, the flashy techniques like Miki's, and how the fan disservice can quickly turn from funny to nasty. Some battles like Oga and Hilda's left me unsatisfied. When Hilda and Aoi fight, I feel their battle is too short. There's another time they fight, but it is for wooing Beel who is in Oga's body. In Oga's case, his rematch with Hidetora Toujou is terrible. Most of the action is seen because the screen is focused on a water strider while laughter from the two maniacs are heard. In this anime, the attacks and some of the characters are envelop in aura during battle. Miki's attacks and aura is a bit too much. One of them look like a Death Ball from Dragon Ball Z. With the fan disservice, Alaindelon's affections for Furuichi is funny at first, but it gets boring and creepy later. Finally, censorship is quite noticeable if you read the manga with the anime. Beelzebub anime does not show guns or drugs with minors. It is tolerant with fan service such exposing some cleavage. Take at look Lord En's group of wet nurses. The violence is toned down because some of punches and kicks are not show to be connected. The most drastic change is when Hilda gets impaled by Hecados.

Oga and Beel
Oga and Beel

For the ending, I find it wishy washy like the Demon Lord. Throughout the series, Oga teaches Beel to be a man. By the river where Oga and Beel first met, Oga shares with Beel some of his croquette and last words. He tells Beel to cry and let it all out. To his surprise, Beel did not shock him when crying. I find this great for Beel's character development. During the credits, Beel comes back since the Demon Lord changed his mind. Beel still needs Oga's help to destroy humanity and become a great ruler. The positive thing about this change is that the series has a chance to be revived for a second season without plot holes. On the other hand, Beel's character development just crumbles.

I recommend Beelzebub for fans who are looking for a light-hearted comedic anime with tough delinquents and no drama. If you compare to other shonen shows, it has a unique story. There's not much anime out there that revolves around raising a child.


Oga: What? Our awesome series was stopped at only 60 episodes? You haven't heard the last of us!
Oga: What? Our awesome series was stopped at only 60 episodes? You haven't heard the last of us!

When I had originally learned about Beelzebub in the fall of 2010 as part of the Winter 2010/2011 Anime Season Preview, I must admit that I had little to no interest in the series, for I was already juggling several series (mainly BLEACH, Gurren Lagann, and One Piece) at the time and I felt that it would be counter-productive to start up another series. Fast forward to the end of June last year, when I found myself in a rut and feeling bored with the series that I was trying to play catch-up with. For the previous few weeks, I had taken notice of both fellow AV users AnnaBanana and Takashichea's hard work in the AV Wiki Database on the Beelzebub franchise, doing a brilliant job with each episode page that they worked tirelessly on. After reading through several of the pages they worked on, I decided to give Beelzebub a 5-episode trial (what I do with any series that I take interest in) to see if it truly warranted my attention. With my premium CrunchyRoll subscription in hand, I settled down at my desk and started my viewing of Beelzebub.

Now, almost eleven months after I had originally decided to give the series a try, I am proud to say that I was not only impressed with this series, but it became almost addictive to watch, mainly due to the wonderful cast of characters and the great humor that the series utilized within each episode. From the great cast of characters that most can connect with to the struggles that the hapless delinquent Oga Tatsumi endures in his pursuit to take back control of his hectic life after Beel enters his life, Beelzebub rarely fails to not impress (apart from some of the filler episodes). For those who are not aware of what Beelzebub is, I shall give you a brief breakdown from the main franchise page:

Beelzebub is the tale of a delinquent named Oga Tatsumi, who finds a man floating down the river. He quite literally splits into half, revealing a baby carried within him (nope, we're not kidding). Oga then discovers that this baby is Baby Beel, youngest son of the Demon King and destined to destroy humanity. Now, Oga must either herald the coming of the Antichrist, or find another unlucky soul to hand him over to. Problem is, that's not so easy. Only someone more powerful and more evil than Oga would be able to handle the baby, and people like that are in short supply.
Now, Oga must find a new parent for Baby Beel, while juggling his opponents, both human and not, and trying to keep himself alive. In the beginning of the story, it was shown that Oga was trying to give the baby to other students at Ishiyama High, and after that the attempt failed. Soon, however, Oga figured that someone could take the baby, he/she would just have to be more evil and stronger than he.

