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Hikaru Ohno is a anime/manga character
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Hikaru Ohno is the lead female of the ero manga series Domin-8 Me (Take On Me). She's a tall and perpetually calm woman. She starts an affair with her fellow classmate, Tsuda, that blossoms into a romance.


Hikaru Ohno is an enigmatic young woman who hides a secret sexual side. She has one older sister Kei, and she's had a childhood rivalry with her neighbor Ryoko Enatsu since they were kids. Ryoko was always challenging her, and Hikaru never liked backing down.

One day in school, Tomonori Tsuda, a short boy she already had a crush on accidentally got a scandalous picture up her skirt. She had planned to come onto him eventually, and agreed to have sex with him when he revealed the photo he had. The pair had wild sex across the school where they could, but after a month of frequent sex his conscience for the better of him. She then admitted to him that he never really forced her into anything and was going to make a move on him anyways.


Take On Me Vol. 1 JPN (Jul 2004)
Take On Me Vol. 1 JPN (Jul 2004)

Hikaru Ohno is a main character of the manga series Take On Me (known as Domin-8 Me in U.S.) that was created by Sessyu Takemura. It originally began publication by Core Magazine's Megastore Comics in 2004.

Her first appearance was in Take On Me Volume 1 CH. 1 "Knockin' On Heavens Door".

Character Evolution

" I want to do it...with you. I want to do it...because of you. I don't care about being kissed from above. I don't care about being fucked from behind. Kissing or Fucking. Doggy style, missionary, sixty-nine, or when I blow you,...even masturbating. I want to fuck 'you'. "

Hikaru Ohno "Take On Me" Vol. 1 Ch. 2

Hikaru is a high school girl who is 6'1" tall. Her personality seems cool and enigmatic. She has a curvacious body, she wears glasses, and has dark hair that she bleaches at the top. Her personality makes her very hard to read and this makes her even harder to approach for most. Her kuudere demeanor does hide a sexually adventurous nature. She also can't stand backing down from a challenge. By the second volume, Hikaru's design was slightly changed to give her longer hair. in the back.

She and her boyfriend Tomonori engaged in a torrid sexual relationship that started between just the two of them, but it eventually branched out to include her sister and her childhood friend/rival with her boyfriend. Each fetish was usually on Hikaru's request, but she always wanted Tomonori to be there with her. As she put it, they belonged to each other.

As her relationship grew, Hikaru became terrified that her feelings for Tomonori was based just on her bodies desire for him. She started to distance herself from him to test herself, but in the middle of class one day he finally and loudly confessed his love for her. She was over come, and he told her that they their bodies lusted for each other because they were in love.

Major Story Arcs

Hikaru could tell that Tomonori was feeling self conscious about the differences in their height when he failed to keep his erection while having sex in the gym supply room. Later after school, he grabbed him on his way home and took him to her house. They shaved their first kiss after all the sex, and she told him to get naked. Hikaru told Tomonori that she didn't care about how they had sex or the differences in their height. She wanted sex with him because she cared about him, and she asked if he felt the same. He did, and they both had passionate sex several times till they were both exhausted. She still teased that even though he was short his dick had gotten larger.

Hikaru had placed a hidden camera in her room and was secretly filming her trysts with Tomonori in her room. She asked Kei to teacher her to use a laptop, but didn't tell her it was so she could record her sex life. She loved to watch the replays of them together and masturbate. Hikaru and Tomonori experimented with public sex in the park while it was raining, and she had Tomonori use anal beads on himself to positive results. Kei was asked her is she was out having sex when Hikaru got home, but she said is wasn't a big deal since everyone does it.

Hikaru's okay with a three way
Hikaru's okay with a three way

The next day while Hikaru was out for the day, she felt something was wrong. She rushed home to find Kei trying to use an unconscious Tomonori to lose her virginity. He woke up after Hikaru kicked Kei into the tub. Kei was shocked the Hikaru agreed to let her use Tomonori if she had asked. Hikaru admitted that she had wanted to try a three way. Tomonori asked if she was really okay with it, and she told him it was alright as long as he knew they belong to each other. Hikaru helped Kei with insertion, then sat on her boyfriend's face as they had sex.

She invited Tomonori over while her parents were out and had exhaustive three ways. Hikaru didn't tell Tomonori that she was using this as a chance for exercise due to the weight gain she noticed. She also surprised him that she had been using a dildo on herself to try anal sex with him. She underestimated how good anal would feel, and Hikaru passed out on top of Tomonori after she orgasmed. She was embarrassed when she woke up after dawn, but he told her that her weight wasn't important since she was tall and beautiful to him. Touched by his compliment, they went at it again.

As Tomonori was leaving, Hikaru aran into her neighbor Ryoko Enatsu and her boyfriend, Koichi Tatsukawa, leaving her place. When Ryoko mocked Tomonori, Hikaru confidently told her that he was the best there was in bed. Ryoko challenged Hikaru to a bet on who had the better man, and the loser had to be the winner's slave. Hikaru agreed, but at school discovered that Ryoko had made it a competition of baseball. After Ryoko cheated, Hikaru took Tomonori's place in the game and won. Hikaru took them both to the sports supply room. She tied and blindfolded them both, and inserted a baseball bat into Ryoko's vagina, handle first, and vibrator in her ass. It turned into group sex with Koichi doing Ryoko in the ass, and Tomonori in her mouth with Hikaru fingering his butt. Later, the two girls paired with their own boyfriends.

The craving for double penetration had peaked Hikaru's curiosity, but told Tomonori it had to be real when he suggested Kei with a strap on. She called Koichi to join them, but he showed up with an angry Ryoko. Hikaru stripped and bound Ryoko in another room, and went back to the boys. She started by giving them a blow job, and found out that this was Koichi's first. While Koichi fucked her, she told Tomonori to have her ass. Ryoko eventually got loose, and Kei showed up after her date flaked out on her. It turned into a five person orgy with Hikaru screwing Ryoko's butt with a strap on, and Tomonori from the front. After all the partner swapping, Hikaru and Tomonori fell asleep in each others arms.

General Information Edit
Name: Hikaru Ohno
Name: 大野 光
Romanji: Ōno Hikaru
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Domin-8 Me #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Hikaru Ono
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Attractive Female
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