Highly Unpredictable

Highly Unpredictable is an anime episode of Durarara!! that was released on 01/14/2010

Highly Unpredictable Episode 2

Highly Unpredictable (一虚一実) Ikkyoichijitsu

As the new school year starts at Raira High School, some students are getting used to high school as a few announcements are made. One student though isn't fully there as her mind is focused on the unfortunate events of her past and the kidnapping attempt that she endured the previous night. She also wonders who the Headless Rider is as the day unfolds.

Plot Summary

Opening ThemeUragiri no Yūyake ( 裏切りの夕焼け Sunset of Betrayal") by Theatre Brook

The first day of school at Raira High School begins as Mikado and Masaomi head to their first day of classes. Even though they are in different classes, they look forward to the oncoming year. As the students introduce themselves, their teacher notices one student is missing. The missing student, Seiji Yagiri, arrives soon after to introduce himself. Before the teacher can tell them to take a seat, Seiji announces he will not be back as he claims he has to go find someone. The teacher chases after him as the class looks on in confusion. The rest of the episode focuses on Rio Kamichika, the girl who was kidnapped in the previous episode.

Rio begins to talk with 'Nakura'
Rio begins to talk with 'Nakura'

In a flashback, it is shown that Rio was an average girl who was growing up in Ikebukuro. She one day finds an envelope in the mail that shows her father going into a hotel with another woman, indicating he was having an affair. Rio is extremely distraught over this and begins to communicate via emails and text messages with someone she met on the internet named Nakura. She finds comfort in his words and empathy as he tries to help her cope with the idea of her father having an affair. She decides to leave the pictures in the mail for her mother to find but is stunned when no one says anything in the coming days.

Rio talks to Nakura about disappearing since she can't deal with the fact that no one is saying anything about the affair. Nakura says he agrees and decides that the two should disappear together. They agree to vanish together as the scene cuts back to the first episode where Rio goes with the man who claims to be Nakura as is kidnapped by the trio. While she drifts unconscious, she feels a mixture of fear and content that she is being kidnapped and will disappear. However, the real Nakura witnesses this and calls the Headless Rider to come in and save Rio.

After the pursuit and beat down seen in the first episode, the Rider frees Rio and communicates via a text pad about her instructions to take her somewhere safe. Rio is dropped off at a building where she meets the real Nakura on the roof who reveals himself to be Izaya Orihara, the information broker. Rio wonders why all that happened as he explains that it was both him who ordered her to be kidnapped and rescued. Izaya states how much he loves humans but thinks that Rio is an idiot since she shouldn't meddle in her parents business and should have be frank with them as opposed to hiding anything. He furthermore calls her a coward for not just going by herself to kill herself as he hangs her over a ledge with a blood stain on the ground.

Izaya begins to mocks Rio
Izaya begins to mocks Rio

Izaya continues to insult Rio before he leaves her alone on the roof. Rio thinks about it before she decides to go through and jump to her death. The shadows around her twist to catch her and put her safely on the ground as the Rider had returned to help Rio out. Rio wonders why she did this as the Rider tells her that the world isn't as bad as she thinks. The Rider goes off to meet Izaya who asks if he was behind recent suicides which he avoids answering. At school, Rio seems to be a lot better and goes through life with a smile.

After school, Mikado is telling Masaomi about what Seiji did earlier in the day as the two witness Anri Sonohara badger Seiji with questions in regards to someone they both know. Seiji walks off as Mikado recognizes Anri from his class. Masaomi asks if she needs help which causes her to run away.

The episode is told from the perspective of the Headless Rider.

Ending Theme
Trust Me by Yuya Matsushita

Characters & Voice Actors

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Toshiyuki Toyonaga ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Mamoru Miyano ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Kazuma Horie ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Rio Kamichika ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Haruka Tomatsu ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Takahiro Kishida Character Artist/Designer Animator who has done work on various animes throughout the years.
Takahiro Omori Director
Ryohgo Narita Original Concept Creator of Baccano! and Durarara!!
Akira Ito Art Director
Makoto Yoshimori Music
Akira Takata Animation Director


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