With great animation, lovable characters, wonderful humor, and a interesting story that most likely keep most entertained throughout the entire sixty episode run, Beelzebub managed to rise above and beyond my expectations and never failed to disappoint me. From the random humor to the interesting characters to the fighting segments and all points in-between, Beelzebub delivered the goods. Although I have yet to finish the entire run that the series had (stopped at Ep. 46 due to college, looking forward to restarting it later next week), I am all for recommending this series to everyone who can appreciate a great anime franchise that has the perfect blend of elements that makes this show so enjoyable to watch. The character interactions are great, from Aoi's multiple attempts to win Oga's love and affection to Furuichi's vivid fantasies about being with the cold, stern Hildagarde to the hapless punks and fodder characters that get utterly demolished at the hands of the members of the THHK, their loyal followers, and especially everyone that gets in Oga's way.

If you are looking for a wonderful show that has humor, characters, and a story that will not disappoint, go and give Beelzebub a try. You won't regret it.

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Plot Summary

Aoi narrates how it's been a week since Oga and Beel disappeared. All their friends are heartbroken over the disappearance, Aoi most of all. But the tender, and funny, moment is ruined when Oga makes it back without any trouble.

Oga explains how he just spent some time at the hot springs in the demon world, and then had Allaindellon transfer him back. En and the rest of his men are in a special class in St Ishiyama, having been sent back to finish off the humans. But the Great Demon Lord then decides he's sick of trying to destroy the humans, so he calls it all off and Beel has to go back home.

Beel refuses, and Hilda tries her best to convince him to return. Oga on the other hand is happy to be rid of them all. When Beel runs away they have to go looking for him, and Oga finally finds him at the river bank where they first met. He talks to Beel, and the two share a legitimately touching farewell.

Finally Hilda has Yolda help them all transfer back to the demon world. But the return to the status quo does not last long, as the Great Demon Lord once again decides to destroy humanity, and he sends Beel back during the closing credits.

My Opinion

I was dead set on hateing this episode. After episode fifty-nine I decided there was literally nothing Beelzebub could possibly do to make me like the ending. What I did not expect was a spastic, high energy episode that featured all the wacky, ridiculous, humor I loved from the show. The final arc may have been cut short, but the ludicrousness of how the final episode plays out makes up for that.

I was hooked by the very first scene, that parodied the ending of many another shonen anime. And did it very, very well. Though shippers will hate how Aoi's tearful moment was ruined by everyone else crying too... Okay, I admit it, I enjoyed the obvious spoof on how other anime end. The entire scene was just great. I loved Aoi's line after he shows up.

I might just consider this my favorite Beelzebub episode of all times. Sure it was completely non-canon, but it followed a terrible episode, and made me love the series again. It took the overly serious penultimate episode, and brought everything back to where it should be, over the top spastic comedy. I take back everything I said about this being the worst ending to an anime ever. This was without a doubt the best way to end the series. I would have liked to see it continue, but if it had to end, I'm glad they ended it like this. A satisfying ending to a series that had its ups and downs, but that I will ultimately remember fondly.

If you liked my review, Watch the Episode Here!

Anyone interested in reading the other reviews for this series, check out my blog.

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Plot Summary

Aoi faces off against Agiel, and with Komainu's help she is able to defeat her. The Ishiyama students are surrounded by their former school mates, who are now under the control of En's servant Queztocoatl. En tells them that if they want to win back their friends and their school they will have to face his servants in a series of games that they will have to risk their lives to win.

Oga and Hilda are confronted by Behemoth, who tells them he has retired from being the General of his army, and instead passed the responsibility on to his son, Jaberwock. Jaberwock's dragon, Sodom, captures Hilda, and while Oga tries to attack Jaberwock, he is restrained by Kunieda's grandfather and the principle. Jaberwock and Behemoth leave on Sodom's back, but Oga follows them up.

Oga tries to fight Jaberwock, but he is powerless before the demon general. Oga instead attacks Sodom, freeing Hilda. But Hilda uses her powers to get Oga and Beel away as the dragon swallows her. It's a very touching scene, with some great orchestral accompaniment, and it would have been a great lead in to the rest of the arc.

