Hildagarde is a anime/manga character in the Beelzebub franchise
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Hilda , full name Hildegard , wet nurse from the Demon world who helps Oga raise Beelzebub.


Hildegarde (or Hilda for short), is a demon maid. She came to the human world, along with her assistant Alaindelon, by order of the Great Demon King to find a human parent and help him or her raise his son, Beelzebub (Beel), to become a great demon and a “good” destroyer of humans. After Beel became strongly attached to Oga, she has, since then, observed their progress and aided the teen in taking care of the demon baby.


Hilda's Anime Design.
Hilda's Anime Design.

Hilda was created by Ryuhei Tamura and her name comes from the Old High German name "Hildegard" meaning Hild (war or battle) and Gard (protection) and means "protecting battle-maid." She first appears in Beelzebub volume 1 and episode 1. Her Japanese voice actress is Shizuka Ito.

Character Evolution


Hilda in a swimsuit (in Furuichi's fantasy)
Hilda in a swimsuit (in Furuichi's fantasy)

Hilda, characterized as an attractive blonde with green eyes and an endowed bust, mostly wears clothing that resemble Lolita fashion, but she does occasionally wear different outfits such as a silk nightgown, and a school uniform which according to her is "too tight".


Hilda is ready to kill.
Hilda is ready to kill.

Hilda commonly displays a cold and impassive demeanor which she rarely breaks. She is also shown to be as bloodthirsty and violent as Oga, earning her the nickname "Oga's wife" in Ishiyama High. In her fights, she displays great confidence in her demon powers and skill, and usually remains calm in any situation.

Hilda's genuine smile.
Hilda's genuine smile.

Nonetheless, she still has a protective and affectionate side when it comes to Baby Beel, always acting the role of the mother and performing tasks of a mother such as cooking and cleaning. But when it comes to Oga, she often bickers with him and usually mocks him, making remarks regarding his intelligence and parenting skills. However, despite her previous disapproval of Oga as Beel's parent, she's become more warm and accepting of him after he defeated Toujo, even thanking him once. In the latest chapter, Isabella noted that her personality has changed, most probably because of a human (which is most likely Oga).

Major Story Arcs

Touhoushinki Arc

She arrived to human world for her Master Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV. She troubles Oga, but slowly gets attached towards him and the human world. Throughout the days that Oga has to take care of Beel and search for the most ruthless and strong parent, Hilda provides helpful advice such as using the ocean to for Beel to pee in and that Oga must stay within 15 meters of Beel. When Beel got sick one time, Hilda slaps Oga for being a jerk and kicks him out of the house. She leaves Beel to head to the demon world to call Forkas and Lamia. As she gets back home, she learns that Oga has lost Beel to Toujou. During the fight between Oga and Toujou, Hilda notices that Oga and Beel have bonded deeply by how Oga wake up Beel and summons so much demon energy from him.

Demon Invasion Arc

While Hilda recovered from her almost fatal injuries inflicted by Hecados, she commanded Lamia to search for Lord En to stop his military forces from targeting Beel and Oga. Upon finding his location, Yolda uses her dimensional powers to prevent Furuichi and Lamia from escaping and revealing Master En's location, but Hilda manages to use Alaindelon's powers to transfer herself to where they were through Lamia's cellphone. Yolda immediately comments her distaste for Hilda because of their similar looks but as she was about to attack her rival, Hilda easily cuts her weapon into pieces. Soon after Satura and Isabella appear behind her, threatening her to sheath her sword and stating that her aggression is not tolerable. Hilda merely smirks and states that she just came to talk to Lord En. She then attacks the two maids with her quick sword moves and defeats Yolda with her demon powers.

After taking out three maids in a blink of an eye, Hecatos and Nahga show up and make their first move to eliminate Yolda, Satura and Isabella because they claim that the three maids were being a negative influence on Lord En. However, Hilda interferes and a fight between the two ensue. Hilda makes the first move by forming a powerful orb of demonic energy and blasting Hecatos through several stories up to the roof.

Powers & Abilities

Demon PowersHilda can easily draw out her demonic powers similarly to Oga, but considering that the latter has yet to learn how to use or control it, its safe to assume that she is currently stronger than him. Recently, its been shown that she may be one of the most powerful wet nurses after she defeated Isabella, Satura and Yolda with ease. But its uncertain as to how powerful she can actually be considering that after losing to Hecados (because according to Hilda she had lost her powers back then), she was able to face off against him on equal footing in their second battle.
Sword UmbrellaHer main weapon, Hilda rarely uses her sword, which is sheathed in her umbrella, in battle unless she faces a worthy opponent.
Fighting SkillHilda is an exceptional fighter and she dispatches enemies in a similar manner as Oga, hence her nickname "Oga's bride" in Ishiyama.

Anime and Differences


  • Only in the manga, Hilda is groped by Zenjuro who feels her breasts.
  • In Hecados's fight, Hilda is impaled by his spear, and it is a fully revealed body shot. Unlike the manga, the anime has Hilda impaled in front of the moon which shows her silhouette getting impaled.

Story Altercation

manga only scene
manga only scene

After Hilda defeats Yolda: Hecados appears in the room to execute Yolda. Hilda stops him and blasts him with her demon power. Compared to the anime, Hecados did not appear in the room. Instead, other demon soldiers appear, and Hilda blasts a tan, muscular man through the roof. Hecados tries to attack her, but Aoi defends her from his attack.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Shizuka Itō
General Information Edit
Name: Hildagarde
Name: ヒルデガルダ
Romanji: Hildegarde
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Beelzebub #1
1st anime episode: Beelzebub #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Hilda
Oga's Bride
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