What HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD Says About Sexism in Anime

Topic started by No_name_here on Oct. 8, 2012. Last post by Luckybrum 2 years, 4 months ago.
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@thekokapelli: I don't think anyone here is doubting that HOTD is very sexist. The problem is that you seem to stop at that and say, 'sure it's okay to like something sexist'. This is exactly how the article begins, Sam says he initially liked HOTD, but is now having second thoughts about why he liked it because it is so sexist. But the article goes further than just labeling HOTD as sexist, because, according to the title, Sam wants to question and consider his own experiences with 'sexist' anime and what these experiences say about sexism in anime in general. Of course once we start considering sexism in anime in general, we can't just simply look at HOTD or stop at simply labeling certain anime as sexist, others as not, but look at the bigger picture.

The problem is not that Sam is wrong in labeling HOTD as sexist, but that simply labeling anime as sexist or not, does not really lead to a better understanding of sexism in anime in general and why sexism in anime has gotten to the point that it has. In order to get at a better of understanding of such, we would have to consider broader questions about society, culture and gender, the likes of which could hardly be done justice in an online forum discussion. Which is why I think Sam's article would be better titled as "HOTD: Thoughts about sexism and anime."

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@sickVisionz: Sorry to take so long to get back to ya. Sinus infections do suck.But as far as that pic at the top of the article ... No one i showed it to thought it was porn... Even with Sam Weller in it ! Sorry Sam.

An worse yet none of my friends online or othewise think of cartoons or anime as porn.. an don't get turned on by such.INo mater the panty shots or the antimated jiggels .It is fair to call some shows ranuchy ala Benny Hill type comedy.But in anime those are covered in the ecchi catagory.

We can agree you undeniably think Sora no Otoshimono is porn.We can agree Sora no Otoshimono is a poor example for what angle Sam is going for.The main character ends up most episodes being beat'n to a pulp by the females in the show.Oh atn yes thier is nipple in that show at episode 10.. the lead guy in a shirt with stars cut out around his nipples..the Horror..it was part of a prank on the audiance .Still i say again .. the Horrror!

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Bro. You got too much P.C. In your system. Women actually like being treated this way to a certain degree. There is a line you can cross, but for the most part, men being dominant is perfectly natural. I think these days there is too much denial about the way we are made all for the sake of progressiveness. How about we call a spade a spade?
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