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When will they reunite?
When will they reunite?

 Did I miss the symbolism with the jet flying by our protagonists? It seemed poignant, but maybe its just supposed to be cool? But then it shows up again at the end of the episode, with some added imagery. I’m confused.

I’m somewhat shocked and definitely disappointed that the first third of the episode is a recap. I know it’s a necessary evil in modern anime, especially one that looks as good as this, but look, it has only been four episodes.

Every once in a while, you get these little inconsistencies that pop up in HOTD. Rei and Takashi are parked seemingly high up on a freeway, and are interrupted in the middle of a conversation by a group of zombies from their rear, meandering and stumbling as they are wont to do. But assuming they were following the noise of the bike, how long would our protagonists have to have waited there to be caught up to by? The tension benefits, but at the expense of accuracy, or whatever you want to call it.

Up till now, we have largely seen the struggle of a group in cramped quarters, but this episode puts just two survivors out to survive by themselves. Their struggle climaxes with the gas station scene, which finally fleshed out Takashi’s character and made him more than a vehicle for the story. His cold, cunning streak was an absolute pleasure to experience, and evolved him past what I like to call the “dating-sim syndrome”. I use that phrase as a descriptor for main characters that do little to advance the plot themselves, are two-dimensional or are just there to place the viewer in the story. It’s a problem I’m having in Angel Beats through episode 2. 

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Yeah, I didn't like the whole 8 minutes of the show being dedicated to a Recap. It's hard for me to bear how much Takashi and Rei fight a lot due to Hisashi's death. Their relationship is improving a bit.

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