Higashi no Eden Characters

Higashi no Eden is a franchise comprised of 2 movies, 1 anime series
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Akira Takizawa

Akira Takizawa is a young man who has lost his memories and is Selecao Number IX.

Daiju Mononobe

Daiju Mononobe is the CEO of Ato Institutes and Selecao Number I as well as the mastermind behind the missile attacks on Japan.

Hajime Hiura

Dr. Hajime Hiura is a neurosurgeon in Japan and also Seleaco Number V.

Harou Kasuga

Harou Kasuga is a busy body and member of Eden of the East.

Jintaro Tsuji

Jintaro Tsuji is the uncaring Selecao Number II


Juiz is the concierge for the Selecao.

Kazuomi Hirasawa

Kazuomi Hirasawa is the leader of Eden of the East and a self-proclaimed NEET.

Kuroha Diana Shiratori

Kuroha Shiratori is the CEO of a modeling agency. She is also the serial killer dubbed Johnny Killer and Selecao Number XI.

Mikuru Katsuhara

Mikuru Katsuhara is the technical mastermind behind Eden of the East.


Onee is one of the members of Eden of the East and the big sister to everyone in the group.

Ryo Yuki

Ryo Yuki is Selecao Number X and the man behind the Careless Monday attacks.

Saizo Ato

Saizo Ato is the owner of Ato Institutes. He is also Mr. Outsider, the founder of the Selecao, and Selecao Number XII: The Supporter.

Saki Morimi

Saki Morimi is a university student who stumbles upon a naked Akira Takizawa during her senior trip to Washington DC.

Satoshi Osugi

Satoshi Osugi is a member of Eden of the East and enamored with Saki Morimi.

Yusei Kondo

Yusei Kondo is a detective in Japan. He is also Number IV of the Selecao.

Yutaka Itazu

Yutaka "Pants" Itazu is a computer engineer NEET who helped create Eden of the East.

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