Highschool of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead is an anime movie in the Highschool of the Dead Franchise
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Highschool of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead is an OAD that was included in the special edition of the seventh volume of Daisuke Satō and Shoji Sato's Highschool of the Dead manga. Takashi and his friends have taken a break on an isolated island with an intoxicating secret.


Highschool of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead is a special OVA (Original Video Animation) based on the Highschool of the Dead series and continues the story form the first season of the anime. The manga series on which the story is based upon is written by Daisuke Sato and illustrated by Shouji Sato. The first chapter was published in Fujimi Shobo's Monthly Dragon Age on September 2006. The Drifters of the Dead OVA is directed by the anime series director Tetsuro Araki and music composed by Takafumi Wada. The animation was produced by MADHouse Studio. It was originally released as a Blu-ray and packaged with a special edition of Highschool of the Dead Vol. 7 on April 26th 2011. It had a special cover of Saeko Busujima in a small white bikini and reaching out with her foot as she lay on a beach towel. The standard edition of Volume 7 would not be released until May 9th 2011.

The opening theme for the OVA is the same for the original anime series, "HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD" performed by Kishidakyodan and the Akeboshi Rockets. The ending theme is "Best friends" performed by Maon Kurosaki. Being a direct to market release, the movie didn't have to censor much of the content involving nudity, but the only nudity that only appeared is from the early flash back that opened the episode.

Plot Summary

Every since that day at Fujimi High was invaded and swarmed by Them (zombies), Takashi and his friends have been on the run. They have all faced incredibly danger as the world went insane around them and had to abandon many they knew to just survive to find their families. An endless cycle of running and fighting, running and fighting. It's left them all exhausted and on the brink of collapse. Good thing they have now found themselves on an isolated Island resort.

While running from Them, the gang took a rowboat out to sea, but when that proved to be too hard. They ditched onto a small isolated island that didn't have anything living or dead on it. Shizuka's happy to find a place they can live and be safe for once, but Saya pointed out that it's hardly suitable to live on. Being that there is no shelter or facilities, and Alice quickly finds a beach house on the shore stocked with battled water and swimsuits.

The girls trick the boys into gathering food
The girls trick the boys into gathering food

The girls rush in to pick a bikini, and Takashi is left with the only a tiny male bikini model. Kohta settles happily for a classic school swimsuit. Saya exists first in a small pink frilled bikini and her pink hair pulled into buns, Saeko appears next in a small white bikini and her long hair braided into pigtails, Rei is wearing a tiny green bikini top with small jean-shorts bottom, Shizuka is in an almost impossibly small blue string bikini, and Alice is the last to appear in a cute little one piece. She even has Zeke in a suit and swim cap. They're all hungry. Shizuka complains her breasts will shrink if she's not fed. Rei notices the boys goofy expressions and makes a plan to try and act weak and sexy to get the boys to do all the work. Saeko has to be stopped from volunteering by Saya to join the plot. Takashi and Kohta quickly fall in line to search for food.

While Kohta and Takashi scour the island for any food, the girls take this time to play in the ocean. Splashing a water around, laying in the warm sun, and playing with the beach ball. Takashi struggles to find anything that seems edible on land. Kohta, on the other hand, goes commando by tying a knife to a stick and diving into the sea to spear fish. Takashi tries searching the trees for coconuts but only falls off. He returns at sundown with just the leaves, but Zeke found those. Saeko asks why bring fuel for a fire if there is nothing to cook and Shizuka moans how she's starving, Alice casually asks if they shrank. Kohta saves the day by returning with a net filled with fish he caught. Seems he had survival training by a member of the special forces when he was in the United Kingdom. Saya mocks Takashi by asking what would be better. A useless guy or a useful nerd.

A strange fog comes from the fire...
A strange fog comes from the fire...

As night falls, they have started a fire and are cooking the fish. Alice and Zeke have gone to get the water. Shizuka wants to eat them right away, but Saeko warns her about eating undercooked fish. Rei and Saya agree that Kohta deserves a lot of thanks for this. Takashi is left sulking and feeling useless. Suddenly, a mist starts to fill the air around the camp fire. Everyone starts to get drowsy and dizzy from the odd smell. Shizuka quickly identifies the scent being hydrangea. She tries to warn them that he's a hallucinogen if inhaled but it's too late. Kohta loses it first by shouting out for "Love and Peace" before planning an attack. Saya realizes that the beach house must have been built to cover up they were harvesting hydrangea.