Unfortunately this happens.

Oga, finding the croquettes Hilda gave him, realizes that if he drinks Beel's milk to break down the boundary between them, then if Beel eats some croquettes, Oga's favorite food, then it should still break down the barrier. This of course is ridiculous, because we're honestly meant to believe that Beel never ate human food before? And that's not even getting into how terrible a way this is to end the series...

Sorry, sorry, this is the plot summary, commentary comes later.

Anyway, now powered up again, Oga defeats Sodom, and crashes him into Ishiyama, where Aoi and the rest are competing in a game of twister. He then uses a powerful attack, leaving behind nothing but a crater.

My Opinion

WHY IS THE ANIME ENDING NOW!?!?!? I understand that there are probably reasons for this, but why end it here!? Hilda sacrificing herself was a great scene, and would have set the mood for the rest of the arc. Instead we get a butt pull of an ending, and the series final boss is some guy we've never met before, who's never been mentioned before, and this is supposed to be a good way to end the series?

I will admit that I enjoyed the reduction of all the dangerous games to just a simple game of twister, and I would comment about the rest of the episode, but here we are with one episode to go, and we get the laziest way for this series to end. If this is how Beelzebub the anime is going to end, then why not end it earlier? There were plenty of places where the series could conclude satisfactorily. Or if you want to bring this arc in, actually finish it! It may not be the greatest arc in the manga, but it was built towards, and the climax from the manga would have been a great place for the anime to end.

Instead we get an anime original ending, and a poorly written one at that. It's almost satirical how bad the end of this episode is.

I would say more, but I'm kind of pissed right now, and not looking forward to the last episode. There's nothing to be done, this ending is going to stick out as one of the worst of any anime. At least we don't have to suffer it as long as we did the Blue Exorcist ending. We get exactly what the manga gave us, minus the last few parts. It feels like this would have been a great arc, but instead someone stole the budget, or the writers, or something, and the anime had to end immediately. For shame.

If you liked my review, Watch the Episode Here!

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Hi everyone! Welcome to my team's anthology blog where I list all the weekly reports for Beelzebub that was written by my fellow teammates and I. The weekly reports are meant to showcase the wiki work we have done and to show off the anime to fans and people who haven't tried Beelzebub.

My Teammates:

For those who are new to Beelzebub, here is a plot summary:

Oga Tatsumi is a violent punk at one of Japan's worst high-schools: Ishiyama High. One day, as he is dunking some weaker punks in a riverbed, he finds a vessel containing a green-haired baby by accident. However, the baby seems somewhat attached to him. Oga later discovers that baby is Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV, or Baby Be'el for short, the son of the Great Demon King who is destined to one day destroy humanity. The Demon Lord, feeling bored, decided to send him to the human world with his wet nurse Hildegarde in hopes that whoever picked him up would be evil enough to raise him into a fearsome demon that will one day destroy humanity.

Not wanting this responsibility on his head, Oga tries to find a person even more evil than himself with whom to ditch the baby. This brings him into constant conflict with other top delinquents at Ishiyama High as he fights them just to make them take Be'el away, but keeps winning. Will he succeed in his quest, or is he doomed to remain the surrogate father of the baby who will destroy the world?

By Annabanana

I divided this into anime and manga.


Arrussel joined our team during Fall of 2011. He covers the manga chapters while Sreenivas and I did the Beelzebub anime reports. Though, he had to stop due to school.

