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is a manga book published by Yen Press that was released on 03/01/2007
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The zombie apocalypse has begun! Reviewed by InfiniteGeass on Feb. 5, 2011. InfiniteGeass has written 1 review. His/her last review was for Highschool of the Dead volume 1. 7 out of 7 users recommend his reviews. 7 out of 7 users found this review helpful.
   How would you react if a the dead began to rise and started attacking the living? Would you strike down a friend if they were infected? Would you push them off of you as they're being taken by the dead in order to make your escape? This is the kind of question that Highschool of the Dead tries to answer in its first volume.  
   Written by Daisuke Sato and illustrated by Shoji Sato Highschool of the Dead is set during the present day and in this introductory volume takes place mostly at a high school at the start of a worldwide zombie pandemic. You're are quickly thrown straight into the action at the begining of the first chapter with a flashback later revealing how second year students Takashi Komuro, Rei Miyamoto, and Hisashi Igou end up on the roof of their school. As the story moves along we are later introduced to Shizuka Marikawa, the school nurse, Saeko Busujima, a third year student, along with Kohta Hirano and Saya Takagi who are both second year students.
   In this first volume the plot is mostly about trying to get out of the school and see if everyone's families are okay. The story is interesting since not too many manga that I know of have taken on the zombie horror genre and Highschool of the Dead does a good job of showcasing the characters various emotions. When they look angry, sad, or scared you can really feel it by the look on their face. Unfortunately the plot isn't especially deep or meaningful which may turn off some people, but if you like action then you came to the right place.
   The main draw of this manga would have to be the action and the very well endowed women that are in it. There is plenty of action happening throughout this volume and it does not pull back the punches when it comes to gore. You wouldn't want something  dealing with zombies not being violent anyway. The action is pretty well done and violent enough that it seems pretty realistic of what would happen in an actual zombie apocalypse, with zombies getting smacked extremely hard in the head by  the various weapons that the main characters use. Anyone who likes their women in their manga to have big breasts will be very satisfied as these high school girls are very sexy looking in that regard and with their curvy bodies.
   The art in this manga looks fantastic, even if it doesn't seem to be anything really unique. From the school uniforms to the look from above the school when you can see that most of the town has gone to hell, everything looks really sharp. When a character is shown to have a look of hate or fear, you can really see it in the way their face is drawn.
   Highschool of the Dead is for the kind of person who wishes there would be more zombies in their manga and don't really care if it doesn't have a deep meaningful plot to go with it. Anyone who is a fan of zombies and action manga in general should give this first volume of  Highschool of the Dead a try and see what it's all about.
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