Ryan Seacrest <3s Utada Hikaru

Topic started by gia on May 22, 2009. Last post by NovidAnon 5 years, 10 months ago.
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So, I was on my way to the NJAHS event last night, and I overheard on the radio something about Hikaru Utada-- or just Utada, as she's generally referred to by the mainstream media here. Not only that, but they were talking about some kind of Hikaru Utada content online on Ryan Seacrest's website.

It took some digging, but I eventually found the video under the “Green Room” tab, which is of Utada performing exclusively for Ryan Seacrest, who actually got on his knees in front of her at first, for reasons I'm really not at all sure about. Anyway, it's not a new video (I think it's from March), but I never spotted it before, so I thought some of you had probably missed it too.

It's a great performance, although there's some annoying footage from other events interspersed over it to deal with. Enjoy!
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It seems Mr. Seacrest isn't quite familiar with how to properly greet someone in Japanese or so it may seem.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed this video. ^^
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@Schwindelmagier: That's kinda the sense I had too. Maybe he doesn't really get the word "bow." ;)
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This explains everything, the semi blandish, overly Japanese style hosting of Idol, that and the fact he was fucking scared of a white female that looks good (see the kiss heard all over the world but Seacrest's ****.). Nothing against Utada however. Just that they needed a new host a long damn time ago.
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