Beelzebub Ch. 131: Oga beat 75 guys including a Pillar and proclaimed that he doesn’t care about their number or name he will not remember any of them. Oga and Hilda argued while he was rescuing her parodying Bleach in the process.
Beelzebub Ch. 132: Oga took out a lot of guys I lost count sorry. Revealed that he wasn’t alone as he and Beel kicked ass. And finally accidently met up with Toujou
Beelzebub ch. 133: Oga runs into Toujou after some confusion Toujou helps Oga and then Toujou shows us why he is badass. We also get some character growth from Oga he actually feels bad for destroying large parts of the school after he learns that Toujou worked so hard biulding it.
Beelzebub ch. 134: Aoi showed up and saved Oga’s ass because the women only squad have discovered Oga has a soft spot for pretty girls. The fighting ensues and Aoi shows off a flash step like black tech before getting stopped in her tracks by a Pillar Head. But Agiel switches sides in the nick of time and saves her.
Beelzebub ch. 135: Oga and the whole gang with Agiel face off Behemoth's men.
(This is not Arrussel's synopsis since he does last chapter's summaries in his reports)


I covered the Beelzebub anime; occasionally, Sreenivas cover some episodes. When college in session, it is difficult to post reports in time. I started the reports in October of 2011 and ended in March 2012. We covered episodes 32 to 60 which is divided into two arcs: Six Knights' Volleyball Tournament and Demon Invasion Arc.

All of these synopsis are written by Anna, ShadowKnight508, Sreenivas, and I.

Six Knights' Volleyball Tournament

Ep. 32:

Oga and his gang of delinquents have to settle their dispute with the Six Holy Knights in a game of volleyball in the school festival in a month from now. If team Ishiyama fails to defeat the Holy Knights, they will expel from the school. If they win, the Holy Knights will lose their powers.However, a new transfer student appears. It's Hilda! When Aoi and the girls only find Oga and Furuichi for practice, Hilda decides to motivate the rest of boys. What does she have in store for them? After the boys are practicing hard on the following day, Hilda and Aoi have a little match to decide who will be the captain of the team.

Will Aoi prove herself against Hilda and become captain, who was presumed to be Oga's wife? Will Himekawa's pompadour stay down? When will Oga and Miki's past be revealed?

Ep. 33:
After partaking in intense training, the former friend and current member of the Six Holy Knights Miki finally gets his rematch against Oga one on one after Oga tires of training for the upcoming volleyball match and stumbles across the dojo in which Miki is training. Things are heating up as Oga finally comes face to face with the impressive powers and techniques that Miki has been recently perfecting in his continuing attempts to become more powerful than Oga could ever humanly be. The past days of these two men's lives shall be revealed!

Ep. 34:

As the month goes by, St. Ishiyama hosts its school festival, and Azusa gets the strange idea to dress as a maid and run a maid cafe with her friends. Meanwhile, Aoi and the girls are looking for the boys so they can practice, but none of them appear. Back at the cafe, Furuichi convinces Azusa and her friends to take his ideas to improve the cafe since the 6 Holy Knights are running a coffee shop that has a lot of customers. Outside, a bunch of punks from Teimo Tech appear to ruin everyone's fun.

Will Furuichi's ideas make the cafe run smoothly and what will happen between Teimo Tech punks and the Ishiyama delinquents?

Ep. 35:
It has come down to this! The anticipated volleyball match between the Ishiyama High students and the Six Holy Knights has begun! With their status as students and imminent expulsion hanging in the balance, Oga and friends know that they must win this match at all costs. However, the Six Holy Knights will not go down without putting up one hell of a match first.
Can the team from Ishiyama High pull off the upset? Or will they be crushed by their rivals and be expelled? And just who is the mysterious person from Oga's shrouded past that arrives at the festival?
Ep. 36:
In the aftermath of the volleyball match between the Six Holy Knights and the Ishiyama High students, a mysterious person from Oga's shrouded past reappears to finally confront the man who humiliated him years ago! With the chance of expulsion due to fighting still in effect for the Ishiyama High students, Oga must deal with this potentially dangerous situation carefully or face expulsion! To make these difficult matters even more complicated, more punks from Teimo Tech show up to crash the party!
Can Oga take care of this situation properly, or risk it all and face the consequences of his actions?

Demon Invasion Arc

I split the arc into two parts by ending theme songs: Baby U! and Shojo Traveler.

Baby U!

Ep. 37 - 48. I had a double report for 48.

