VIDEO: The Ghibli/EVANGELION-Team Live-Action Trailer

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OK. Before any else… I want to say that there is no way that the clip below doesn’t contain any CG whatsoever. Go on and watch it and come back here.

There’s no way you’re going to disagree with me, because there is no way that very low-res combination of texture and motion blur wasn’t rendered on some computer. I don’t buy it, no matter what Anno San says. The only answer I’ll accept is that this is actually an “pre-viz” animatic they’re using before getting to the nitty gritty of stop motion animation.


So this trailer is some ocular proof to match the story we relayed earlier this week about “Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo,” the live-action short that EVANGELION-mastermind Hideaki Anno and Studio Ghibli have allied to produce. Even only seeing just this glimpse, now, it’s pretty clear that the roots of this story are wrapped all up in the same trunk as EVANGELION - - and I suppose that shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

Who knows when or if this will ever come stateside. According to ANN, it’s going to be playing Anno’s exhibition for a limited engagements that’ll charge what equals about $16-18 for about 5-10 minutes of material… a price point that nearly brings us back to the days of OAV laser discs ran upwards of $100 to give the most ardent fans about 30 minutes of anime.

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Prices in Japan are insane...that is all..nothing to see here move along..

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