Takashi yells for them all to run, but Shizuka and Rei have fallen under the effects of the mist. They lunge and tackle him to the sand as the press their bodies against him. He's yanked away by Saya and his face is shoved between her breasts. She's feeling hot and wants him. He tries slapping her in hopes she will snap out of it, but he's surprised when she asks for more. Saeko grabs him by the wrist and they run away to wait out the effects. Shizuka cries after Takashi but she is grabbed by the shoulder. When she turns around, it's her friend Rika Minami. Saya finds herself being embraced by her mother, Yuriko Takagi.

Saeko gives into her desires
Saeko gives into her desires

Elsewhere in the woods, Takashi and Saeko plan to wait till the fire dies out to check back on the others. Saeko presses her body against him. She's sweating and blushing heavily. She says the desire has taken her over. Back at Shizuka, she's laying in bed with Rika and asks if her breasts have shrunk a bit. Saya is with her mother, and she asks if her breasts grew since they last saw each other. Rika suddenly yanks off Shizuka's bikini top. Saya is happily holding closely with her mother in a hot spring. In the woods, Saeko grabs Takashi and lunges in for a deep kiss. Once they break their kiss, she's bashful and doesn't want him to think she's a kind of loose woman. He pulls her to the ground and kisses her, lifting her bikini out of the way to squeezes her breast.

By dawn, Rika and on the beach as she clings happily to her mother and Shizuka is on the beach with Rika's face pressed between her breasts. Saya wakes up and sits up in shock to find herself between the ampule breasts of her teacher and they are both completely naked. The trauma is only increased when her attention is caught by Kohta humping a broom and chanting "Revolution". She looks into the morning sunrise to the voices of Saeko and Rei. Both calling out Takashi's name, but they are both nude and embracing each other while sharing a passionate kiss. Their mouths locked tight with no sign of parting any time soon. Saya screams out in terror.

Takashi is found in an awkward position
Takashi is found in an awkward position

The fish has been burned to a crisp, and they have all sobered up as they sit on the beach. They are busy trying to convince themselves it was all just a hallucination. Saya snaps at Kohta for pointing out that while they were hallucinating, what they did was still real. Alice, carrying the water, breaks the tension as she screams out. She's found Takashi and he's in danger. Everyone rushes to get their weapons and are lead to Takashi. He's still asleep and in his dream he's fighting off the advances of the girls he just can't take anymore. What he's actually holding off are four zombie girls in bikini who are trying to attack him. Shizuka covers Alice's eyes.

Alice explains that later they discovered an underground tunnel that connects the island with Tokuno City. It wasn't an oasis and more zombies could come through the tunnel. Their journey continues, and Zeke harvests more hydrangea leaves.

Points of Interest

  • In Hirano's cartoonish explanation of how they got to the island, the cartoon figure of Rei on the boat is holding a flag that says "大漁 (tairyou)", which means "big catch".
  • The kanji written on the store shop flag is 水 (mizu), which means water. It's also the first kanji in the word 水着 (mizugi), which means "swimsuit".
  • Though the actual title is spelled Drifters of the Dead in the Japanese writing system katakana, the title card used in the episode had the name of the episode written in the sand using hiragana as "どりふたーず・おぶ・ざ・でっど".In the regular anime series, the title has always been written in English.
  • Takashi spends most of the episode walking around with a short bat that has "HOTD" printed on it. This is the abbreviation for the Highschool of the Dead series.
  • Odd that the fish in Kohta's net are all still twitching since he was spear fishing.
  • Rika Minami and Yuriko Takagi appear this episode only in the drug induced fantasies of Shizuka Marikawa and Saya Takagi. They have no spoken lines.
  • Alice Maresato ends this episode by saying "To Be Continued" in English.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Shōji Sato Concept Artist Shouji Sato is a manga artist and writer. He is better known for being a co-creator and the artist for the manga series "Highschool of the Dead".
Daisuke Sato Original Concept A writer in the field of manga and historical fiction. He is better known for being the co-creator and writer for the series "Highschool of the Dead".
Tetsuro Araki Director Tetsuro Araki is a Japanese anime director who's famous for directing Death Note and Highschool of the Dead.

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General Information Edit
Name: Highschool of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead
Release Date:
Name: 学園黙示録HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD: ドリフターズ・オブ・ザ・デッド
Romaji: Gakuen Mokushiroku Haisukūru obu za Deddo: Dorifutāzu obu za Deddo
Release Date: April 26, 2011
Rating: None
Runtime: 16:11 (mins)
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Aliases High School of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead
HOTD Drifters of the Dead
H.O.T.D Drifters of the Dead
Highschool of the Dead OVA
Highschool of the Dead OAV
Highschool of the Dead OAD
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