Ep. 37:
After the volleyball and the Kiriya event, Oga finds himself and Beelzebub adored by many fans. While Aoi gets asked by her friends about her feelings for Oga, Oga and Toujou pay a visit to Kaname. Suddenly, a new character appears and beats them quick and easy. He is Zenjuro Saotome, the new teacher on the block.
Who is Zenjuro Saotome and why is he here? What is wrong with Aoi, and how does Kaname know about Oga's demon powers?
Ep. 38:
After an exciting and short battle between Hilda and Zenjuro, Oga find himself interrogated by Aoi who wants to know Beelzebub's identity. Yet, Aoi's questions remain unanswered when Yolda appears and knocks Oga's friends out. Before she can have her way with Oga, Hilda jumps in to stop her. More wet nurses appear as they arrive with their green haired master, Lord En. Lord En is Beelzebub's older brother.
Ep. 39:
After Lord En has left with his servants, Oga faces an awkward situation when he and Hilda walked Aoi to her house. Yet, Oga does not get a break at school when Aoi's friends suspect he made Aoi do something shameful at his house. Azusa decides to take Oga and Aoi to a double date to help Aoi get comfortable with Oga; however, Alaindelon helps Azusa by doing a triple date at the amusement park. What joy! In the park, Oga and the gang meet Lord En again.
What will happen between Lord En and Beel's human sidekicks and will Oga and Aoi get a break?
Ep. 40:
While Lord En and his wet nurses spend their time at the arcades, Aoi tries to figure out about demons; Oga and Hilda spend some quality family time with Oga's mother. Toujou and Shizuka remember the old days together. When Oga and Hilda have to get some cooking ingredients, they bump into Aoi and then a new enemy appears and grabs Aoi. His name is Hecados (Hecatos), and he will carry out his order to wipe out Oga and Beel.
Will Oga and Hilda rescue Aoi and what are Toujou and Shizuka doing together?
Ep. 41:
Last week's episode was great because Hilda and Oga fight together for the first time. Now, the story continues off where Oga and Beel takes revenge on Hecadoth who impaled Hilda.With Hilda down, Oga and Beel take on Hecadoth for some payback. At the same time, Kaname and Toujou's fight is interrupted by two, new demons, Graphel and Naga. Two brutal fights take place between the humans (one demon baby) and Behemoth's demon generals.
Can Oga and Beel defeat Hecadoth and can Toujou and Kaname take down their opponents?
Ep. 42:

As Lamia takes care of Oga and strangles him for neglecting to save Hilda, Forkas point out that Aoi did an excellent job on treating Hilda. After Zenjuro leaves and tells Oga to stop on by in class for some training, Oga finds Beelzebub waiting by Hilda's side. Suddenly, Hilda wakes up much to Oga and Beel's surprise. Once Hilda says her first apology to Oga and rests, Oga takes Aoi to her house; he tells her that he is angry at himself for not being strong enough to save everyone.

Will Oga's training make him strong? When will Hilda get back on her feet and when are the demons coming back?

Ep. 43:
While Oga, Beel, and the Shadow Group are going with Aoi, Ittousai, and Kota to the training grounds, Lamia and Furuichi are searching for Lord En. In their quest, Furuichi finds his Ishiyama classmates at the arcade and rounds them up. He asks them to help him to search for Lord En by informing them the attack on Oga and Aoi and insults on their school's name.
Will Furuichi convince his fellow delinquents to search for Lord En and will Oga get to the serious training?
Ep. 44 and 45:
Oga finally begins his rigorous training under the guidance of Ittousai to become stronger however he soon realizes that its lot harder than it seems. In the meantime, Furuichi and Lamia join forces with the Ishiyama gang in their search for En. With his pride and determination, will Oga complete his training and become strong enough to fight the demons that threaten both his and Beel's life? And will Furuichi and Lamia find En and persuade him to call off his army from pursuing Beel and Oga before its too late?

While Oga and Beel have some quality time with Zenjuro, Furuichi, Lamia, and the rest of the delinquents hunt for Lord En by searching through the video game world. Their search conveniently ends when Chiaki finds Lord En in a fighting game. Determined to find Lord En's location, Furuichi's group accepts a challenge from the young demon lord. The game is based on war games similar to Call of Duty. Will Furuichi and his team defeat Lord En in his game or will they burn in a sea of fire?
Ep. 46 and 47:
Oga and Beel finally start their training, but their training is not what they expect. At the same time, Furuichi, Lamia, and their group face off Lord En with some difficulties. Will Oga and Beel get strong in time and will Furuichi's group claim victory in their game?

