Hidden Mist Village

Hidden Mist Village is a anime/manga location
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The Hidden Mist Village, also known as Kiragakure, is located in the Land of Water.

 The Village Hidden in the Mist a.k.a Kirigakure
 The Village Hidden in the Mist a.k.a Kirigakure
Kirigakure no sato is situated at the west of the ninja world in the water country , the leader of the village its called Mizukage and its the home of the 7 legendary swordsman wich would include Zabusa Momochi and Hoshigaki Kisame. They are also known to have a very organized strong and ruthless and military organization.  The former Sanbi host  came from this village thought why did the village decided to leave the beast free to do as it pleased is not yet known. 
The village used to have a barbaric graduational practice in wich they would pit the students with each other in order to gain rank. This earned Kirigakure the name of Village of Bloody Mist (Chigiri no Sato). These practices lasted until Zabuza Momochi arrived and killed the entire graduation class. The practice got banned after this. 

 Kiminaro watching from a distance as clan was slaughtered.
 Kiminaro watching from a distance as clan was slaughtered.
 It is also known that the people of Kirigakure despises the advanced bloodline clans, the exact reasons are not known yet if it  was for fear or hate. The Kaguya Clan led a suicidal assault on kirigakure due to their passion for the killing. They all perished by the village military with Kimimaro as the sole survivor.
General Information Edit
Location Name Hidden Mist Village
Japanese Name: 霧隠れの里
Romaji Name: Kirigakure no sato
Aliases Kirigakure no sato,
Village Hidden in the Mist
1st manga book: Naruto #3
1st anime episode: Naruto #7
1st anime movie:
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