High Level

High Level is an anime episode of Btooom! that was released on 12/06/2012

It seems the players on the island are interconnected in more ways than one. While Sakamoto mulls over this new information, the good doctor begins his end game.

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Plot Summary

Himiko embraces Ryota
Himiko embraces Ryota

Gemu and his employees watch the battle between Ryouta and Oda. The two are shock at Oda's cunning move, but they are even more shocked that Ryouta is still alive. Gemu states that Oda thought Ryouta was walking towards the goods, but Ryouta tricked Oda by making it look like he did since Oda was only looking from his left eye. In the smokes, Ryouta tosses a Cracker BIM and uses his radar to find Oda. He spots Oda taking the old man's BIM. Oda tosses the BIM, but he sees Ryouta jumping into the sea. In the forest nearby, Himiko hears an explosion, and Date tells her to be careful because one small mistake can cost her life. On the beach, Oda calls out Ryouta's name, and Ryouta tries to ask the man how he knew him. Kira laughs out loud and reveals to Ryouta that he has pick up a BIM bag. Ryouta falls back on the sand all exhausted, and both Himiko and Date arrive to find Ryouta. Himiko hugs Ryouta tightly, and Ryouta is blushes a bit. He apologizes to Himiko. Somewhere in the forest and in a shack, Hidemi complains about the food that is melted a bit in the explosion. Oda calls Hidemi, Hideko, and Hidemi reminds him of her real name, but Oda calls her, forehead woman. He reassures Hidemi that they are partners. Back at the observatory point, he thinks back to a man who fits the voice, Oda Nabutaka.

Ryota punches the crap out of Oda
Ryota punches the crap out of Oda

In Ryouta's flashback, Ryouta describes that Oda is very popular and talented. Young Ryouta feels that he cannot beat Oda, yet he finds out that Oda has some common ground with him. Ryouta thinks he is the only one whom Oda can be open with. Later, Oda asks Ryouta if he asks out Aiko, and Oda comments that Aiko is plain but cute. Ryouta states that he is fine with things now, and Oda remarks that Ryouta is holding himself back. Oda states the difference between him and Ryouta is that Ryouta does not take chances and be on offense. Next day, Aiko is seen sobbing hysterical, and a girl asks Oda why he did that stuff. On the rooftop, Ryouta asks Oda what has happened, and Oda replies that he has slept with Aiko. Oda states that Aiko confessed to him, and before he could his words, Ryouta punches Oda and feels that Oda has humiliated him. In the present, He wonders if Oda will his enemy. Ryouta finishes the curry gruel, and Himiko comments that it smells good. Date is frustrated that he has to share his food with Ryouta's group. When Ryouta thanks Date, Date states that they can get more tomorrow. Ryouta asks Date how he knew, and Himiko gets suspicious. Ryouta finds Date's words reassuring, but Himiko makes a worried face. When Ryouta tries to feed Taira, Date feels Taira's hands and states that the komodo dragon's venom is preventing Taira's wounds from healing and the blood from clotting. Taira will continue to bleed. Himiko asks Ryouta to talk with her in private, and she suggests that they should go get medicine from Murasaki. Then, Ryouta suggests that they should bring Date since he is a doctor. Inside, Date is angry that he is wasting food on a dead man as he feeds Taira. Ryouta informs Date that they know a place where they can find medicine.

Himiko: Ryota, it's booby trapped!
Himiko: Ryota, it's booby trapped!

On the way towards Murasaki's place, Himiko tells Ryouta what has happened to her and that Date tried to kill her and lied. Ryouta tells her that they should try to trust people and states his reasons. Frustrated with how dense Ryouta is, Himiko continues to walk without mention the issue. Arriving to the Murasaki's place, Himiko tells Ryouta that she will asks her friend privately, and Ryouta tells Date that Himiko has forgotten where the medicine is. Date gets suspicious a bit. While Himiko runs off by herself, Ryouta and Date search for the medicine. Date finds the medicine no longer viable, and he just picks random bottles to put in the briefcase. When Ryouta finds Date who has reassured Ryouta, Date states that he wants Ryouta and Himiko to trust them. Date gives Ryouta the briefcase, and Ryouta feels Date intimidating him. Ryouta signals Himiko with his radar, and he sees Himiko running towards him. Himiko yells out to Ryouta to get rid of the briefcase. Himiko urges Ryouta to do because there is a BIM in the case. Date presses the button and detonates it.

Points of Interest

Manga & Anime Differences

  • The anime skips Kira and Ryota's scene of getting trapped in a pitfall when Ryota chases Kira to get his BIM. Also, it skips Kira's tutorial on using the radar to pick up IC chips.
  • The anime cut out a few scenes of Ryota and Oda: the game arcade and the swimming pool. Also, it cuts a out a conversation between Oda and Ryota where Oda tells Ryota that he wishes to be a billionaire and that Oda is working as a host.


  • Japanese Name: 最強プレイヤー
  • Manga Chapter: 41 (pg. 25) - 42 (pg. 44) and Ch. 44 (up to pg. 36)
  • Opening Theme: "No Pain, No Game" by Nano
  • Closing Theme: "Aozora (Blue Skies)" by May'n

Characters & Voice Actors

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Kazuo Nogami Episode Director
Junya Inoue Original Concept Manga Artist
Yoshiaki Kawajiri Storyboard Director.


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