Furuichi and Lamia find Lord En's hideout in the most unlikely place; when they get cornered by Yolda, Hilda comes to their aid and owns the wet nurses. Behemoth's men appear, and Oga, Toujou, and the rest of delinquents are in a showdown. Will Oga and his group be victorious against Behemoth's men?

Shojo Traveler

Ep. 48 - 60: Sreenivas covered episodes 56, 57, and 59 while I covered the rest.

Column HeadColumn Head
Ep. 48 and 49:
Oga and Beel finally arrive to the big fight with Hecadoth, Naga, and Graphel to settle the score. Oga has an unusual arsenal with him that demonstrates the bond between father and adopted son. Will Oga and Beel defeat Behemoth's men?
It's a long title for Beelzebub episodes. Today's special is about Oga and his gang who journeys to Tenjiku to retrieve some Sutras. However, they get side tracked and end up at the Ox King's place. This episode is based on the Wu Cheng'en Journey to the West story.
Ep. 50:
After an exciting battle between Oga and Behemoth's men ends with a victory and Furuichi's reputation shattered, Oga and the gang have another bizarre day. The aftereffects of Super Milk Time has caused Oga and Beel to switch bodies, will Beel (Oga) get his body back with his reputation intact?
Ep. 51:
While Oga and Beel perfect Super Milk Time, Nene and the Red Tails girl try to get Aoi back in their gang. However, a rival gang and a perverted Komainu named Koma makes their plan run off course. Will Nene and the gang get Aoi back and how will Oga perfect Super Milk Time?
Ep. 52:
It's a snow day for Oga and the Ishiyama delinquents. When they arrive to school and find out no one else is there, strange things happen such as delinquents getting beat up. Kazuya suspects the person is following the song where the Holy Knights beat up the delinquents. Who is the true culprit?
Ep. 53:
1st Story: When Hilda gets a request from the demon king about filming Beel's first conquest, she, Oga, and the others follow Beel on his quest.
2nd Story: Even though Furuichi's home has been destroyed, Furuichi's life brightens a bit when he meets a girl who he believes likes him. Will Furuichi get a girlfriend?
Ep. 54 and 55:
Himekawa kidnaps Black Baby Beel because he resembles the black statue that brought his family great wealth. Oga, Zenjuro, and the gang search for Black Beel. Somehow, Black Baby Beel becomes gigantic. Will Oga and the gang stop him?
55 has two stories:
  1. First Story: Himekawa comes to school with his hair down due to running out of hair gel. A group of Techmo punks arrive to take down Himekawa whose strength is halved due to having no pompadour. Will Himekawa make it during his bad hair day?
  2. Second Story: The Great Demon Lord visit Oga's house; while Hilda prepares a welcoming ritual for him, Oga's father spends the day entertaining the demon king. Will Hilda and Oga's father please the Great Demon Lord.
Ep. 56:
Furuichi and Lamia finds a letter that addresses to Hilda, and he gets the gang to throw Hilda a surprise birthday party. However, Hilda thinks everyone planning a plot to take over the demon world when Oga and the gang avoid her. Will Furuichi's plan come to fruition?
Himekawa and the gang think up new names to replace the TKKH. They get up wound up in silly things like costumes in order to look cool.
Ep. 57:

Komainu cooks Manju because he thinks that he and Aoi can switch bodies due to how Beelzebub's milk affects Oga. He plans to achieve his perverted fantasies by getting Aoi to eat.

In the second story, Hilda wins a ticket to an Onsen with Oga's family. She bonds with Oga and Beel over there while Furuichi thinks he sees Hilda naked.

