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Highschool of the Dead is an anime series in the Highschool of the Dead franchise
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Who thought zombies where outdated? Reviewed by ronat1 on May 8, 2011. ronat1 has written 9 reviews. His/her last review was for Highschool of the Dead. 20 out of 24 users recommend his reviews. 6 out of 6 users found this review helpful.
For some reason, mostly because of the fault of a bunch of really bad and cheap movies I wont mention, I had this idea about how zombie stories ended up being nothing but crap. 
Well, after watching this anime, I´ll have to take back everything I thought. Although not perfect, High School of the Dead surpassed my expectations, actually it was really awesome. The story revolves around a group of students that join forces against a sudden pandemic disease that turns other citizens into blood thirsty zombies. I know what you´ll say, it looks just like the regular zombie horror plot, and in effect, this series ends up being a remake of them, the thing is, it takes out all the clumsiness of previous creations with the same theme, and adds other stuff which raise this series to a whole new level. The result is classical horror and comedy, all mixed up with lots of fan service. While being a really good series all the way round one of its strengths ends up being its main flaw, fan service. It works perfectly as a comic relief as it proves to be very effective, but its a little bit excessive, because more than ones I found myself questioning which was the contribution of some scenes to the plot.    

As pros I would say:
1.-  The characters development is very deep and the graphic style is vivid and alluring.
2.- Good mixture between classical horror and comedy.
3.- The series is very absorbing and the plot intriguing.
4.- Entertaining, exciting and fast driven story.
5.- It makes you question that tiny line of morals and ethic when subjected under extreme situations.
6.- It shows both the good and the bad of humanity.

As cons I have to say:
1.- Exaggerated fan service can make the best series look mediocre, in this case its existence gives a good relief to the show but its too much some times.

Resuming, this is a great series recommended to anyone expecting to have a great time, but specially for those who love action, horror, good fights and don´t mind the idea of watching big breast and tons of panties in the process.

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