Ep. 58:
Oga and Hilda are caught near a battle between Behemoth and Zenjuro, Ittousai, and the principal of St. Ishiyama. At the same time, Furuichi, Kanzaki, Himekawa, Nene, and the Red Tails girls (except Kaoru) stumble upon Akumano Academy. Lord En's men ambush the delinquents. Aoi shows up in the nick of time to fend off their attacks. Her battle with Agiel begins.
Ep. 59:
Oga fights Jabberwock to free Hilda while Aoi and the gang are playing a game with Lord En after Aoi had defeated Agiel.
Ep. 60:

It's the final episode in the Beelzebub series. After Aoi and the rest of the Ishiyama delinquents shed tears over the loss of Oga and Beel, Alaindelon shocks them by bringing back Oga and Beel. Things do not go smoothly when Hilda states that the Great Demon Lord is not going to destroy the humans. This means Beel's goal is no more and that he and his gang will go home.

Will Oga, Beel, and the gang part ways forever?

BurningLizard's Blogs

He is a Beelzebub fan who covers Beelzebub on his very own blog, BurningLizardStudios. He brings them to Anime Vice. Here are his links:

  • Beelzebub 1
  • Beelzebub 59
  • Beelzebub 60

Other Blogs

Thank you for reading my team's reports.

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Don't cry Beel, it's not the end for your show. Just new beginnings!
Don't cry Beel, it's not the end for your show. Just new beginnings!

Welcome to the last weekly Beelzebub report! It has been a honor serving this community with my teammates on working on the Beelzebub wiki project and promoting the love. Despite the recent news that Beelzebub is going to end, I'm hoping for a second season. They can't end it when the real action between Behemoth's 34 division and Oga's gang. The ending was not satisfying for me. I'll tell you why in this report.


Ep. 60: I Won't Say Goodbye - "Sayonara wa iimasen" (さよならは言いません)

It's the final episode in the Beelzebub series. After Aoi and the rest of the Ishiyama delinquents shed tears over the loss of Oga and Beel, Alaindelon shocks them by bringing back Oga and Beel. Things do not go smoothly when Hilda states that the Great Demon Lord is not going to destroy the humans. This means Beel's goal is no more and that he and his gang will go home. Everyone is freaking out.

Will Oga, Beel, and the gang part ways forever? Find out by watching Beelzebub's final episode!


Beware of spoilers!


Aoi draws Agiel's measurements
Aoi draws Agiel's measurements
  • At the beginning of the episode, we are treated with a row of crying delinquents. I have never seen that before. It's quite interesting. What's more interesting and funny is that Oga and Beel pop out in front of them at the river. Aoi and Himekawa's response is hilarious. You got to love them.
  • Beel and Hilda scenes: After the idea of raising Beel to destroy humanity is not in the Demon Lord's favor, Beel freaks out because he has to go home. Beel gives Hilda a hard time. I never seen Beel kick and throw the book at Hilda or the fact that Hilda is trying to be all cutesy again.
  • Aoi and Koma scenes: I don't know how Koma manage to get Aoi to almost say or do perverted thing. When Aoi draws X, Y, and Z, I couldn't stop laughing.


Toujou: What the hell, I get no attention or action?!
Toujou: What the hell, I get no attention or action?!
  • Toujou finally appears in a long time only to sell food and find no one to fight. It's not good for the Toujou fans.
  • The ending of the series was not that bad. Beel finally become a man when he didn't shock Oga. I almost believe Beel doesn't need Oga to be his parent and to be a man. During the credits, Beel and Hilda came back due to the Demon Lord's wishy washy self. What was the point of going home and the serious goodbyes?
  • On the bright side, this will prevent plot holes when Beelzebub animes series gets revived.


Big bro, I understand your love for Alaindelon knows no bounds
Big bro, I understand your love for Alaindelon knows no bounds
  • Did Furuichi got his first kiss from Alaindelon? I kept replaying the scene, and I think Alaindelon just gave him a peck on the cheek. Just ignore me on this statement.
  • Speaking of Toujou's appearance, the only characters that didn't appear are the Holy Knights.
  • I feel bad for Honoka. Does she really think her brother is truly gay? Do you guys think that too?

Overall, this episode is great. The humor is still beating, but there is not much action since everyone is going home.

Discussion and Future Blogs

I was thinking of ways to make this report special. I didn't find any good scenes for a GIF or a stitched cap. Instead, I'll ask you guys some questions.

  • What is your impression on Beelzebub? What were the best and worse moments in Beelzebub?

Feel free to comment on anything. Tell me my captions are bad or funny. I need to improve the weekly reports. This weekly reports are for the whole community and the outside world.


I'm going to do four this month.

Leaving our signatures in the community
Leaving our signatures in the community
  1. Introducing Team Beelzebub- Ever since I did the Beelzebub wiki project in Daniel Newton's format, I felt it has no personality or passion. This blog will tell you about the individuals who worked hard on Beelzebub. You'll read about their testimonies on Beelzebub.
  2. Beelzebub Recognition - It's type of blog based on the ideas of giving shout outs to all the wiki editors worked on the project. I got to give credit. It's one of the most time consuming blogs, but it's worth it.
  3. Beelzebub Anthology - It's similar to Sora_thekey's blogs where you have a list of all the past weekly reports.
  4. Beginner Guide to Beelzebub - I'm going to do my third Beginner Guide. Hopefully, I finish this week, but I'm bad with promises to finish Beginner Guides in time.


Good job, team!
Good job, team!

Thank you everyone for reading my team's weekly reports, and I thank my teammates for supporting the community with all their hard work and passion. This is one of the biggest team of wiki editors in the Anime Vice community. I feel blessed to work with these awesome people.

My teammates are Annabanana, ShadowKnight508, Sreenivas, and Arrussel.

Please see our wiki project, wiki vitae, and support the anime series and the Anime Vice community.

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Team Beelzebub and W.I.K.I. Nation

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He can fight?!!
He can fight?!!

Bringing back the original Ishiyama school into play was definitely a welcome turn of events in the previous episode. While the academy they’ve been housed in for half the shows run at this point has had its fun, it’s definitely overstayed its welcome when you get down to it. There were some fun elements brought in at times but largely it’s kind of felt empty for a bit, especially with how it seemingly dealt rather quickly with the 5 Holy Knights subplot. Of course, with the new school having finished being constructed, the gang arrives to check it out only to discover that it’s been designed to house the 34th Pillars Division as an effort to educate them and Lord En on humanity before they wipe out said humanity.

Bringing Behemoth’s group into play in the last episode and setting them up here certainly had its fun as we got see them deal with one of the teachers, nearly putting him to tears with how they handle themselves. With this episode, it’s time to let them run a bit wild in the elegant hallways that are now the mainstays of this formerly rundown and old school. For the kids, they intend to take their school back no matter the cost, which makes a lot of sense with what we’ve seen of them before. Though the school was a dump, they had their own sense of pride and ownership about it that was fun to see. Now that it’s back and others are occupying it, they’ll be the ones to take it back. And with it being a bit of a match set by those several leagues above them in power with Behemoth staking out a claim, it plays things big in a pretty fun way.

The fighting doesn’t get to be a big part of events here for a lot of it, but there is some strong grandstanding going on, especially with Lord En as he tries to show that he’s taking over the student body. Where the real fun for me was with it is with Behemoth and the massive dragon that he brings into play with his group, first taking down Hilda and seemingly Oga and then from there as Oga fights back. Oga’s been pretty marginalized for awhile now so getting him to drink the milk here with Beel and really have a chance to step up and fight is great to see. The fight itself is fun, but I really found myself appreciating the quiet moment that Oga and Hilda have in the midst of it all as it was pretty unexpected and says a lot about both of them when you get down to it.

Good And Bad


  • some of the things that came up during there are well utilized as the old school re-opens and there’s some twists to be had with it all, especially with what Behemoth brings to the table and the plans that are being put into effect.
  • The secondary story with Lord En and Aoi is cute and fun, but the real winner here continues to be that of Oga, Beel and Hilda as what they go through is spot on throughout.


  • Beelzebub has had a lot of fun standalone episodes recently between the main arcs and while some fans disliked those filler bits, they left me smiling a lot. The main arcs at the new academy they’ve been at for awhile now haven’t really thrilled me but I’ve liked the characters.
  • The ending will never please you because it shows that Oga and baby beel die together.

Note: I am not sure if Episode 60 is the last of episodes of Beelzebub.The preview might show up some information about the series ending.

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